Most weeks seem to fly by as if the dates on the calendar have sprouted wings and have taken into flight, never to be seen of again.  Not so much this week.  However, it’s Friday, which I’m grateful for, and I’m sitting here sipping a Dunkin’ Donuts hazelnut coffee.  I thank this hometown franchise for finally opening shop in the desert.  This coffee is my Friday morning treat.  Well, I’ve got an update on a few things here.


He’s on the mend.  It is a huge relief.  After spending a week in the Intensive Care Unit, he is being moved to an assisted living facility.  It was touch and go for a while there.  I thought seriously that the next post would be on advice on how to comfort and support a grieving spouse.  Thank God this is not the case.  FIL was diagnosed with valley fever which is a disease indigenous of the desert here.  The bacteria lives in the dirt and if you are in an area where the infected dirt is kicked up and you happen to breathe it in, you may just get this disease.  There is no cure for it.  In fact, horses and dogs also get this.  I don’t know a whole lot about this but apparently it affects the lungs and upper respiratory.  The disease can lay dormant in one’s system for some time.  This would make sense because my FIL worked construction all of his adult life.  Someone once told me that drinking a good Guinness stout ale helped that.  Although I suspect that someone may have been an alcoholic, too, so I’m really not sure.  Anyways, it looks like he is going to pull through this time.   [insert big sigh of relief here]

A Mother’s Wrath

One night this week I had to do some banking at hubby’s bank.  This is a small grocery store branch so while at the window I could hear the conversation between an angry mother and her teenage son.  They were seated at a small desk and working with a young woman who tried to look like she wasn’t paying too much attention while fiddling with the computer set to the side of the desk.  I’m sure there was somewhere else she would have rather been at that moment.   Apparently the mother and son shared a checking account.  The son had some bounced items and from what I could gather, they were both there to straighten it out.  The son tried to convince his mom that he was not guilty of any wrong doing.  “Ma, all I bought was a burger.  That was it.  Nothing else, ma.  Why are you on my case?”  He obviously didn’t have a clue that it wasn’t the cost of the item he bought as it was the amount that was left in their checking account.  All the while his mom glared at him.  “That was $35 on top of the price of your burger,” she replied sternly, then, “if you do this again….         

I will KILL you.”   

I believe she was quite serious.  Not sure if the kid ended up with the fear of God in him but I sure as heck did!   

Sisterly Love

Yesterday I had to cancel an email account due to the fact that spoofers had gotten ahold of my email address and were using it to email unsolicited crap to friends without my knowledge.  Its happened now three times and I’ve traced it back to service providers in Greece, Argentina and Panama. I’ve written to these service providers but its not doing much good as the idiots are using multiple SPs.  So I created a new email address and went about emailing said friends the new address.  I inadvertently typed in my sister’s email address thinking I had typed in my moms.  Here’s what she said:

My sister: I’m not your mother!

Me: Oops!  Sorry.  Can you please send me Mom’s email address?

My sister: Mom doesn’t want to talk to you.  You keep sending her spam. 

Me: Don’t make me go over there (Boston, Ma) and steam roll  you.  Just because we’re old married ladies now doesn’t mean I won’t (of course now we may both be in danger of breaking or fracturing a hip but don’t think that I won’t take that chance!).

So far no response.  No email address for Mom either.  By the way, I’m 42.  She is 38.  Some things will never change.  I would also like to think that my less than petite size may give me an advantage.  Being an Amazon does have its perks afterall!

Stupid Service Provider Company

I had posted a few times about a company I’m dealing with regarding a service I never knew I had at home.  Someone was supposed to come out and check the equipment for the aforementioned services that we haven’t received, and after I took a few hours off Tuesday morning, I got a call that the technician was sick.  So now I have to wait until next Tuesday.  I’m really anxious to get this resolved.  It seems to be dragging on and on.  I’m going to hold onto good thoughts that this will all be worked out and I won’t be stuck with a big bill.


Guess what I get to do?  I’m meeting up with Maureen in Tucson for some photo taking fun.  She will be the first person I have ever met in person from blogging.  We spoke on the phone last night.  Its going to be such an honor to partake in this with her.  I’m sure there is so much I’ll be learning from her.  As most of you know, her photos are amazing.  Its going to be a fun fun  day and I’ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks now.  I’m sure there will be some pictures to share early next week. 


I was invited to go running with a group of people early Sunday morning to prepare for a 5K we are all doing next Saturday morning.  I’m on the fence about going because there is somewhere else I need to be.  This could be cutting it short.  We’ll see.  I had the flu this week so I’m a bit behind on training.  Okay, a lot behind on training.  I can always walk I suppose.  A gym I belong to here just opened up another location in my neighborhood.  I am really excited about this.  Earlier this week I stopped by to check it out.  Everything is so brand new.  I could probably walk there but in all honesty will probably just drive.  Anyways, this is supposed to be about Sunday.  After reading about another great recipe from one of my neighbors, I’ve decided to give it a shot on Sunday afternoon.  If you like anything made with pumpkin, check these out.  I’m going to try the pumpkin pie bites: . 

Zoom has incredible recipes posted that use many exotic herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables.   She always includes a history, as well as a picture of the items she writes about which is really informative.

With this said, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


22 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Hello..The desert fever of your FIL is interesting..considering the geological reals of that area..(though mine are limited) occurrs to me..a virus may have gone into ‘suspended state or animation’..petrafied..something denying normal mortality for the beastie..I am glad he is up and around..When I was a teenager..and my mother and I were at odds in day to day..I ALWAYS wanted to be somewhere else..A five K?..good for you..just starting back on my Judo wind excercises..I find exertion leaves me panting sooo..on with the show..a big shew..(as Ed Sullivan used to say) not know where that came from..I used to watch Steve Allen CU in the sunny funnies..Peace Tony

    • Hi Tony, I think you are right about the virus. I really do need to do some research on it to better understand.

      Good for you for getting back into Judo! This will be my first 5k since my 20s. The ol’ grey mare ain’t what she used to be it I’m afraid. 😉

  2. This sounds like a really cool weekend. Wish you and Maureen lot’s of fun and tell us how the pumpkin thingies worked out 😉

    • Thanks Irony. It was a great weekend (over in a flash like usual but lots of fun. The pumpkin pie bites turned out delicious. My husband has the day off today so I’m not sure if there will be many left by the time I get in. 😉

  3. I’m so glad that your father-in-law made it through, so may God continue to heal him.
    Have a wonderful time with your friend Maureen 🙂

  4. elizabethfrank123

    Seems you’ve also got a lot going on Jenn! 🙂 glad everything got sorted with your FIL.
    Hope you’re having a fantastic time with Maureen, waiting for the pictures! 🙂

    • Thanks Bess. Yes, it was a huge relief with my FIL.

      I had a great time with Maureen. We went to down to the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson. I’ll be posting soon.

  5. I’m sure you will have a great time photographing with Maureen. I’ve met 6 of my vox neighbours and they’ve all been so nice!

    • That is so great! How wonderful that you’ve gotten to meet so many people.

      I had a great time with Maureen (post to follow). She was the first person I had ever met from here. Hopefully I’ll get to meet more in the future.

  6. OMGosh, too many things to comment on! 🙂
    I will check out this Zoom place. Sounds interesting!

  7. Heyyyy ..
    my week end as usual i spent it in cleaning and prepare my self for the next week blahhh .. it is so nice to meet some of your vox friend (if i choose some of my vox friends to meet i will choose you and freedome xoxo)
    wating to see you in the pictures (you can make it private with password 😉

    • Hi Rima. That’s how most of my weekends are spent as well. I’m very excited to be meeting a fellow blogger. I’m sure there will be a few pictures posted from this trip. I’ll probably be the one in the Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. 😉

      That would be great Rima, if you could come for a visit. If you ever plan on coming to the states, please let me know! 🙂

  8. I am so glad your fil is doing better. If the illness can lay dormant, does that mean that he is in remission and that it could come back at any time? I hope not!

    I remember being very angry at my oldest son, years ago, when we had a checking account together and he got in some trouble with it. I marched into the bank and asked for the forms to sign to get him off our account. I was shocked to learn that he had to sign the form as well. That seemed crazy. He was a minor and I was his parent and an adult. That was a lot of fun, taking the form to him for him to sign. Yah…chalk that up to one of those great memories, NOT!

    Meeting up with Maureen sounds fantastic!! I cannot wait to see the pictures. Have a terrific time. I sure wish I could be there with you!

    • Thanks Freedom. You know, I’m not really sure if it is considered remission. I’ll have to do some research on it. Where I work I had taken the place of an older lady that also had the disease. She left because of that.

      I can completely understand how angry you must’ve been re: the whole checking incident. That is maddening. There is a reason why my husband and I have separate accounts as well. 😉 Actually I have a card to his account but he doesn’t have one to my account. I am the accountant in our marriage –and for good reason! 🙂

      Yes, I’m really looking forward to meeting up with her. I only have my cell phone camera for the time being but I’m sure I’ll learn lots! I wish you were here, too. That would be a lot of fun.

  9. I’m excited as well and so looking forward to tomorrow..we need to do a anti-rain dance for tomorrow though. I’m going to check the weather forcast tonight but it is very cloudy today.

    • Yes, it is somewhat overcast here as well. Isn’t it amazing that we don’t live all that far from each other yet the weather is drastically different? I watched the Phoenix news last night and they said sunny & 95. Of course I didn’t take into account that Tucson could be completely different. Looking forward to tomorrow!

    • Ha I see now that my avatar is gone…gees I’ve not done anything to my avatar.

      We had a storm this afternoon, we didn’t get much rain but it rained hard east and south of us…maybe even west.

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