Another Race On Tap

Well, I signed up for the next race that will take place a week from this Saturday.  Hubby said he will go with me and cheer me on again.  I’m sure he’s wondering what free food they’ll be giving away this time as well.  😉  There is one more race in December, also a 5K, that I’ll sign up for but that will be it for a while.  These are getting expensive!  The December one is called the ‘5Ks of Christmas.’  Apparently people dress up as elves or Santa.  There is even a walk for people and pets.  I guess they dress the pets up too.  I hope to have a new charger for the good camera by then as this would be a great thing to blog about. 

After paying online for the race, I happen to check my bank account and saw that I was charged twice.  Luckily it will be reversed.  What I wonder about though, is why does it take a moment to make a payment on something and have it show directly, and then if there is an error then it takes 4-5 business days for the reversal to show? 

I’ve been fighting cold symptoms for almost a week now.  I’ve really increased my runs and their intensity.  Last weekend I was dragging so badly that I didn’t get up early with my husband to do our pre-dawn walks with Abby.  Both mornings I slept in and barely dragged myself to church on Sunday.  I was feeling better this week so Tuesday night I did another three miles at the gym.  Two of the miles I did in 24 minutes.  So yesterday I got up and started feeling like I was getting sick again.  What the heck?  Even today I am dragging and can think of nothing else but placing my head down and napping.  (ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)  Maybe I am lacking a vitamin or two.  I was going to continue these runs over the weekend to help prepare for next weekend so hopefully my immune system will be back in check by then.

22 thoughts on “Another Race On Tap

  1. Hmm I might be able to do that race…that would be some fun photos too! I’ll put it down and as it gets closer lets touch base.

  2. I bet the extra workouts are putting stress on your immune system. I am a believer in resting when your body screams for rest. Allow yourself to heal and then hit the road again.

    I hope you can post some pictures!! The Christmas race sounds fascinating and I do hope you will dress up 😀

    • Hi Freedom, I’m thinking so too. Running, although it is a great form of exercise, puts a lot of strain on the body. I got into bed yesterday morning and stayed there all day. I’m feeling a bit better today.

      I will defintely post some pics of the race. I do plan on at least getting a Christmas t-shirt or something holiday-like to wear for the December race. 🙂 It should be really fun.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better.

    Isn’t it so aggravating that it takes so long to get a refund when it takes only seconds for the funds to be debited from your account?

    I bounght several shrubs from a nursery and the lady ended up charging me 1,000 plus dollars instead of 100 plus dollars. I was so totally freaked. It took DAYS to get it straightened out. My bank would not make a committment to me that they would not bounce my house payment check if the funds didn’t make it back to my account in time, even though they knew I was charged the wrong amount. Gaaaaaah!!!

    • Thanks LB. I got plenty of rest over the weekend.

      It is very aggravating to have that happen with the bank. Especially when you are waiting for other payments to clear. That is a huge mistake that nursery charged you! Wow! I hope it all turned out okay. I once paid a $40 cell phone bill and the customer service rep charged me $400! It took a few days to straighten it out. I did tell them by holding on to my money that they were basically stealing. I think that declaration got them to move a bit quicker but, oh, what a pain!

  4. Monsoon, drink Chia fresca for running endurance! The effect of this is like having a personal reservoir in your stomach that slowly releases the water as this chia gel is used up by the body, this helps to stay hydrated for a much longer period of time. Good luck! 🙂

    • Hi Zoom, I went over the weekend to find Chia. Our local Whole Foods carries it but most of it was sold out. I did, however, manage to find chia/apricot bars. I picked up a few and figured I would eat one before the race and have a nice glass of water with it. Do you think that would work?

      My sister-in-law had mentioned chia as well being something that the Incas had used because of its healing properties. She said that it was also good for diabetics. She called it salba though she said it was the same thing as chia. Does that sound right or are we completely off?

      • Yes, the bars will help you to. They will also help with protein to do the event without cramping up.
        According to them, the difference between the white and black seeds is primarily in the harvesting. Salba seeds (white seeds) are hand-picked, and only the seeds with the highest nutrient density are harvested and replanted. Chia seeds (black seeds) are grown by hundreds of farmers with varying conditions and crop lifecycle standards. This degrades the nutrients in the seed substantially. Though, Chia and Salba belongs to Salvia Hispanica. 😉

        Good Luck with your upcoming event!!!

        • Good to know! I’m going to check back with Whole Foods and see if they were able to restock. It sounds like this would be a great thing to have on hand for a variety of reasons.

          Thanks for the well wishes!

  5. I hope that you are feeling a little better now. Perhaps your body is telling you to slow down a little….

    • Thanks Emjay. I’m wondering if that is the case, too. I think running, more than anything, really takes a lot out of you and requires more time to recover than other forms of exercise. That has been my experience anyways. 🙂

  6. we all want to go with you and cheer you on GO GO GOOOO MONSOON >> take care of your self girl 😉

  7. elizabethfrank123

    You better be looking after yourself Madam!! Otherwise I will not be happy. Take it easy 🙂

  8. I’m so proud of you doing these races! sorry you aren’t feeling well but it could be like your friend said that your body has to get used to this new exercise routine and then you will be fine.

    Do take care of yourself and make sure to get your beauty sleep.

    • Thank you Maureen. I’m pretty sure thats what it is. My body just needs to catch up to the physical demands. I’m happy to have the weekend ahead and plan on getting plenty of rest. 🙂

  9. Your body knows what it needs. So rest may not be a bad idea. 🙂

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