The Weasely One

Last night before going to bed I was cuddling with the  Weasely One, much to the chagrin of Abby.  I remembered the silly dream I had a month ago where the Weasely One came in to the tv room and announced that she wanted to see Santa.  I scooped her up in my arms and brought her into the livingroom where I still have a Santa door hanger.  There is a jingle bell on it which I shook a few times to get her attention.  She sniffed at it and then lost interest.  Something lately has seemed off with the Weasely One.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  She is eating and drinking fine, nothing’s been wrong in the litter box department either.  She, however, is getting old.  She is seven and will be eight in May.  That is elderly for a ferret. 

This morning I heard her nails on the tile.  She came to my side of the bed about 5am and was shuffling through my magazines which she often does to get my attention.  I put my hand down and waved it around without even opening my eyes.  She apparently had given up and I could hear her nails start to tap on the floor as she headed towards the vicinity of the bathroom.

I got up at the normal 6:30 am, made coffee, let the dog out for a bit.  Then I got ready for work as usual.  I noticed the Weasely One wasn’t in her little sleep sack.  I shut her into my bedroom while away so Abby doesn’t harass her.  Nothing like being goosed so hard by a dog nose that it causes ones rear quarters to become airborne.  I checked out the closet and there she was, sound asleep in a pile of t-shirts.  My first thought was great, all those are going to permanently stink of ferret.  I called her name and she didn’t wake up.  I lifted her up out of the pile when she gasped and went limp.  What the heck was happening???  Her eyes were little slits and her head just rolled to one side.  She did not respond or seem to be aware that I was there.  My first thought was that she was dying. 

I called the vet who luckily was working today.  I called my Boss next, who was very understanding when I said I needed to take the day off.  We drove straight to the vets.  I stayed remarkable calm although I was in tears the whole way.  Before leaving the house I had remembered from when I had ferrets before that they sometimes go into a shock.  I was told at the time to take a little corn syrup  on my finger and wipe it on their gums.  I did this and at a few points during the drive her eyes opened a bit wider.  Her body remained limp.   

Upon arriving at the vet she was taken into the back.  I was placed in a little room.  The doctor eventually came out and told me that her blood sugar had dropped really low which is why she was unresponsive.  They started her on an IV drip of fluids and dextrose.  The vet seems to think that she has insulinoma which is really common in ferrets.  This can be fixed by surgery or controlled by medication.  Where she is old now I don’t know if it would be wise to put her through the surgery.  My goal for her is not to suffer.  I can think of a million selfish reasons to keep her alive as long as possible but I won’t let her suffer.   She also has some kind of a growth on one of her kidneys.

She is still at the vets.  I’m not sure if they’ll keep her overnight or not.  I called to check in about 2pm and was told that she was stabilized and eating on her own.  It hit me later on that when she came by the bed this morning and was trying to get my attention she was probably hungry.  She is the type of ferret that will only eat out of a full bowl.  I think she would much rather starve than eat from a bowl only half full.  She is a princess after all. 

I’m hoping to hear from the vets soon so I’ll be able to pick her up and bring her home.  At home she’ll have lots of snuggles, kisses and scritches under the chin.  I will place a full bowl on the floor as well as the one in her cage so that she’s not too far from a meal where ever she is.  She’ll also be treated to turkey baby food which she loves.   

Its been a tiring day.  I hope my little baby is okay.

11 thoughts on “The Weasely One

  1. I bet the corn syrup saved her life. I’ll be thinking googd thoughts for all of you.

    Take care and lots of hugs.

  2. Abby It is not defeated at the sickness.

  3. Oh no!! That’s so frightening! I’m sorry. 😦 I hope she gets well!

  4. elizabethfrank123

    So sorry that this has happened to your lovely pet 😦 I hope that she will recover soon and be back home with you and the family.
    Give my love to her! 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear Weasely’s illness. I wish her a speedy, comfortable long lasting recovery.
    Our pets are our family. I pray there is continual improvement.

  6. Poor wee one – I hope she gets better soon. It is very hard when they get old and frail – our furry ones – and heart breaking. I understand about wanting to keep her alive as long as possible.
    Keep us updated!

  7. Oh poor baby! I feel for you. It’s so hard, having pets. I’ll keep T.W.O. in my thoughts…

  8. Oh, I hope she is ok monsoon. So sad when our babies get sick, no matter what kind of babies they are!

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