“I Wanna See Santa!”

Dreaming of Santa?

This morning I woke from the funniest dream.  I had been in the Man-Cave watching tv (hubby was out) when either a show or commercial came on featuring a guy in a Santa costume.  I look in the doorway to the Man-Cave and there is the Weasley One staring at me.  “I wanna see Santa,” she says, telepathically (of course).

“Well honey,” I say back, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to be having a human conversation with a ferret, “I’m sorry I did not know that you wanted to see Santa.”
“Next time come and get me,” is her response (naturally).
“Okay,” I agree.  “Next time Santa is on tv I will come and get you.”  With that she turns and scurries back to the area of the house containing her cage (AKA: the Girl-Cave).
I woke up thinking this was the funniest thing my tired mind had conjured up in a while.  What cracked me up was her assertive tone in the dream.  I suppose it wouldn’t really surprise me though.  Thats kind of her personality. 

25 thoughts on ““I Wanna See Santa!”

  1. That is so funny, love the photo of your girl on her bed!

  2. Step away from the eggnog now! LOL!

  3. Heehee… you must have a telepathic connection to your ferrets!

  4. Ha Ha, really funny! I love reading this… sound like my friend Isis’s dreams. 🙂
    By the way, did you have her/his Christmas gift yet? Maybe she/he is trying to tell you something. Really cute.

  5. LOL!!! I’ve had random dreams like that. XD

  6. She is such a cutie all stretched out like that. Can you imagine setting her on Santa’s lap for the photo? 🙂

    • She was sound asleep when that was taken. It’s funny that you say that. When I woke up yesterday I was thinking how funny it would be to go to the mall and stand in line with her so she could see Santa. LOL. Can you imagine?

  7. What a great dream. I bet she had a cute voice in your dream!

  8. Oh that is too funny! Love your background!

  9. I think you probably had pizza for dinner? : )

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