Sizzle Sizzle Went The Tree

Early Sunday morning I got up, plugged in the lights to the Christmas tree and then poured myself a cup of coffee.  While standing in front of the tree, still in my p.j.s, I started to hear a sizzling sound.  Was it the coffee maker?  I listened carefully.  The coffee maker was indeed making a sizzling sound where I had just dripped a bit onto the hot plate of the coffee maker while pouring a cup, but this wasn’t it. 

I leaned my head in carefully and realized that this was a separate sound.  The tree was actually making a sizzling sound.  My first thought was that a light had overheated and must be burning a branch.  I immediately unplugged the tree and stood listening.  Nothing appeared to be burning.  I couldn’t smell anything and there wasn’t any smoke.  I had envisioned myself dragging the tree quickly through the garage while wearing oven mits and then throwing it into the street while hosing it down with the garden hose, all while still dressed in my pajamas. 

The coffee maker continued to make the sizzling sound and for a moment there I thought, okay, I’m losing my mind.  The coffee maker and the tree are communicating with each other in some bizarro language.  Yeah, I’d be a real nutter(as Bettina would say) to think that!  😉 

Hubby came in from getting the newspaper and I called him over to hear this sound.  Luckily it was still as loud as ever.  “What the heck is that,” I asked him.  It sounded like it was ready to self-combust.  We could only surmise that it was the sap running through the trunk and branches.  The heat was on in the house and the morning sun was coming in the windows.  Alas, another mystery is solved in the Monsoon household.  I’ve listened in a few times and the sound has stopped.  In all my Christmases I don’t think I’ve ever heard that from a tree before.

17 thoughts on “Sizzle Sizzle Went The Tree

  1. Now isn’t that something. Who would have thought….but it makes sense. I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees. You must gotten an especially juicy one.

  2. Oh, that is so cool! Like snap, crackle and pop for breakfast!

  3. Hello..Yes..that qualifies as just dont run that fast..never mind noisy..if you hear it again..tape it..that is one wierd tree..Peace Tony

    • LOL, yes, it was very weird. It almost sounded like the sound a fire makes with the crackling of the wood when it is a bit wet still. If I do hear it again I will record it on my cellphone.

  4. That is so strange!! I have never heard of that either. You must have a very fresh tree 😀 Hope it does not get sap all over your floor or carpet.

    • Isn’t that strange? I was expecting a squirrel or some other living creature to come flying out. LOL.

      It is very green and supple right now which I hope that’ll last for the rest of the month. Here in the desert they dry out so fast. We try to wait a week or two before Christmas to get it. I did have sap all over my hands while decorating so I hope it’s not on the floor too. That is very difficult to get out.

  5. Do you think we women hear things men don’t because of maternal protective instinct? I often say to my husband, do you hear that? And he will not have even noticed it till I point it out.

    • Sometimes I wonder. My hearing in one of my ears really stinks (chronic ear infections as a child) and I wonder if I’m ‘feeling’ a vibration from it rather than hearing it, if that makes sense. I do tend to hear (or maybe feel) things that my husband can’t hear. Or maybe it is a woman thing. It would make sense.

  6. Nutter…LOL! Well, you have good hearing, and how weird that would be to hear coming from the tree! I love that you visualised yourself in your pjs dragging it out with oven mitts. One year in the States I got a Frasier Fir and it erupted with…ladybugs! Like a hundred or so. They had been all tucked up under the branches hibernating and once they warmed up they woke up. I felt so bad for them and put them outside (having to scoop them up into a cup) and hopefully they found somewhere safe and went back to sleep.

  7. Sizzling is weird. Cracking yes…. Geeh when I read only the header of this entry I was already preparing to read some shock story of a tree in flames. I am glad to find it was just some of natures mysteries lol

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