Random Book Prompt

Let’s give the random book prompt another whirl. Grab a book from your collection at random, and use its first line as the first line of your prose today (giving credit where it is due, obviously). Then go in a different direction than the book did – your own.


I’m adding my take on another cool thing I saw on Doug’s blog today. 

This is the first sentence from Die For You, from Lisa Unger:

“A light snow falls , slowly coating the deep-red rooftops of Prague.”

It is cold.  So much colder than the desert where I live, but from where I am seated at this sidewalk cafe sipping hot coffee from a tiny china cup, it is not so unbearable.  This place had only existed as a fairy tale, a vision or dream.  Someplace out of reach and so very distinct in my mind, in my memory. 

The snow, falling harder now, causes those on the streets in front of me to lower their heads and raise their collars.  They sometimes glance over at this American sitting solo, drinking from that steaming tiny cup and they wonder why she has not succumbed to the weather.  They are speaking in muffled tones as they pass.  Not that I could understand anyway.  I am watching them pass until they slowly disappear into the shield of falling snow.  I sigh.  So peaceful, I think, while gazing at the Gothic spires, letting myself be slowly hypnotized by the sideways sea of falling white.

12 thoughts on “Random Book Prompt

  1. elizabethfrank123

    Beautifully written Jenn 🙂 I might give this a go when I get a minute

  2. Good job, I really felt the cold and snow pattering against my cheek as I read it!

  3. Hello..I do use tricks and ‘stimulators’..usually to attain a rhythm..A word for word would dampen my creative process a little too much..that kind of thing can be done privately..or maybe that is what you mean..then creation..no one can say they are not influenced by what they have read or seen..no one I’ve known..in other words..Adler had a point on environmental impact..still if it works for you..do it..Peace Tony

    • Well, I’ve never been to Prague. I had to fill in the blanks for imagination and only used the snow because it related to the writing. It was quite fun. I used to love to write and am thinking I should start again.

  4. WOW!! I loved it!!! Great detail! And I loved the mood!
    I will so do this! Tonight is critical analysis. Yuck!! LOL!!

  5. Drink up! That coffee won’t stay hot for long.

    Nice place this, must re-visit in the spring.

    • I hear you! Somehow I can’t imagine in Prague in spring. I think of it as being cold and gray year round. Of course I’ve never been there so I don’t know for sure.

  6. Falling snow is magical. I love to watch it. It makes me happy.

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