Halloween Weekend

Hubby is not much of a movie goer so I asked Athletica if she wanted to go with me to see Paranormal Activity 2 this past weekend.  She is always up for something scary so we ended up going to the drive ins to see it.  That is the nice thing about living in the desert; we can sit outside this time of the year to enjoy a movie.  The movie ended up being ‘just alright’ in my opinion.  I’m still confused about a couple of things but it hit me later that the drive ins sometimes will edit and omit certain parts of a movie due to time restrictions.  I brought caramel apples for a treat so it was quite nice to watch a scary movie will munching away on something fitting to the season.

On the drive up I noticed that I was starting to sneeze and cough.  What was up with this?  I remembered Athletica telling me that when she trains for a race and would push herself, that she would end up with cold symptoms that would last a few days.  Apparently the body is adjusting to the new vigor.  She did advise that this would pass in a few days.  Last week I got on the treadmill at the gym and ran a 12 minute mile at first, and then another mile at a slower speed.  All the while the treadmill was set to incline at various points.  My face was beet red for a long time after that.  I definitely had pushed myself where the next race is in less than two weeks.  Another strange occurrence is that my jeans were suddenly tight only around the thighs.  (???)  She said this would happen because the muscles get tight and hold on to fluid.  It did pass but it is kind of a disconcerting feeling after you’ve just run your butt off. 

Saturday my FIL was released from the assisted living facility.  To celebrate, immediate family was invited to come to the house for some of my MIL’s posole.   I was asked to bring a dish so I ended up making a fruit cobbler.  I incorporated the pears that are on this month’s baking quest but felt that I took the easy way out where I’ve made this dish a million times.  I will have to get my hands on something a bit more challenging and unique before months end.  My inlaws loved the desert.  When we get together we have mainly traditional Mexican food so I was happy to have contributed something a bit different and regional to where I grew up.  I’ve been asked to make this again for Thanksgiving and will post the recipe tomorrow for anyone interested.

Halloween Day I went to pick up some candy and gawked at how much prices have risen on candy.  $8 for a bag of peanut butter cups?  Really?  I can’t complain though.  I then went to Starbucks for a $4 hot caramel apple cider which  I thoroughly enjoyed that afternoon.  From now until New Years the retailers really have it out for us.  Hubby had to leave early for a construction job that was starting at midnight last night so I was on my own in the candy department.  My neighbor and I used to sit outside and pass candy out while drinking pumpkin beer out of plastic cups.  This year she wasn’t going to be home but promised next year we would get back into the routine.

About 6:30 pm or so, the doorbell rang with the first wave of young Disney princesses, bumble bees and vampires. Abby was going ballistic.  I had one hand on her collar and the other I answered the door with while shuffling a large plastic bowl towards the door with my foot.  In between a trip to the door I held up Abby’s lobster costume.  I expected her to put her ears down and run in the other direction but much to my surprise, she started prancing around like a circus dog.  She actually sat still as I fastened the velcro straps around her mid-section.  Not sure where the change came from.  It was quite a different scene a few weeks ago when we tried it on her.  The little kids held out their hands to her when we came to do the door.  I’m guessing they dug into their candy early because Abby was very busy licking any last drops of sugar off their little digits.      

Towards the end of the night a group of young teen boys came to the door.  Some were in costume and some were not.  As it was towards the end of the night and I had plenty of candy still left, I grabbed a handful for each.  One boy didn’t even carry a bag and filled his pockets!  At that age they are only in it for the candy.  Nothing else.  One complimented me on my candy giving prowess.  “Nice job, lady,” he said.  This will certainly ensure that we made it through another Halloween without the house or car getting egged, or having our cactus covered in toilet paper.  At around 8:30pm a very large woman pushing a stroller with a sleepy toddler in it arrived at the door and rang the bell twice.  She was non-stop talking and I wasn’t very clear if she was talking to me or to herself.  I placed a piece of candy in the toddler’s pumpkin bucket that was perched between her knees.  “Only one piece for the baby?” she declared.  “The lady next door gave her two.”  I reluctantly threw an extra piece into the bucket.  I guess we know who really is getting the candy, huh?  The lady spun the stroller around, still talking to herself while making her way down the walkway.  And that was the end of our Halloween night.  Abby was fully exhausted from her post at the door.  She jumped onto the sofa in the Man-Cave where I was reclined watching every sort of scary thing on tv, and curled up somewhere near my feet.  She was fast asleep within minutes and her little paw was twitching away.   It was a very busy night for a very tuckered out doggie.  Here is a picture of her enjoying her own Halloween treat.

8 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend

  1. Abby looks as though she is enjoying her treat! Last year we had a woman knock on our door and say that she was collecting candy for her “sick daughter” . This year we had one (not sure if it was the same woman) who just asked outright for some candy – she even had her own bag!

    I think we were a bit like your neighbour – I had a lot of candy and didn’t want any leftovers so we were pretty generous – one kid said “wow, that’s more than we get anywhere else” …

    • A co-worker of mine had quite a few adults at her door too. Not one to mince words she said, “aren’t you a little too old for this?” Apparently some got candy and some didn’t. I don’t get the whole adult trick-or-treating at all. And the excuses they make too! LOL. I wonder if that lady really did have a sick child though.

      It sounds like you were the best house on the block! I bet you’ll get lots more kids at your door next year. 😉 I still remember growing up there was a lady that gave out the regular size candy bars. We always made sure to stop at her house every year.

  2. Wow you had a great night and Abby looked so cute. We never get any trick or treaters as we are too far out and there are very few children in the neighborhood. I miss seeing the kids all dressed up.

  3. Abby looks so cute and what a good dog, to wear the outfit and behave! Looks like she is enjoying her treat!

    I love the little children dressed up and even the older kids too. I don’t care very much for the non-dressed up teens. They could put a tiny bit of effort into it.

    Sometimes we get college students and they go all out on their costumes. They usually act a bit embarrassed to be trick-or-treating but I tell them they look great. Since they come later than most, they get a lot of candy.

    So weird about the lady and the baby. Very rude. I wonder if she was on drugs. I would have been speechless!

    • Its so cute to see the little ones, isn’t it? We had some parents dressed up too so it was nice that everyone was getting in to it.

      Isn’t that odd? Maybe the lady was on drugs. I thought it was kind of late for someone to have such a small child out. And yes, I was speechless regarding that one!

  4. elizabethfrank123

    Jenn I went to see PA2 as well! I thought it was so scary! haha I’d never been to see a scary film in the cinema before so it was an experience! I went with 3 of my girlfriends and we sat right at the back so at the jumpy bits we saw the whole cinema gasp and lean back in their chairs! I felt so sorry for the little dog 😦 Also called Abby, if i remember rightly?!

    Just you go steady with your training missy, take it at your own pace.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun with Halloween 🙂

    • Did you really? Okay, I have to ask, who was Micah Sloat? That part totally went over my head. Then what was up with the father burning the picture?

      Yes, that dog was called Abby, too. Poor thing. The pets always get it in these movies. Luckily they’re fiction.

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