Only 26 Days Until Halloween!

Ah yes, Halloween; a time for young children to dress up in spooky costumes and come to your door for candy.  And on a lesser note it is also time for childless couples everywhere to dress their pets in ridiculous costumes and take pictures while ooohing and aahhhing over them.  Such is the case in our household. 

After dinner last night we swung by the local Petsmart.  We were really looking for a new doggie door for Abby and when I came across a whole rack of Halloween costumes for pooches I thought, what the heck.  A girlfriend of mine has a chihuahua that loves to be dressed up.  Abby may enjoy it, too.  Boy was I wrong.  Here are the pictures to prove it:

Why must you humiliate me???

“Very funny. Now get me out of this!”

Yes, that is a lobster costume.  Being from New England originally I only thought it appropriate. 

Can I take this off now?  Please?

I am so done with this stupid costume!

“Can I take this off now?  Please?”

While placing this on her, she turned over onto her back as if she had lost the will to live.  My husband and I were in sheer hysterics!  My mind kept going back to that scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie has to dress up in the pink bunnie costume his aunt had sent.  Abbie looked about as amused as that.   Anybody in need of a dog-sized lobster costume?  Drawn butter acoutrement not included. 😉

22 thoughts on “Only 26 Days Until Halloween!

  1. elizabethfrank123

    I happened to be checking wordpress at school when i saw this, it literally made me laugh out loud, i got a few funny looks! haha

    We once put a cape on our old dog and took her trick or treating with us, i’m sure that’s why we got so many sweets! haha

  2. Oh she is adorable!! Abby is a cutie-pie… even though she’s a lobster. Hehe!:)

  3. LOL! Hilarious! I tried to put a collar on Bibble. It was awesome, with little skull and crossbones. Man oh man…he ran around trying to get it off in a frenzy and we had to grab him and get it off as quickly as we could. Lesson learned.

  4. That is too funny. Her expression says it all.

    • It does, doesn’t it? She just looks so annoyed. Awhile back I was coming in the door and she didn’t come out to greet me. She was giving me the complete stink eye look. I asked my husband what the matter was with her and he non-chalantly said, ‘oh, she’s just mad because I wouldn’t share my dinner with her so she’s sulking.’ Indeed she was! I can usually tell what mood she is in just by looking at her facial expressions. She’s kind of like my little fur person. 🙂

  5. Maybe she’ll tolerate if she likes it when visitors to come to the door. She is so cute. I had no idea you had a chihuahua.

  6. LOL!!! Last time I was in petsmart, someone had their small dog in there and they were trying costumes on the dog. I must say the dog was really cute in the costumes and did not seem to mind. I got a kick out of it and wished I had my camera with me.

    • Too funny. They just look so darn cute in them, don’t they? My friend’s chihuahua is being dressed as a bumble bee this year. I’ll have to take pictures to post.

  7. =) My two Chihuahuas and my mutt all enjoy the attention of getting dressed up, the treats involved in posing for me… Then being free. My youngest boy, he doesn’t have a thick coat and has been wearing t-shirts and sweaters in the evening and at night and loves them, he’ll bring them to me to be put on. I don’t know what he’ll do when it gets really cold out!

    • That’s so cute Kira! I wish my Abby did. My friend’s chihuahua loves to be dressed up, too. Abby used to have a pink t-shirt that said ‘biscuits are a girl’s bestfriend’ on the back. But she chewed a big hole in it. I think it is adorable that your little guy actually brings his sweater to you to put it on for him.

  8. I like the costume .. so cute and funny and i think she likes it too .. have a great time 🙂

    • It does look adorable on her but I don’t think she was too happy with it. She looked incredibly annoyed the entire time we had it on her. Hopefully I’ll get her to get in it for the big day! 😀

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