Southwest Christmas Activities

 It finally feels like Christmas.  This is despite the fact that temps have been in the low 80s for the past couple of days. 

Saturday I met Athletica for lunch and then we did the last of our Christmas shopping.  This was followed up by frozen strawberry margaritas at a bar in the same shopping plaza.  Where most of my shopping is done online, I had forgotten about things like traffic and long check-out lines.  My Christmas cards are all written so thinking I’d be saving myself some time, I went to the post office inside the Hallmark store.  Apparently many folks decided to do this as well.  By the time I got to the front of the line there was a sign that read ‘No Debit or Credit Cards.’  Now in this day in age, who the heck doesn’t accept plastic?  Just thought that bizarre. 

Hubby and I picked out a great tree over at The Home Depot Saturday night.  Being the overprotective ferret and dog Mom I refuse to pick up the toxic stuff that you put into the base of the tree to keep it fresh longer.  This, in the long run proved to be a wise idea.  We picked up a pizza then headed home with the tree strapped down to the roof of my SUV.  Hubby set the tree up in the window of our kitchen and then helped me with the lights.  While we don’t have a whole lot of ornaments I’d have to say that the finished product wasn’t too shabby.   While rooting around in the garage for Christmas paraphernalia, I ended up finding two ornaments that were purchased on a trip to Alaska almost three years ago.  This is the first year they’ve donned a tree.  It was nice to have that memory and also a nice surprise to find them, like finding a $20 bill in your pocket.

This is one of the ornaments that was purchased the weekend before last at the Mexican pottery shop.  There was a whole basket filled with these brightly colored hand-painted eggs.  I thought they were made of wood but unfortunately I found out they were made out of ceramic when one accidentally fell off the tree and onto the hard tiled floor.

This is one of the few terra cotta angels I also got at the pottery shop.  I like the color of it against the green tree.

This particular one is made out of a hollowed out gourd.  It has the skeleton figures in it which are traditional to the Mexican celebration, ‘The Day of the Dead’ or Dia de los Muertos.  While some might think it morbid to hand something like this on a tree at Christmas time, I look at it as those in my family that have gone before me will be in my mind over Christmas.  Just my thoughts.  Okay, enough with the sappy stuff.  On to more ornaments!

This is one of my favorites.  It was purchased at the Desert Museum in Tucson on the day I met Maureen.  Can you see the bird carved into it?

And lastly, here is one more.  This is also made out of terra cotta and then hand-painted.  While hubby is not wild about the idea of skeletons on the tree, how could you not like this little guy?  Alright, maybe its just me.

Yesterday afternoon I got down to the business of baking.  I make dozens of different cookies this time of year to pack into tins for gifts.  In a course of about 4 hours I created fudge nut balls which I’ve renamed truffles, double chocolate biscotti and peanut butter cookies.  I had started on sugar cookies but grew tired.  The dough is still in the fridge so that may be a project for some night this week.   My soundtrack for baking was the Charlie Brown Christmas CD performed by The Vince Guaraldi Trio.

(I was trying to insert in here a youtube video of one of the Charlie Brown songs but can’t remember who to do it.)

14 thoughts on “Southwest Christmas Activities

  1. Hello..Pretty decorations and things..I looked up that ‘woodcut?’ via artist on wiki..found the work is c1685..the artist is a fella nemed Josiah King..from Isreal..could not find the manner of artistic application..CU :-)..Peace Tony

  2. Your tree is lovely and the ornaments are really interesting – it’s nice to have things a little bit different and I actually really like the skeleton one (but then I do have Day of the Dead things around my house).

    • Thanks Emjay. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I was thinking when I posted this that most folks would think I was a bit off my rocker (which is somewhat true to a certain extent I suppose 😉 ) when seeing skeletons on the tree.

  3. I just love your southwestern-themed ornaments! You did a great job finding them.

    • Thanks Kim. It was like a southwest treasure hunt with the quest being to find ornaments that didn’t look like they came from a touristy shop off of Route 66. 😉 It was a lot of fun.

  4. Merry Christmas for you Monson and all my friends (it is snowing in your blog 😀 ) I like ‎the tree it is a wonderful and I like the little angels the most .. hope you enjoy the Christmas (keep some ‎cookies for me ;)‎)

    • Thank you so much Rima. I would so love to visit Israel some day. I’ve only seen it in pictures. Yes, it is snowing on my blog. This may be the only snow I see for awhile. 😉 Glad you liked the angel ornament. I’ll save some cookies for you, too.

  5. The business of baking! I will be doing loads of that soon. ANd have the time off now to do it.
    I love your ornaments, and well done shunning that toxic stuff to keep it fresher. How happy you seem – lovely.

    • Isn’t that the best? I love baking. There is something very relaxing about it. Most of the year here it is too hot to bake but December is the most perfect month.

      Thanks for the compliments on the ornaments. I was thinking that everyone would find it very odd that I have skeletons on my tree. LOL. I’m an ex-Goth girl afterall.

      My ferret made a b-line for the water in the base of the tree as soon as she discovered it so I think it was a good call to avoid the toxic stuff. I just had a feeling the animals would be using it as an extra watering hole.

  6. I love all the different ceramic and terracotta ornaments. They’re so colorful and the terracotta angel is very pretty. Have fun!!

  7. Your tree is lovely. Looks beautiful in the picture. Your ornaments are interesting as well. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

    • Hi Freedom, so nice to have you back! You have been missed. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments on my tree. It was a lot of fun putting it up and decorating. I hope you also have a wonderful Christmas holiday as well!

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