How About a Bake Quest?

I got to thinking yesterday that where so many of us are posting recipes these days that maybe we could do some kind of monthly Bake Quest challenge just for fun.  It could be by dish (soups, salads, etc…) or by ingredient, like say, sweet potatoes or whatever.  Then we could post a recipe using said ingredient.  I think it might be neat to see what everyone comes up with. 

Of course if you have a strong dislike for the chosen ingredient it’s not like you’d be obligated to make it.  It’s only for fun.

Anyways, just a few thoughts. 

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Ideas?  Am I crazy?  (wait, don’t answer that last one!)

18 thoughts on “How About a Bake Quest?

  1. I don’t do much cooking but I will watch with interest what others come up with. I like LBeeeze’s idea of using an obscure ingredient too.

    • Cool beans! I was thinking pears or garlic or cream cheese for the month of November. I’ll make more of an official post on Friday. I thought it might be best to post three different ingredients due to some items not being available or allergies, etc…

  2. Sounds like a fun idea! I need to try and find some different things to cook and this could be useful. I’m definitely in. Thanks!

    • Great! I think this will be a lot of fun. I will make an official post on Friday but was thinking that I’d post three ingredients for folks to choose from. For November I was thinking pears or garlic or cream cheese. That way if one item isn’t in season where a person is at or if they have allergies, there would be something else to choose from. What do you think?

      • Garlic (there is no cooking for me without it) I agree.:) Cream cheese? This stuff is really good!. I agree. 🙂 and Oh my, PEARS, the most versatile (and cute) fruit!?. Totally agree. They’re excellent stewed, poached and even baked. By the way, I am currently working on pear-related projects. The three different ingredients sound good to me! 😉 I am so excited to Allez cuisine!

        • Oh good! I’m glad that sounds do-able. For December I figured cranberries could be one. This is really going to be a lot of fun! It will be neat to see what everyone comes up with! 😀

  3. I like food. =D I would volunteer to taste test everything, but that’d be kinds hard to do…

  4. A bake quest sounds good. I’d go for that! Got any suggestions?

    • Cool! I’ve been giving it some thought and was thinking that where people all live in different places that there should be at least three different ingredients. That way if something isn’t in season or say someone has an allergy or something, there is another ingredient to choose from. I was thinking for the month of November, that the ingredients could be pears or garlic or cream cheese. How does that sound? I will make an official post on Friday. 🙂

  5. It would be great fun to challenge the chefs and bakers among you to make something with an obscure ingredient.

    Am I crazy?? Probably so!!

  6. I think that sounds interesting! I don’t cook much, but it’s the internet after all!

    • Yeah, we’ll see. I usually don’t do much either. My husband is the cook in our house, but I’ve so enjoyed making the recipes lately that people have posted and thought it might be fun.

  7. Great idea. Though with my oven I will only watch and snitch recipes 😛

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