18 thoughts on “Just In Time For Halloween…

  1. geocacherinkerstin

    I have rummaged on your blog…and found this one…I like your humor 🙂

  2. Hello..The absolute shits in retirement..what a dismal bunch of bat crap..they should use the batcave security act..Peace Tony

    • LOL! When I first read your comment on my phone in my email this morning I was thinking to myself, what was posted that has Tony so fired up? When I came back to this post I put it together and burst out laughing. 😀

  3. Oh, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Yes, that would be a problem!!

  4. LOL! Yeah, that would suck!

  5. I posted this once on my Vox, years ago. It’s too funny. I love how they made the bats from clay.

    • Did you really? This must have been before I found you! LOL. Yes, that is neat that they are made out of clay. I’m not sure if this was the cover to a Halloween card that someone scanned and it made its way around the web or what. Whoever did it was creative and had a good sense of humor though!

  6. Awesome!! What cute bats 😀

  7. Ha ha ha ha– that’s HILARIOUS!

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