All’s Fair in Love & War Paint

 After enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving brunch & dinner with close friends on Thursday, I took advantage of having a few days off to paint the kitchen.  Our kitchen is a large room with high ceilings and overwhelming as it was, I plunged through the monotony of two coats of paint, plus a third to cover up a half wall painting experiment I had done some time ago and now no longer worked. 

Hubby did not partake in this activity although he did accompany me to the hardware store to pick up supplies.  He frowned at my color selection of Arizona Dust and then promptly disappeared into the aisle that seemed to be a magnet for the majority of men and other weekend warriors.  I found him later in said aisle oggling the barbecue grills while an ethereal glow lit his face up like a child gazing into the window of an F.A.O Schwartz toy store.  A few others had joined him and again their faces seemed to be aglow in wonder at the shiny metal contraption in front of them.  “I have this grill,” hubby proudly told them.  The men turned to look at him as if he were their new hero.  At this point I almost announced that it was I that was the bearer of such a great gift a few years ago on his birthday but decided that I did not want to ruin his moment.

Home improvement projects are best done solo in our household.  While there are many things that are done best together, anything involving sprucing up the house is a task that one needs to do while the other half is out of the house.    We were lucky to figure this out early on in our marriage.  Our first major project involved painting the livingroom in two different shades.  While the outcome was gorgeous, the journey there left a bad taste in one’s mouth.  Could it have been the taste of paint? 

After borrowing a sprayer from a friend we began the process of screwing up painting. Hubby pressed the lever while I held a shield-type device to keep the paint from splattering on the ceiling.  Suddenly a stream of paint jutted backwards and hit hubby in the face.  He immediately dropped the sprayer and yelled, “Quick!  Get me a paper towel!”  Once I determined that the paint wasn’t burning his eyes I burst out laughing.  I still have this image of him standing there, knees bent, eyes scrunched closed under a layer of dark brown paint.  He, however, did not see the humor in it.  After a minimal amount of time spent working on the sprayer we decided to give it another go.  This time though, much to my horror, the paint stream shot straight up and splattered the ceiling.  Any humor I had found in our predicament earlier was gone.  Paint in hubby’s eyes, now that was funny.  Paint on the ceiling, not so much.  After an explicit amount of arguing and bickering, I made the executive decision to leave and get a pedicure.  Now let me say, I have found that there is very little a pedicure won’t fix.  Ladies, if you haven’t gotten in on this secret yet, take heed!  I returned a few hours later as a kinder gentler Monsoon, and the livingroom was transformed.  Hubby also got a great big hug, a sorry, and a thank you.

Now flash forward to this past weekend.  Based on past experiences hubby had decided to stay in the Man-Cave and we both agreed that the only time he would help would be when I needed to move the oven and the fridge in order to paint behind them.  He came in a few times to criticize give advice on how I could be doing things.  I will be the first to admit that I have a hard time listening to him on these matters.  I was raised to be very independent which I’m sure plays a big factor in why I got married so late in life in the first place.  I did listen but as Frank Sinatra says, I did it my way.  All in all I think it came out pretty good.  Where the ceilings are tall I was thankful that I didn’t fall off the ladder and other than the occasional ‘hey, be careful, you’re going to fall’ or ‘you’re getting paint on the tile,’ there were no major blow outs. 

Hubby did take advantage of this time to clean out our toaster oven, which is a stainless steel number from Kitchen-Aid that we had received as a wedding gift.  Living in a hot climate this appliance has proven to be a God-send, especially in the summer.  He brought it outside and wiped it down with oven cleaner.  Unfortunately this also wiped off all the letters and numbers on the dials.  How would we know our bake from our broil?  I could have been upset.    Instead, I laughed. 

Then I got a pedicure.

18 thoughts on “All’s Fair in Love & War Paint


  2. What a great story. The pedicure is a great idea for unwinding and letting things cool off.

    I admire people who can do those big jobs. I’m not so good at hands-on tasks….I’m kind of all thumbs.

    And thanks so much for your note!! I do work some long hours and then come home and play online to help unwind. I tend to stay up playing way too late.

    • Pedicures are such stress relievers. I swear I could just fall asleep in the chair.

      Although this paint job came out pretty good, I have a bathroom that when I first purchased the house 8 years ago, I decided to paint red. I used a latex based paint which is incredibly hard to work with. Not to mention that dark colors require several coats. It was a mess! Although its been jazzed up with accesories, hubby reminds all the time that he hatesh is ‘bordello red’ bathroom. That will be the next project. 🙂

      Oh good, glad you got the note. I was hoping you would. I had noticed the time on some of your posts & comments and thought, wow, she is up late. But please feel to reach out if you ever need anything, ok? 😀

      • You’re such a sweetheart…thanks so much.

        My co-worker leaves on Friday. It’s been a little over a week since I found out she’s leaving. I’ve even dreamed about it. It’s kind of emotional because I’m not close to anyone else there. We (at least most of us)all work very hard and have to stay focused…and I find it very difficult to step away from work that takes so much effort and concentration in order to attend one of the many social events that my company offers…on company time even. I’ve got to get to know more people.

        • Man, that is rough. I hope that there are some great new people for you to meet right over the horizon. I hear you about attending company events. When I was younger I used to really enjoy being a part of those things but now that free time is limited, they are usually last on the list of things I want to do. I hope that you are able to stay in touch with your co-worker once she goes and also that your job lightens up a bit.

  3. Hey why no before and after photos? I would love to see what you did to your kitchen.

    You are one very smart woman to have learned already at your young age what I’m still learning…my hubby and I don’t really work well together…we don’t approach tasks in the same matter. Our backgrounds are too different and we both think we know the best approach…lol. I can so relate to what you are doing.

    My last painting project here was the bedroom and like you I did it all by myself. It was easier in the long run. If hubby was there he would have been trying to tell me what do do which I never have seemed to take well.

    I still need to paint the bathroom and I’ve had the paint for years. The issue is once I start to paint that room I will want to put in a new counter top, sink, faucet, mirror, light fixture and that is a lot of work…should do tile around the tub etc…too much work…lol

    • Hi Maureen,
      I just posted before & after pics of the kitchen project. 🙂

      I hear you on going solo with these projects! I also want to do so much more in the house. I figure if I just do a few things at a time then I’ll be good. Plus I find that as I get older, my tastes change. Its hard because once you get started I can see how easy it would be to not want to stop (until you’re tired & broke! LOL)

  4. I have painted the interior of our little house, and I must admit, I could not have done it with hubby anywhere nearby. All turned out well, and there was no critiquing (read: no bickering).

  5. You’re a great writer! I could just see everything. XD Poor hubby–poor you. LOL! I’m glad you got through the project OK. Sorry for the toaster oven though.

    • Thanks so much Alicia. I love to write. Everything house-wise turned out okay in the end. 🙂 Yeah, our poor toaster oven didn’t fare too well but at least it still works. And I will say that it is absolutely gleaming since hubby cleaned it.

  6. Oh – and where’s a photo?

  7. LOL Monsoon – what a wonderful story! I’ve owned 4 homes with 2 husbands and I can categorically say that doing it on my own is the only way it gets done properly and with less stress than sharing the chore. 🙂

  8. Oh, I absolutely love the way you told this story! I love that you go and get pedicures to fix things. Pedi – CURE. Cure all…right? Love it!

    Glad your kitchen turned out great and hubby knew his place in the man cave. No home owned by a couple should be without a mancave.

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