A Queen In The Making

  A few nights after work I have arrived home to my little neck of the world to see my young 12 year old neighbor being pulled in a wagon by her younger siblings.  Each time I laugh.  She is an exotic beauty of Mexican and Japanese descent.  While being pulled around in the wagon, she will often drape one arm over the side and have one leg crossed.  The younger boys don’t seem to mind.  To see her calls to mind how queens were often carried around in ancient times.

Over the weekend I needed to bring some groceries in.  She and her younger brothers were outside on the sidewalk and she was of course lounging in the wagon while being toted around.  The older boy pulled the wagon and the younger one pushed from behind.  The boys seem tireless.

I stopped with the groceries and looked over at the kids who were now parked at the end of the driveway.  “Okay, B.,” I say.  “I need to know your secret.  How is it that you are able to get these boys to pull you around the neighborhood all the time?”

The older boy, smiling and with wagon handle still in hand announces, “We don’t mind.”

“Yeah,”  B. says.  “I give them candy.”  With that she pulls out a piece of candy and hands it to the older boy.  Bit-o-Honey, if I recall.  He pops the candy in his mouth, sticks the wrapper in the pocker of his shorts and they’re off into the cul-de-sac.  The queen is good to her people.

Smart, that one.

12 thoughts on “A Queen In The Making

  1. She’s certainly got it worked out!

  2. LOL – they say, the way to a man’s heart…

  3. Wow – watch out for that one! She’ll be our future president!

    • Yes, she definetly was demonstrating some leader skills here. She was getting what she wanted from them and making them feel good about doing it. I could take a lesson from this.

  4. And at least now you know how to get them to carry your groceries…

  5. LOL!!! She will go far. She already has the “control” issue solved!

  6. elizabethfrank123

    Girl after my own heart ❤ haha

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