Kitchen: Before & After

Here is what the kitchen looked like before the new paint job.  I had really liked the darker color on the botton of the walls but once we had the shutters installed (3 years ago) I felt that it just wasn’t enough color for such a large room.

Here is the completed product.  It has grown on me this week.  When I first saw it completed, I thought it looked like too much pink but now that it is completely dry it has darkened a bit.  It really adds a warmth to the area I think.

12 thoughts on “Kitchen: Before & After

  1. I love how your ceiling is sort of steepled. I really like the new colour.

    • Thanks so much Emjay. When the house was being built they gave the option of either vaulted ceilings or a new fridge. As you can see I chose the vaulted ceilings. They make the rooms look bigger I think. And thanks for the compliment on the new color! 🙂

  2. It looks like a nice, warm, peachy pink. Very pretty.

  3. Huge improvement! Great job.

  4. Wow this new color is amazing…it really makes your shuters pop and the ceiling too. Looks like a whole different room

    • Thanks Maureen. I had hoped it would make the shutters stand out a little more. There was just too much white in there so I thought they looked a little lost. I’m hoping to replace that light with a ceiling fan/light combo, too.

      • I love my ceiling fans, we put one in the dinning room and it helped keep the kitchen cooler. My kitchen is in the middle of the house and doesn’t have a window so the fan really helped with circulation in the kitchen.

        Ha I thought I was going crazy as I just saw snow falling on your blog…I must need some sleep…good night!

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