All Good Dogs Should Go To Heaven…

…and not to be abandoned in the backyard when their owners leave.

A few nights ago upon return from getting the mail, I noticed my neighbor Yoshi (grandmother to the kids in the wagon from a previous post) walking with one of her grandsons over to the house across the street.  She told me she was going over to feed the dogs because the people living in this house had moved out and the property was being foreclosed on.  She had a plastic grocery bag filled with dog kibble and was throwing it over the fence.  She was concerned that they didn’t have water.

Where the neighbors in that house just moved out this past weekend I thought surely they must be returning to get their dogs.  This has to be a temporary situation.  I remembered seeing one of the little dogs chasing a little boy on a bike over the summer.  The little boy lived in the house with a ton of other people.  There were at least 4-6 vehicles parked at that house most of the time.  One was never sure who really lived there and who was just visiting.  Regardless, we all waved hello when coming or going.

Last night after work I saw that it still appeared no one was coming back to take these poor dogs.  I called the local animal shelter which directed me to the county shelter.  Someone, probably Yoshi, had already called them and a detective was coming out to investigate.  I heard the dogs barking from across the street still so they are definitely still there.  Poor things.  It rained last night, too.

When I think of my animals, my dog and ferret, they are my kids.  How could anyone just up and leave without them?  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are.  There are places to surrender your pets if you can no longer keep them.    How lazy and irresponsible!  While I don’t usually hope bad things on people, I do hope they are found and given a fine.  There is absolutely no reason for a situation like this to ever occur.  No reason whatsoever.  Losers.

20 thoughts on “All Good Dogs Should Go To Heaven…

  1. That is so very sad. I don’t understand why people think it is okay to just leave their pets to fend for themselves (in a situation where they can’t actually fend for themselves because they are fenced in!). There are so many organisations they could’ve contacted if they were unable to take the dogs with them.

    • Its just sheer irresponsibility and laziness. I don’t get it either. The people that lived there were back over the weekend. They saw the signs that the animal rescue had left. I really hope they don’t get the animals back and that they are placed into loving homes.

  2. My lil’ ones are my family. They either have four legs or wings. They don’t move out at 18, if they live that long.

    Sadly I’ve known people (Parents to human children) who’ve killed or had their pets put down just because they were moving and either didn’t want to fool with them, or couldn’t take them to their new home. Needless to say I don’t think much of these people. And I still wonder if the one’s kids are really safe or not…

    But at the same time, people do these kinds of things to human children too.

    Sometimes the world just sucks, then I look at my kids smiling while in their sleep and I’m happy again. =)

    • It makes you wonder what the heck people are thinking. Or are they thinking at all? I just heard the other night on the news that in New York they are trying to get a law passed that anyone caught abusing animals will have their name placed on a list just like a sex offender. Then those that are selling animals (breeders, pet stores, shelters, etc) can do a search of the abusers before even turning the animal over. I think that should be made nation wide.

  3. Man, that’s pretty bad. You don’t just leave living things behind to fend for themselves like that. Tells you as much about the neighbors as it does about the animals, doesn’t it?

    • It sure does. The people that had lived there were back over the weekend picking up the rest of their crap. I noticed the took the notices down that the animal rescue had left them. I hope the animals get placed in good homes and that the people don’t get to have them back after that.

      My gosh, its one thing if out of convenience to leave the animals for a few days but its quite another to leave them without food, water or shelter for those few days. (I can feel my blood start to boil just thinking about it).

  4. This is so heartbreaking. Really heartbreaking. Foreclosure hurts more than just the families….it hurts their pets too.

    You can bet the little boy is missing his dogs and wondering when they will return for them.

    There is no excuse for just leaving pets behing like that. I have such a vivid imagination that I can imagine lots of things that could have kept them from coming back, but if they just left them, there is no excuse.

    • I can only wonder what the kids must be thinking. The neighbors did make an appearance this weekend to collect further belongings from the house. The animal rescue people did leave notices for them and I saw that they did pick up the notices. Believe me it was very hard not to say anything to them about it when I saw them. I really had to bite my tongue. Ugh!

  5. This enrages me. I feel that animals have just as much right to a good life if not more so than us. I have seen so much neglect in my time.

    • I hear you. As of this morning the dogs were no longer barking in the yard. I hope they are somewhere warm and dry with plenty of food & water, and with a person to throw them a ball or two.

  6. How sad. I love my dogs so much. I would not be able to sleep one night if I thought they were out, alone, hungry, and afraid. That is terribly negligent.

    My neighborhood has adopted many stray animals. I think people drop them off here because they somehow know that the animal will be taken care of. Very lazy!

  7. Horrible. I sincerely believe in a special circle of hell reserved just for people who abandon pets.
    One night a few years ago (we were still living in a 5th-wheel trailer and building our home), just a mile or so from home, we passed by two beautiful dalmations by the side of the road. We turned around and stopped. They were the sweetest, happiest dogs you could ever want to meet. I can’t imagine anyone leaving them to a certain death in the wilderness, with mountain lions running around.
    We couldn’t take them – we had two cats already in our tiny trailer. Luckily, another neighbor, a dog person, came by with her SUV. She loaded her dog into the front seat, and we loaded the two dalmations into the back, behind the security gate. She took them to yet another neighbor, and they ended up going to separate homes, one of which was the local firehouse.

    • It’s interesting that you mention a ‘special circle of hell’ because those were my thoughts exactly.

      I’m really glad that your neighbors were able to take those dogs even if they had to be separated. It sounds like that story had a happy ending.

      As of this morning I didn’t hear any barking dogs in the backyard across the street. I’m guessing that we were taken by the shelter. I did notice several notices posted to the garage and front door.

  8. I am SO sick of irresponsible people mistreating their pets. Having a Dog comes with many responsibilities. Some are high maintenance, some aren’t. Though is our responsibility. I wouldn’t adopt or buy a pet without knowing I could afford to support it. Irresponsible pet owners are absolutely horrid people. I hate them!

    • Doesn’t it just burn you up? Although I’m not all that fond of the sheriff out here in our county, he does have very strict laws regarding animal abusers.

      These people treated these dogs like they were disposable. What kind of lesson does that send to their kids, too? It’s really terrible.

  9. Some people do have no scruples. All they think about is themselves.
    It’s the same thing here with summer vacation. Every year there are horror stories all over the news of people abandoning their pets left and right.
    Since stupidity is taking over more and more there should be a license for about almost everything by now. Animals, kids, ….

    • Really? People leave their pets when they go on vacation?

      Yes, there should be at least some training. Of course there is no training for what most would consider common sense.

  10. elizabethfrank123

    This really is awful 😦 poor dogs

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