Sure Signs of Fall In The Desert

We had a big storm blow through last week and we were left with beautiful Fall weather here in the desert.  The first hike of the season was taken Saturday morning. 

   Yesterday I placed the comforter back on the bed.  It’s finally cool enough to sleep with something other than a sheet.

Apparently my little weasely one thought so too!



 This is an arrangement I created using pumpkins of different sizes in a bowl lined with a fall print placemat.  This now sits on our coffee table. 


















And finally, the Fall Fiesta which took place over the weekend.  Funnel cakes anyone?  I love Fall!

8 thoughts on “Sure Signs of Fall In The Desert

  1. It is so beautiful there. I hope when we retire we can live somewhere so picturesque. Cute little guy on the bed!

    • Well, that would be great! And you’d already know me so you’d have a friend here already.

      Isn’t she cute? She sleeps like a rock.

      BTW, did you get my email yesterday?

  2. OMGosh the weasely one is just so incredibly cute all comfy and snuggley.

    We had a high of 87 on Saturday and 86 on Sunday here in St. Louis. Can’t believe it’s still so warm here. I wanted to go to the Botanical Garden but decided to wait until it’s not so hot.

    • She has been my little pal for over 7 years now. I had to move her off the bed because I was afraid she might fall off. Her eyesight is really starting to go.

      That is really warm. Are you experiencing Indian Summer? This week is supposed to be really warm here, too. I may have to rethink the placing off the comforter on the bed for now. I hope you get to go to the Botanical Gardens real soon! I’m guessing some great pics & captions are going to come from that. 😀

  3. I’ve never had a Funnel cake …. LOL@ your weasel lying all stretched out – so cute!

    No colour here yet – and actually it’s not cold enough for a comforter/quilt yet. Today we had the a/c on! Not typical for October at all.

    • I didn’t even know what they were until a few years ago. 🙂 It’s kind of like fried dough. It pretty much tastes the same.

      Isn’t she funny? I had to move her onto her own blankie because I was afraid she might stretch out and fall off the bed. LOL.

      Up north they will have color but there aren’t enough trees here for that. Wow, it sounds warm there. It is getting warmer again here too. I heard that it is suppose to hit 100 before the end of the week. I think I was too quick on the draw by placing the comforter on the bed already. Wishful thinking on my part.

  4. There are manners that eat the Pumpkin on the day of “winter solstice”.
    There is a large pumpkin that was able to be gathered in the garden. only One.
    Do you eat on the day of “winter solstice” or use it on the day of? Halloween? It is hesitant.

    • Hello Toukou-san. We do eat pumpkin throughout the Fall Season. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we eat it in a pie. We also have it in soups. While I have not heard of anyone eating it on the winter solstice day, it is eaten in various forms throughout the Fall season. We toast the seeds, too and add salt. They are very good that way. 🙂

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