Any Ideas for The December Bake Quest?

A new month is upon us and I wanted to check in and see if anyone had any thoughts on what to include for ingredients in our next Bake Quest.  We could stick with three ingredients


where this is a busy time of year for cooking we could just include our favorite recipes that only get dragged out of the recipe box or cookbook right about now.

Thoughts?  Please share and I’ll post the results on Wednesday.

14 thoughts on “Any Ideas for The December Bake Quest?

  1. Cranberries? Brussels sprouts?

  2. bloody hell, now I will have to make some. where to get butterscotch chips in the UK will be a challenge!
    I should quit my job and open a bakery. now.

  3. brown sugar, apples and cinnamon

    although my favourite thing to bake is oatmeal scotchies or whatever they are called…the recipe is on the nestle butterscotch chips bag. OMG! one year I baked them for gifts along with other goodies, and froze them as I made them ahead of time. I snuck out to the chest freezer every morning and ate a chunk, until I had eaten them all.

    • That sounds so yummy. I have a hard time keeping away from the sweets as well! Its going to be a very difficult month to keep away from the sweet stuff! I do a lot of baking this time of year.

  4. With three ingredients I’d make sourdough bread. Flour, water, salt. Couldn’t be simpler, in one way, but couldn’t be harder to get just right. Up for a challenge?

    • Hey Peter, I just included sourdough bread as one of the items in the bake quest for this month. I referenced your blog where you always have such awesome breads. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Well if I’d had a better oven I would bake the best Christmas cookies everrrrr.

    In Germany they call them Norwegian curl, in Norway they call them Berliner wreath. Yes the irony 😀

    If there’s interest let me know I can give you the details.

    • I would love to have that recipe!

    • Well based on that description I’d have to say that there is definite interest here!
      😉 I would love to have that recipe if you would like to share! That sounds wonderful!

      • Alrighty 😉

        So here it goes:

        3 eggs hard boiled
        1 egg yolk raw
        150 g of icing sugar
        250 g of soft butter
        1/2 vanilla bean (only the soft content) or vanilla sugar about 1 ts

        350 g flour
        1 egg yolk – to coat the cookies
        50 g of coarse sugar

        (some like to add some lemon zest to the dough)

        Take the hard boiled egg, remove the egg yolk and strain it through a sieve. Then add the the raw egg yolk, the icing sugar and blend that. Add bit by bit of the soft butter (sometimes it helps to melt it a little). Then add the vanilla and the flour and knead it into a dough. Put the dough well covered into the fridge for about 2 hours.
        Then take off walnut size pieces and mold them into 12 cm/4inch long rolls. Then mold them into curls. Cover them in egg yolk and sprinkle the sugar on top.
        Pre-heat to 200 C and bake for about 10 min golden brown.

        It’s a bit of work but they are absolutely worth it.

        • This sounds very yummy! I will have to figure out how to convert this into cups. That is really interesting how the yolks of hard boiled eggs are used. I’ve never heard of that. Now that it is December I will be starting some of my holiday baking and am going to give this a shot. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

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