One Week to Christmas!

 It will be another weekend of baking.  I’m looking forward to trying Kim’s walnut recipe as well as the home-made cranberry sauce.  Yum!  Margie also had posted a Grand Marnier Truffle recipe that will be made in time for New Years Eve.  I will say one thing about blogging, although I’m not big on cooking, all the recipes that have been posted the past couple of months may make a cook out of me yet!  Hubby may have some stiff competition.  😉  Of course right now he is wondering, ‘where is my wife and what have you done with her?’

Last night I attended a cookie swap at the home of an acquaintance.  With cookies in tow I made my way to the door.  The host and her mother answered.  I was introduced to a few others in attendance.  The host is the same person who had told me about the association she belongs to for people who can trace their lineage back to the Revolutionary War.  I decided last night that I did not want to join this group.  Here is why.  The conversation throughout the night by several individuals tended to be all about who they were related to and what hall was named after Grandpa so & so who did such & such toward the forwarding and advancement for blah, blah, blah.  Many could trace both sides of their families back to that era. 

While I do have one relative from that era I guess I just don’t see what the big deal is.   I didn’t fight the damn war at the time and neither did they.  Although it is interesting to know one’s family history I certainly wouldn’t wear it like the congressional medal of honor.   Its like taking credit for a job you didn’t do.  I just don’t get it.  After about 10 minutes I was ready to pack up my cookies and head home.  There’s only so much of one’s blue blood family history one can take, especially from a veritable stranger.  I was tempted to let them know that the food court at M.I.T. was named after a relative of mine and I’m proud because we all enjoy cafeteria food so so much.  

I did manage to sit by a very friendly girl and enjoyed chatting with her.  I really do need to get out more.  After about another 45 minutes or so, and hearing about how another’s 3-year-old wanted diamond earrings for Christmas, I decided to make a break for it.   Although I wasn’t uncomfortable with the surroundings I was somewhat bored and obviously annoyed.  It’s just a different life. 

Well Hubby comes home today!  We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate and I’m hoping we’ll close the office a little early today (fingers crossed).  Its grown quite chilly here.  The temp says 56 degrees outside.  This morning was wonderfully and beautifully foggy with the rising sun filtering in.  It just feels like Christmas.  The animals were well-behaved and while the Weasely One slept in this morning, Abby and I enjoyed a good game of fetch in the kitchen before I headed off to work. 

In addition to baking this weekend, I have a new appetizer recipe to post here regarding cranberries for December’s Bake Quest.  I hope you’ll all enjoy it.  🙂

18 thoughts on “One Week to Christmas!

  1. I feel very sorry for somebody who tries his or her best to be pretentious and pompous.

    Those cookies looks delicious. I’m sure your hubby is one happy man! 😉
    Keep cooking!

    • Yeah, I didn’t get it. It seems like it would take too much time and effort to put on airs.

      Hubby was very happy this weekend. I baked a ton of cookies and filled 15 tins for gifts. We still have leftovers even after that. 🙂

  2. I agree about the revolutionary war hullabaloo – yawn! I used to date a guy who fancied himself a blue blood. Yawn, yawn, yawn, and it was hogwash (a lie) anyway. You get some people over here who think they are above others and lord it around in Landrovers with their greyhounds and expensive tea sets. Creak creak…I hear a rusty old hinge of a door that has already shut on whether that gets anyone anywhere these days. I love that you get annoyed and wanted to leave. Five days from today! I am excited, I want to see Masha’s face when he opens his gifts. I am going to bake a pineapple upside down cake! Not your typical British Christmas pudding.

    • I kept watching the clock that night. The conversation went from who their relatives were to what celebrities they were going to have speaking at their next conference. What bugged me the most is that it was all about them. I thought that they were a group of ladies with a common interest that got together to do community projects and the like. Not so. I’ve got other things to do besides drink champagne while discussing long dead relatives. There are so many opportunities to make a difference in someone else’s life. A concept I’m afraid is long lost on these women. Imagine that.

      Oh! Pineapple upsidedown cake! I’m sure Masha will love that. What a treat. I also have to wrap my husband’s gifts this week. Just have to make sure he is out. Everything is well hidden. 🙂 Hope you’ll post some pics of your cake and of Masha opening his gifts. Merry Christmas!

  3. Sometimes people get carried away. :/ You should ask about how your guest lives are going rather than talking all about yourself and your family.

  4. You totally had me fooled. I thought you were a super chef!

    I agree. That group is INCREDIBLY prententious. How boring.

    • Pretentious, that is a very good way to put it. Well done!

    • Ha ha! Thanks! I made about six different kinds of cookies on Saturday, plus Kim’s spiced walnuts. Hubby said I looked like a natural. 😉

      Yes, the cookie swap was disappointing. I really thought that their group would be more like a group of ladies who having the backgrounds in common, came together to do community work and projects. Unfortunately not the case.

  5. I think those people sound pretentious – I would not want to belong to a group like that either! Are those sugar cookies?

  6. I don’t think that you are going to miss muc by not joining the group. They sound very shallow to me.

  7. Not sure what was up them lately. Full moon? I’ve tried to give each of them some extra attention this week so we’ll see if that helps.

    Thanks! I’m sure I will enjoy them. I’ll let you know how they turn out. 🙂

  8. That must be so frustrating, coming home and finding evidence of the Weasely One’s antics…
    Hope you enjoy the nuts and the cranberry sauce.

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