Thanks To Kim For This Great Fall Recipe!

After seeing this on Kim’s blog the other day, I decided to try it.  Anything with apple, maple syrup, walnuts and a few other scrumptious ingredients enfolded into a pie crust is sure to be good!  This was really easy to place together and let me tell you that the smell of it baking in the house was absolutely wonderful!  This picture above of course is before it went into the oven (Notice my ancient Pampered Chef pizza stone?).  Since half of this is gone already I didn’t bother to take an after picture.   It was magnificent though if I do say so myself!  For the recipe, see the link to Kim’s blog below:

12 thoughts on “Thanks To Kim For This Great Fall Recipe!

  1. YUMMY! I love baking and Autumn is the time to be inspired to do it.

  2. That looks delicious!! Wow.

    I also have pampered chef stones. I love them 😀

    • It was! 🙂 Yes, Pampered Chef has wonderful products. Most of my stuff now is old but it has all held up very well. That stoneware is the best, isn’t it? I won’t bake on anything else.

  3. I’m so happy it came out well! And thanks for the shout-out. As you said, there’s nothing not to like in there. 🙂

    I used to have a pizza stone. Loved it. Must’ve gotten broken somewhere along the line…

    • Sure thing! And thanks for posting the recipe.

      The pizza stone is used so often in our household for baking. It has to at least be 15 years old and it shows, however I have the best results when I bake on it.

  4. Oh – I can imagine how good this was!

  5. We went and bought all the stuff to make this – can’t wait to try it!

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