Decisions, Decisions

There comes a point in each woman’s life where she must make decisions for herself and herself only.  While I must decide on a daily basis what direction to go in when dealing with clients or what one may have for dinner in our household, I took some today to figure out something I want for myself.

My 43rd birthday is fewer than three months away.  I’ve come up with the executive decision that I will have red velvet cupcakes.  If anyone sees my husband, please let him know, okay?  Then remind him consistently between now and the 21st of April.  Thanks.

22 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Ohh major decision 😛 Will he then bake them for you? Or chose the easy way out?

  2. I love red velvet anything. Eat those cupcakes and share some with the household. That’ll take care of any complaints.

    • There is a Sonic restaurant that I pass on the way home from work and they are advertising in neon right now their monthly special which is Red Velvet Cheesecake blast. I think this translates into all that yumminess mixed into the ice cream of your choice. Oh, the temptation!

      Yes, I’ll be sharing with the rest of the household (maybe). 😉

  3. That should be an easy thing for your hubby to get. I made some red velvet cupcakes to take up to my grandsons…what a mess. My daughter had white carpet in her familyroom and the boys had red velvet crumbs all over the place…lol

    I think you should push hubby for a more stunning gift…diamonds are a girls best friend.

    • Sounds like the boys really got into their food! 🙂 I mentioned last night that I would like the red velvet cupcakes for my birthday and hubby said, ‘you don’t expect me to make them, do you?’ I said, no. You can get them at a bakery. He then breathed a sigh of relief.

      Funny you should mention diamonds. They are my birth stone. Also, we have a landmark wedding anniversary coming up in April (5 years) and I had mentioned last year that I would like an anniversary band to mark the occasion. We’ll see.

  4. OMG! I had seen these red little cupcakes in the display case at Starbucks last week. They look so beautiful and delicious. 😉

    You made a very nice choice!

  5. Exellent choice!! Is that cream cheese frosting?? I love cream cheese frosting.

  6. I had never heard of a red velvet cake until I came to live in the US. A couple of years in I asked a work friend to please make me one for my birthday! It was really lovely – though I haven’t had one since. Perhaps this is my year for another one……

    • They are sooo good, aren’t they? We have a bakery nearby that makes the most amazing cupcakes. I’m thinking thats where I’ll go. They seem to be the trend now. I bet there are some good bakeries in D.C. that would have them. 🙂

  7. Perfect! XD Now that’s a very important decision for a very important person. 😉

  8. I second your decision on that! I love red velvet. Have you ever watched Cupcake Wars? It’s the ultimate in silly tv but a good alternative to cable news. 😉

    Happy (what’s the opposite of belated?) Birthday!

    • Hi Emmy, thanks for stopping by! I had my first red velvet cupcake a few months ago and I’m hooked. Is Cupcake Wars the show with the two ladies (I think they may be sisters)and they’re always making different cupcake creations?

      And thanks for the early birthday wishes. 😉

      • Gosh that sounds familiar. We watch so many British cooking shows as well. Cupcake wars is relatively new but interesting as well!


        Of course it’s FN so there’s tons of popups and it takes forever to load, just to warn you. The show introduces the competitors at the beginning and I pay close attention in case any of their bake shops are in Massachusetts!

        • I will check that out next. We are always watching either FN or The Travel Channel to see if there is anything local, too. We ate at a breakfast place here that Guy Fiori had been to and it was great.

          I grew up in the Boston area so my ears will often perk up if I see or hear of a place that they are highlighting. I saw online today a place in Boston called Craigie’s On Main. I guess they are supposed to have wonderful burgers.

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