The Weasely One did stay overnight at the vets.  The vet called me this morning and told me that he had okay news.  It wasn’t great but better.  She seems to be doing well with the fluids and all, and is eating on her own.  The vet asked me if I had noticed any hind leg weakness lately.  I did notice that when she is walking that sometimes her hind legs slide a bit however, we do have tile throughout the house so I assumed it was more of a traction issue.  As of right now she has not regained the strength in her hind legs.  It’s so hard to believe that just the night before last that Abby was chasing her through the livingroom.  It happened so fast.  I’m trying to remain hopeful.  She had a seizure a little over  a year ago and had lost some of her mobility in her hind quarters.  It did come back though within a few days.  The vet seems to think that the prednisone will help that.  Gosh, I hope so.  In addition to this the vet did an ultrasound that showed a fluid filled sack around one of her kidneys.  He seems to think that only one of her kidneys is functioning properly. 

I came to work today.  Luckily there are no clients scheduled to come in so I can basically sit at my desk and work without interruption or embarrassment if I need to cry.    I knew all those Dunkin Donuts napkins I’ve been squirreling away in the desk drawer may come in handy.  Anyways, I’m trying to remain positive despite the fact that my heart feels like it is breaking into a million pieces.  I hope the next post is more positive.

18 thoughts on “Prognosis

  1. Oh no!! I know that feeling – when a weasel’s so old you feel happy to squeeze out just a little more time, as long as it’s not costing them.

    May you get to eke out a few more nooks, and another weasel wardance or three yet, O Weaselly One.

    • Thanks for stopping by LOM! I lost 3 of them in 2003 which was awful. It is not a good feeling at all. But the good news is that she is doing better. It is a blessing that I’ve had her this long (she’ll be 8 in May) but I don’t think we are ever prepared to say goodbye.

  2. Here is hoping, that the weaselly one gets well soon. I know you are upset…I would be as well. At least you love your creatures and will take them to the doc – some people do not.

  3. I’m so sorry The Weasely One has been so ill. I’ll go read your previous post for more details. You and The Weasely One will definitely be in my thoughts. Pushing kind and warm thoughts your way.

    Take care.

  4. Stay Strong! Remember, she can sense your negative feelings. You need to prepare yourself mentally and put on a positive attitude. I am SO sorry ….it’s so heartbreaking. But don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith.

  5. I’m so sorry. 😦 I hope she gets well! Hang in there!

  6. ooooh no. your sweet ferret is lucky to have somene so caring!!!I too hope your next post is more positive! Also good to know you have a vet that seems to know ferrets….

  7. Oh god. Fingers crossed…

  8. Oh no! I’m so sorry to read this and the previous post. The poor little weasel and poor you. I hope that she rallies and that things turn out ok.

  9. elizabethfrank123

    Keep strong, have a positive mental attitude and she’ll come home safe and sound soon enough I’m sure

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