A Week In The Life

Stormy Weather On The Way

Well it looks like we might get some snow up north after all.  I was really hoping we would.  Now if we could just make it last until after vacation starts that would be so great!  Outside it is threatening rain here.  When you live in an area that barely sees precipitation, rain is a very big deal!   

 Tonight there is a cookie swap on the other end of town that I am scheduled to attend.  Driving in rain here is the equivalent of driving in snow in other places so I will be keeping an eye on the weather all day today.

Hopefully it won’t be too warm today as I’ve left three dozen cookies in my car. 

Animals Behaving Badly

My husband and I usually pride ourselves on our well-behaved pets.  Abby and the Weasely One, for the most part, have been heading towards sainthood most of their adult lives as far as I’m concerned.  This week however, things have taken a dramatic turn and as they are animals I can’t really threaten them with the old ‘Christmas is in one week!  Santa is watching everything you do!’  Perhaps its karmic payback for the lobster costume Abby was forced to dress in at Halloween?  Or perhaps it was the shampoo mohawk I give the Weasely One during bath time?  Regardless of the reason it still doesn’t make up for the mischief these two have bestowed upon me the past two weeks.

I arrived home one night to have found that Abby decided to leave me a giant ‘present’ on the throw rug under the coffee table.  Now this dog has never had an accident unless she was sick.  When I talked to me husband to complain he asked in all seriousness if it really wasn’t the Weasely One who had left me such a generous gift.  Turns out the Weasely One had left me her own gift right next to the bed.  Thank goodness I turned the light on before heading into the bedroom.  Most times I don’t. 

So this week two nights in a row I come home and Abby has torn apart two small pumpkins I had in a Fall arrangement in the livingroom.  There are pumpkin seeds all over the rug and chunks of orange scattered about.  This is despite the fact that a whole bag of Christmas themed toys were given to the little ingrate last week.  Then yesterday I wake up and the lights have been dragged off half the tree and there is an ornament on the floor.  The tree incident was most likely done by the Weasely One, as she has had a strange affection towards the tree since we brought it home.  Plus, if it were Abby pulling at the lights, the likelihood of the tree toppling over would have been greater.  Now I ask, dear neighbors, what is up with these pets of mine?


After tomorrow hubby is on vacation for two weeks.  Mine starts next Wednesday I think.  My boss would like to close on Tuesday but I’m really hoping to have one more day ($) so please keep your fingers crossed for me that we’ll have the business to warrant another day of work.  After that I’m off until the New Year.  I’m starting to get more excited about it.  There’s lot of stuff that still needs to be done around the house.  Hubby has been working out of town this week so I can’t even tell you how much I’ve missed him (hopefully that feeling won’t fade by the end of vacation!)

A Calling?

I’ve been looking into doing some volunteer work in another country and have inquired about going to Chile.  Today I received an email regarding a possible trip there working among the Mapuche Indians.  To be honest I will be scared to death, especially if I end up going by myself but I’ve felt its something that would be so worth the experience.  So please think good thoughts for me on this as I try to figure out if 1.) I should really go, and 2.) that if I do decide to go that everything necessary for the trip will fall into place.  I already talked to my husband and he is okay with it.  I’m trying to get him to go too as he works in construction and his skills could be very useful.  Anyways, just putting it out there.

Funny, when I searched for the above picture I got an image of Bill Gates.  Is there anything that man hasn’t had his finger in? 😉

11 thoughts on “A Week In The Life

  1. Please contact me as this image was not finished when posted, PLUS- I would love to have my name attached it, especially as I am def. NOT Bill Gates, I am Claudia Olivos, a Chilena, an artist.
    Please contact me via my website ClaudiaOlivos.com

    Thank you,

  2. elizabethfrank123

    I think the travelling would be a fantastic opportunity for the both of you to partake in. I’m glad you’re persuading Hubby to go too because i’m sure the time apart would be dreadful.
    Just think of the wonderful memories you’ll have!

  3. My gosh, what a strange week for the critters? I wonder what got into them? Did something happen to spook or otherwise upset them?

    Good luck with the possible Chile trip. That sounds very exciting!

    • Hi Margy, heard you might have lots of snow coming your way.

      It was definitely a strange week for them. The only thing I could think of that is different is the weather. Not sure if that is it or not.

      Thanks for the well wishes regarding the trip, too!

  4. Hello, Monsoon!
    This is really amusing! I am looking at my dog Yank now as I am doing this comment and smiling because I remembered when, as a puppy, I thought he was just sleeping under my desk – I realized too late that he was happily chewing on my lap top power cord! Hahaha! Too bad I didn’t take a picture. Figure out why your pets are messing around the house. Maybe they are having anxiety or because they’re upset.

    Have a great time. Enjoy your vacation and hope you get one more day!!

    I know volunteering is a great deed! Though, I wouldn’t recommend going alone. But sit and think about this for a bit. Don’t you think, it would be so great if your husband go with you? You will have a great time, and it will give you and your hubby some free time to relax and have fun too. But if you’re not quite sure, think about it some more before you make this huge decision. Either way, have a great time. 😉

    • Hi there Zoom!
      Isn’t that funny? Oh goodness, poor Yank! I hope he didn’t get a shock. I’ve been trying to think about what could be causing the animals to misbehave so much lately and I honestly don’t know. Not much has changed. GW suggested in a comment below that maybe the weather had something to do with it. Its been very warm and sunny here and then suddenly the temp dropped by 20 degrees and it’s raining. Who knows?

      Thanks for the vacation wishes. I’m really looking forward to the time off. I do hope the office is open on Wednesday though. I could use the money. 🙂

      If my husband would go that would be great. He also speaks fluent Spanish as it is his first language so that would be very helpful. If he doesn’t go then I would hopefully be able to join a team that is already planning to go. We’ll see how it all pans out. I’m sure it would be an incredible trip.

  5. LOL with the animals! Maybe they feel the storms coming?
    And a Christmas tree is too much to resist for some. One cat I used to have would pull all the ornaments off from about two feet down. The tree would be barren on the bottom. He even ate a candy cane off it, little git.
    Do the volunteer thing…think of it as adventure! Just find out what safety precautions you should take.

    • Interesting. I never even thought about that. Maybe they did sense the rain coming. My ferret will even risk being harrassed by the dog to get near the tree. She loves to just walk around it and stare. Then of course she likes to get a drink from it too. How cute about your cat. Definitely makes it hard to keep decorations on it, doesn’t it? A candy cane? LOL.

      I’m seriously thinking about the volunteer thing. My inlaws have done some work in South America so I’m planning on talking to them over the holidays. It would definitely be an adventure. I’m sure I’d never forget it. There are groups that sponsor people to go over to help and they have all kinds of training available as well. They also have training on the precautions, cultural do’s and don’ts etc… so I’ll probably partake in the training so that I don’t end up doing something stupid. ; -)

  6. We had 2-3″ of snow today – it looked lovely out of the office windows but then I had to come home and shovel it. I just heard the weather person say that the “pavement” temperature did not get above 22 degrees today so everything is now frozen solid.

    Stepping in any sort of “doo-doo” in the dark would be most unpleasant!

    I will think good thoughts for you in regard to Chile.

    • It’s so pretty to look at. Great when you’re a kid but not so great when you have to shovel, scrape and drive in the stuff.

      Yes, and both my husband and I have had the unfortunate experience of just that. Luckily these events are few and far between.

      Thanks for the good thoughts!

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