So How Cold Was It?

This should give you an idea:

Apparently we have a leaky pipe outside which froze.  I had to do a double take when looking at this.  I couldn’t believe there was actual ice here!  This should be the last of it though because warmer temps are predicted over the weekend.  Thank goodness!  I’m just not accustomed to this anymore.

22 thoughts on “So How Cold Was It?

  1. geocacherinkerstin

    lovely shots but brrr…. today we had sun-it was so good for the soul….I miss the summer…I think the winter stops by here again 😦

  2. Stuff is frozen solid here too. Here’s hoping you get a nice thaw this week!

    • Later on in the day I went out and the ice was gone. Nothing has frozen since so I hope the worst of it is over. Thats just too much. I can’t complain though. My Mom said it rained there on top of all that snow. You all must be so sick of it by now.

      • Pretty sick of it, yeah. LOL. Actually this is not at all the worst winter, it’s harder when there’s lots of freezing rain or even worse, a crappy summer. One year every summer day was 60F or below. That was not fun.

  3. We have a huge clump of ice under our downpipe – snow and ice on our flat roof has been melting for weeks and where it dribbles out the downpipe is on the shady side of the house.

  4. i miss the warm weather 😦

  5. I hope it didn’t leak because it froze… we’ve been nervous wrecks the past couple of nights for that very reason.

    • No, according to my husband it had been leaking for awhile (why it hasn’t been fixed earlier is one of those great unknown mysteries). I suppose that actually could have kept it from freezing up. I can completely understand your concern. Its warmer here today (close to 70) so I hope it has warmed up a bit there too.

  6. Wow…La Nina is strong this year!

  7. I can’t imagine it being THAT cold in Phoenix.

  8. Last night my Dad was telling me it was 22 degrees down in Texas. :S

    • Yes, it seems that places that don’t usually get cold are really getting hit. I deal with an office in Texas and they had to close down for a few days last week because they had about 6 inches of snow on the ground which is unheard of in their area (San Antonio).

  9. Boy it was been so cold here 7 the last two mornings…one of our drip systems blew yeserday and Don spent this afternoon at our place in Benson repairing broken pipes.

  10. It must have been beautiful despite the cold. My husband has always told me that it is always the coldest a few minutes before dawn. I’m thinking there is some truth to that. We will walk the dog very early in the morning on weekends and it seems like the temps actually drop a bit right before sunrise. I thought it was just me. 😉

  11. Hehehe reminds me again of our visit at Bryce Canyon. My friend wanted to watch the sun rise over the canyon. So we got up very early and started freezing like hell the second we got out of the tent. My friend was all “oh it’s just because we are still tired”. And I told her that we were having temperature below freezing point. I could tell by the tip of my nose. When it hurts it’s colder then -5C/23F.
    She only started believing me when we got into the car. Thankfully it warmed up the second the sun was peeking over the edge of the canyon. Until we were done we started sweating again LOL

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