Easing Into a New Year

This was taken two days after Christmas on a trip up to Flagstaff to see the snow.  Abby was very amused by the white stuff on the ground.  At times it was hard to spot her because she blended in so well with the environment.  Thank goodness for the red harness.  It had been a beautiful cold day there.  The very next day the Flagstaff area received two feet of snow.

It was back at it today.  Last night I laid in bed and could not fall asleep.  I’m afraid I’ve gotten quite used to staying up late and sleeping in a bit later than normal.  For some reason I decided to check out my Facebook friends on my phone.  Not sure why.  I seem to be short a few but after review I couldn’t think of who it was that ditched me. 

Today I’m shaking off the cobwebs.  I weighed myself which wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  I’m up 5 lbs but considering I’m still 20 lbs lighter than this time last year I’ll take it!  I started Phase 1 of the South Beach diet today and already I’m feeling a bit irritable.  This will pass.  My body is just going through butter, sugar, alcohol and burger withdrawal.  We just got a 5 Guys burger place that opened up recently in Phoenix and we went not once, but twice, for lunch.  Oh!  It was quite possibly the best burger I’ve ever tasted!  We had Chinese food at least three times as well.  And I wonder why my jeans are a bit snug.  Ugh.

I started to set a few resolutions but  I will admit that I feel overwhelmed with them and I’m not sure why.  Things that seem so amazing a month ago and that I was so gung-ho about now seem more like a burden.  Even the New Year seemed a bit overwhelming when in retrospect it is only a set amount of dates us humans created on a calendar to reflect the earth’s rotation around the sun.  What’s so big about that?   Anyways, one thing I really liked and am going to incorporate into my life was found on a bumper sticker: Bark less, wag more.  I saw that awhile back and it just stuck with me.  So there’s my New Year’s Resolution.  I have a few others too but for some reason they seem more like chores at the moment.  Best to stick with the basics for the time being. 

As a teenager I really detested this time of year.  There is this massive build-up to the holidays, school is out, and then -bam-   it’s over as quickly as it started.  Growing up in the northeast also meant that there were at least 3 to 4 months of winter weather ahead.  Not much to look forward to.  As an adult I’ve grown to appreciate the Christmas season for what it is.  There is no other time like it the rest of the year.  When else do we drag out the lights or old family recipes?  While some may argue that Christmas is too commercial, too busy, just plain too much,  I really think it is what you make it.  Sometimes I feel that things have really gone full circle and where I lost some of that ‘magic’ from youth during my teens & twenties, I’ve regained a different sight when gazing at a snow-covered field or into a Nativity scene.  If I can avoid the malls and some of the other hoopla then I’m left with that same sense of wonder.  While I’m still a little sad when the season has passed, I’m always happy to be reacquainted the following December with that same sense of magic that I’ve forgotten about in the eleven months past.

14 thoughts on “Easing Into a New Year

  1. I think Abby doesn’t mind a bit of snow, Monsoon. Looks like you all had some fun!

    It’s the melancholy. After all the work we had done over the holidays, it’s easy to get sick.

    Congratulations! you’ve done remarkably well with slimming down weight 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    • She absolutely loved the snow! My husband would throw snowballs to her and they would disintegrate in her mouth. She would then look around for it as if to say, where did it go?

      Melancholy seems to be a good word to describe it. Luckily though as the week progresses things are looking up.

      Well, thanks so much! I weighed myself this morning and was down 3 lbs (most likely fluids but I’ll take it!). 🙂

  2. When I went out running yesterday there were many more people running than usual. Then it hit me: resolutions. I’m so pleased to see people committed to getting healthier and enjoying the great weather and scenery out here. It looks cold there but maybe you can just enjoy walks in the snowy cold until Spring arrives!

    • That is great to see. I sometimes run at a track and will see whole families walking or running. What a great habit to get into.

      I actually live in Phoenix but was visiting Flagstaff. Its been chilly here but I know it can’t last long. 🙂

  3. Hey Monsoon, Happy New Year..just cruising before work..thanks for the good read..and LOVE the photo!! Abby sure does blend in..shes’s lovely..but where is feret? in your jacket maybe?..

    • Hi CC! And Happy New Year. Thanks for the visit. 🙂 My ferret actually stayed home that day. Funny you bring it up because I had placed her up on the bed to explore (its very fun to burrow in sheets when you are a ferret, btw) with intentions of moving her to her sleep sack before we left. Well, she fell asleep and I completely forgot to move her. I was so concerned she would try to jump off the bed by herself and break a bone. When we returned from Flagstaff she was standing in the kitchen unharmed. Thanks for the compliments on Abby. We almost lost her a few times that day. 🙂

  4. I think my new year’s resolution is not to feel gloomy and bad luck and talk to more ‎people just be a social butterfly and go out all the time :)‎
    Happy New Year monsoon for you and your husband hope you have a great year ‎full of happiness and love ;)‎

    • I think that is a great resolution Rima. Best of luck! It is easy to get stuck in a rut. Happy New Year to you too Rima. I hope this is your best year yet and that you are able to accomplish everything you’ve planned to do. 🙂

  5. Wintering in the southwest would do wonders for my wintertime blahs. I loved all the sunshine when I lived there.

    I’d love to have the kind of job and the money to travel to somewhere warm and sunny while it’s winter here.

    It’ll be over before I know it and then we’ll be concerned about the heat.

    • It would definitely be a great cure for the wintertime blahs. I don’t think I could ever move back east. I’m too used to the sunshine. My dream as well would be to stay here for the winter and then go back east for the summer.

      True, it will be warm again before we know it. 🙂

  6. I absolutely love Christmas – including all the hype and the crush in the stores. I love that everyone is mostly nice to each other. 🙂 I do miss my family and Australia at Christmas though but I’ve compensated by including others in my Christmas here.

    • That is great Emjay that you can find joy in those things. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. I miss it already. 😉

      I hear you about being away from your family. Mine is up in Boston so it is rare when I see them for Christmas.

  7. ” I really think it is what you make it.” Yep! FOr me one of the most important things is to not travel during the holiday period, or to travel with a long visit and a very nice place to stay so it will be peaceful and relaxing.
    Congrats on keeping the weight off! And the photo of Abby is beautiful – she is such a pretty dog!

    • So true about not traveling during that time of year. I love to just be at home. My family wants to do an all-inclusive vacation somewhere for next Christmas. Although it will be fun, I’d much rather be home.

      Thanks for the compliment on my weight. I’m hoping to lose another 20 before summer. My husband actually took that pic of Abby with his phone. I think some snow must’ve fallen out of a tree when the wind blew and it caught her attention. She is a pretty dog but she is probably the least feminine female dog I’ve ever had. LOL.

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