It’s Probably Nothing

This morning I got up to let Abby out.  She always has me up at the crack of dawn so I stumble out of bed, sleep walk into the livingroom and release her into the yard.  Then I stumble back into bed for a few more minutes of shut eye. 

 This morning though I had a very strange dream.  I don’t remember anything visually but I could hear someone talking.  They were saying, “I”m going to see Jesus soon.  I’m leaving very soon.”

I woke up and thought about what the heck that meant.  No one in my immediate family is very religious.  As I’m lying there contemplating all this and thinking that its now way beyond time I need to get up to make it to work at a decent time, the phone rings.  It’s my husband.  He is letting me know that his father is on the way to the hospital.  He has had a lot of medical issues the past few years, including a kidney transplant and diabetes.  He is currently suffering from dementia and had come down with a cold this past week.  He seem to be getting better but I guess this morning he was so weak he couldn’t stand.

Okay, this all may be an incredibly coincidence.  My father-in-law, who just turned 75 last week, is also a Christian minister.  Needless to say, its left me a bit uncomfortable today.  Certainly not anything I would share with hubby.  I’m going to hold onto the fact that this is probably a coincidence and maybe my brain was just in that mindset where I came from a volunteer meeting at the church last night after work.

Regardless, please think good thoughts for my father-in-law today.

18 thoughts on “It’s Probably Nothing

  1. Monsoon, sorry to hear about your father-in-law. It must be really tough for your husband right now. Hope he get well soon! I actually do believe in premonitions. I think in certain instances the human mind can perceive a level of awareness. I dreamt that my sister was pregnant, later I found out she was and lost the baby and didn’t tell anyone. So yes, they happen! for different reasons that only God knows. I will keep him in my prayers.

    • Thanks Zoom. And wow about your dream! My Mom dreamt that my sister was pregnant with her first child as well and sure enough about a month later she found out she was. I also dreamt that I was going to get married just a few months before I met my husband. So neat.
      Thank you too for keeping him in your prayers!

  2. At the risk of sounding like a nutter, I will admit I have been having strange dreams all my life that came true. Usually about people dying. I even dreamed a tree I had backed over (and I thought had killed) in my garden in the States came back to life, and it did, and bore peaches.

    I would prefer to not have these dreams (except the one about my son’s arse of a father dying). I am a geologist and I am practical about religion and other mystical things. So the dreams unnerve me.

    Some would call it a gift. It’s like, how is that a gift? Do you run off and warn someone you dreamt they would die today and then they avoid you because you rightly, sound like a lunatic?

    So you are right to keep it to yourself…most people are unaccepting of this (even though shedloads of people believe there are “angels” who look like humans in white dresses and have wings AND arms which is biologically ridiculous. Nothing has wings AND arms – and those wings they have in paintings on angels could not possibly hold up that big of a body in the air.)

    Hope he comes out of it okay – but I think when I am very old and very feeble and no longer independent, I will be happy for my time to come to an end here.

    • I hear you there about not wanting to have those things happen. I’ve often seen some strange stuff and when I explain this to my husband he looks at me like I have 9 heads. I’ve often said that it would be easier not to have these things happen because then no one would be looking at me like I’m crazy.

      I hope he pulls through too. I don’t think he or his family are ready for him to go yet.

  3. feeling sorry for your father-in-law hope he will recover very soon. My best wishes and prayers for him.

  4. I don’t really remember my dreams. But a couple of times now, I’ve dreamt of some innocuous thing that came true a short while later. It’s very creepy.
    Hopefully your father-in-law pulls through just fine, and it was just a weird dream. ~fingers crossed~

  5. Wow….very discomforting. Hope your father-in-law is feeling better. Take care.

  6. Wow that is a bit strange…hope it was nothing and that your father-in-law recovers quickly.

  7. I am thinking of you as well and I hope that your father-in-law is OK. That is strange and disconcerting to have a dream like that!

  8. I have had one or two dreams like this in the past and they have had a link to reality. It does leave one with the oddest of feelings.

    My Dad developed dementia, and it was a chest infection that ended his life. As the dementia advances they often inhale their food into their lungs and so get infections and develop pneumonia. In a way it was a blessed relief for him to go, as he no longer had any quality of life.

    My best wishes and prayers are with your father in law and your entire family.

    • Thanks FD. I’m wondering if that is the case with my FIL. It was discovered last night at the hospital that he has fluid in his lungs and around his heart. They are trying to determine the cause right now to treat it. I had another similar dream this morning. Very odd.

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