Keeping The Gratitude

 This picture is of the Mayflower replica that the pilgrims took over from England.  I grew up in Massachusetts and was mightily disappointed in my early teen years upon finding out that this was not the real Mayflower.  I guess the first one went back to England and was disassembled for lumber shortly after the famous voyage.

I am not in a good mood today and in fact I’ve had to remind myself several times today that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Usually by now I feel some sense of anticipation but I seem to have a case of the blahs right now.  Regardless, I just read the latest post on Mizunogirl’s blog and she was listing all the things she was thankful for.  It was great to read right now lest I lose sight of so many wonderful things.

This past year has really been filled with so many accomplishments; some on a grand scale and a few others on a lesser scale, but no less important!

Recently  I posted about the evolution of friendships.  I am really grateful for those friends that just naturally fit.  Someone had commented about how those friends bring about peace.  Yeah, I’d have to agree with that 100%. 

During this year I had made a committment to get back into shape.  I lost about 25 lbs (I may be less now but haven’t weighed myself) and completely changed my eating habits.  Because of this I can eat pretty much what I want (within reason) on weekends.  And on top of that I’ve run two 5Ks these last two months.  I hadn’t done one of those since my 20s! 

I have a wonderful job and work in the most amazing building.  In the mornings I pass a fish pond filled with koi and I sit in my own office with a large window that overlooks the sky and treeline.  I work at a very different pace than I have in the past.  I work with good people.  I get along with my boss and co-workers.  In this economy I’m thankful to have a job.  To have the added bonus of liking what I do, now that is a blessing. 

We saved our house this year.  It’s not a big house but it is home.  That was huge. 

In addition, I joined a volunteer organization that helps people out when they’ve hit hard times.  We run a food pantry so as one can guess, this has been a very busy time of year.  There are times I don’t want to go to the meetings during the week.  I’d rather stay at home or do whatever, but once I am there, I find that I don’t want to stop.  There’s something about this organization that keeps the wheels spinning and I find that there is so much more I want to do to help, yet it will never be enough.  I bitched awhile back that I didn’t have a dresser.  Then I met a woman with no furniture and literally saw a child sleeping on a hotel floor in a makeshift bed because she simply didn’t have one. 

We collected turkeys last night outside a local grocery store.  We came away with 41 turkeys, cash donations and non-perishable food donations.  I am grateful that there are those that are willing to donate these things.  Although I don’t hang out with the rest of the volunteers on  a regular basis, I’m grateful for the camaraderie of it, the sheer spirit.  And that is cool.

Its been almost three years since I started blogging and I’m grateful for everyone here.  We really have created a global neighborhood and there is nothing like logging on to see whats going on in your worlds.  I’m grateful to live in a time that this is all possible.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Peace out.

18 thoughts on “Keeping The Gratitude

  1. Loved reading this post!!!! So sorry the Mayflower is not the original. I guess they did not see the Voyage as very historic…disassembling the ship for lumber and all!!!

    You are my new hero for the food bank work!!! I probably should get more involved rather than just donating things. I feel a bit geeky since I have been buying toys since about June for the Toy drive this year…. (sometimes you just get good deals). But then I think about how it will hopefully help these kids a little…
    It is helpful to sometimes see what others go through to realize how much you have….
    You have had quite the year!!!!! Here’s to a wonderful new 2011….

    • Thanks MG. I think your giving the toys each year is very admirable. We just give in different ways. I can’t even imagine as a child not having presents. I was so fortunate that way. I’m sure there are many kids who wouldn’t have had anything if it wasn’t for you.

      True when you say that it is helpful to see what others go through to realize how much you have.

      Here’s to a wonder 2011 to you too. I look forward to getting to know you better in this coming year. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this uplifting and joyful post, Monsoon. Reading this makes me happy and grateful too. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Sounds like you had a very eventful and successful year to be thankful for. Blessing and wishing you more sucess in the coming years.

  4. elizabethfrank123

    Keep smiling 🙂 we’re all behind you.
    Have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

  5. It’s been three years for me too. Isn’t it incredible how online relationships add to our lives??

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

    • Has it really been that long for you too? That is so great! Very true about our online relationships so add to our lives. I’m always excited to log on and find out what everyone is doing.

      I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving,too, LB!

  6. Thanks for this post, Monsoon. I’m feeling pretty sour about Thanksgiving this year for a number of reasons. You just helped me put it back in perspective. I am very grateful for our little community here. Have a great day tomorrow!

    • I’m really, really greatful for the peeps too!!

    • Hi Kim. I hope Thanksgiving turned out well for you. I think I remember you had said that you had to work and were celebrating on Friday instead. I was thinking of you on Friday and had remembered this. In this season where ‘happy, happy, joy, joy’ is continuously thrown upon us, we can still give ourselves permission to have a crappy day knowing that the next day will be better. I’m grateful too for what we all have here. Its really a neat thing

  7. A really nice post Monsoon. I think when we just sit and think a minute all of us have things to be grateful for – even a short list is precious. Shelter, food, job, love and friends.

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