Days of Warmth, Weasels and Will Power

The cold snap seems to have left us for now.  Temps over the weekend gradually increased which was great.  The temp on my computer reads  69 F.  I’ll take it!  Last week I only left the house to go to work.  I did not go to the gym or anywhere else.  I was just too darn cold!  When the ice formed on the side of the house I did a double-take.  I’ve never seen ice here.  Sure, some chilly mornings there may have been frost on the windshield but nothing like this.  A lot of people in this area have running fountains in their yards.  These froze over too creating icicles off the sides.  A client of mine told me she had people stopping in front of her house to take pictures of her frozen fountain.  In her 50 years here she had never seen anything like it.

The Weasel seems to be doing better.  She constantly amazes me with her sheer will.  Having a beloved pet is somewhat like having a child I’ve heard, accept you watch them grow up and get old before you do.  Her hind legs some days seem to want to give out and other days she gets around just fine.  Last week while making my lunch in the kitchen she came in to explore.  I could tell she was having a bit of difficulty this day with her hind legs.  They would stretch out behind her as she walked.  Yet this didn’t stop her from exploring.  Keep in mind that she in now completely blind.  She could feel the cool wrought iron of the wine rack and the smoothness of the bottle within it’s holdings.  Her whiskers guided her around the base boards.  I kept thinking that any minute now she would head back to her sleep area but no.  She had too much to do.  She even chased the dog out of the kitchen!  Not too shabby. 

The Weasel 'Watering Hole' - aka: The Shower

Yesterday she hoisted herself into the shower stall to get a drink when I was done in there.  Then she poked around the bathroom cabinets trying to find her way in.  Let me tell you, I stand in awe of this animal.  With everything she has gone through she shouldn’t still be here among us, but she is.  She is such a little fighter.

Lately I’ve been really making an effort to cook for myself at night.  Hubby sometimes will work nights so I had gotten into the rut of preparing a can of soup or something else equally easy but boring.  Its been a bit of a challenge.  I’m more into baking things.  I did some of that, too.  I had a recipe for these oat muffins too, where you soak the oats in buttermilk.  These made a great healthy breakfast last week.  This week I’m trying my hand at baked sweet potato chips.  Its been kind of fun to search for different ingredients at the grocery store  and to try more things.  In some ways I feel like by doing this I’m really taking care of myself.  It’s like a gift I give myself.  Every day I go to the website and record what I eat.  I love to see the report at the end of the day and I’m constantly fine tuning it.  One of my new favorites is Greek yogurt.  It has such a creamy texture.  I mix it in with kiwi and some artificial sweetener. 

This week I’m going meatless for dinner and have been eating Morningstar Farm’s black bean burger.  It’s actually pretty good.  If nothing else this new eating regime has gotten me to expand my menu.  That’s never a bad thing. 

Bootcamp was supposed to begin this past Saturday but when I called last week to sign up they told me that the class had been canceled.  Bummer.  In some ways I was relieved though because Saturday was still pretty chilly and the class is outdoors.  I’ve become a big wimp when it comes to chilly weather.

Well, I’m off to give a data base class.  Hope you are all having a great week so far!

30 thoughts on “Days of Warmth, Weasels and Will Power

  1. And poor wee one. Bless. I wish the best for you and the weaselly one. I look at the buns and htink, OMG, they only live 10 years tops, most of them, though who knows with VUvuzella. How very sad. And 3 legged Cassie with all her tummy troubles lately, will surely not grow very old.

    • Thanks much. I know, it is so sad when they get old. I guess the best thing we can do is to love them and make sure they have all that they need.

      My little one gets so much attention these days that I think the poor dog has started to feel neglected.

  2. Well done making your own dinner when on your own, I know it’s tough. Sweet potato chips, yummy! I also make sweet potato fries.
    I love Greek yoghurt! I only just discovered it upon moving here because they other style is too runny over here. I dip all sorts of things into it and even pile it on top of chilli.
    When the husband goes out of town for training (green engineer), I always make a big pot of chilli and eat it for four days in a row. I love it and he hates it. I even love white bean chilli with chicken (no tomato) though it is really glorified bean soup.

    • Thanks. Its actually been fun figuring out a menu. I’ve only made simple stuff so that its easier to heat up during the week but its still better than anything out of a can.

      Isn’t Greek yogurt the best? I also just discovered it. That texture is so amazing. I bet theres lots that can be done with it. Its nice to enjoy the foods you like when your other half is away. White bean chili with chicken sounds amazing.

  3. Sweet potato chips sound great. I’ve also cut sweet potato fries and roasted them in the oven with kosher salt, olive oil, and pepper. Yum!

    • Yum Peter! I love sweet potatos all around. I made the chips last night with some Italian seasonings, salt, pepper and olive oil. I think I could have eaten the entire batch in one sitting.

  4. Beautiful critter, it is so hard when our pets get older, but it looks like you give them a great home.

    I love morningstar burgers, they are one of the first veggie burgers I tried, and the protein in the bean ones is great.

    • Thank you Emmy. She is really an amazing animal. I love to spoil her rotten. 🙂

      Those burgers are quite good. I really do enjoy the bean ones with a little spicy mustard. Yum.

  5. Major admiration that you can be bothered. I had a short period when I could talk myself into stand in the kitchen and cook. Though since the earliest I have come home now for long periods of time was 7 pm …. there was just not energy left.
    I’d rather pass out on the couch then using 3/4 or an hour on food. LOL I need a cook and a house cleaner when I grow up 😀

    • I hear you! What I do is prepare everything at the beginning of the week so that when I get home its just a matter of warming things up. I don’t think I could make something new every night. If I had to I’d probably starve. LOL.

  6. It was frigid here today and now it’s snowing – hopefully just sweepable not shovel-able!

    I love Greek yogurt – I have it for lunch everyday. I eat the plain sort – guaranteed never to be stolen from the office fridge! LOL.

    I’m so glad that the little weasel is still so inquisitive.

    • It sounds like a warm up is coming for most. I hope it makes it to your area and it will melt some of that snow.

      Greek yogurt is awesome. I just started eating it after my Mom had said how much she liked it. I also eat the plain with fruit. Yes, by itself you won’t have to worry about too many people swiping it.

      Thanks for the well wishes on my little one. She has been doing great (knock on wood).

  7. Great news on the Weasely one!!!

    I have nothing against soups, but, I think cooking and preparing them oneself makes them much much better. I’m a fan of doing a crockpot meal, so I can have a serving and then hopefully eat it later, or have someone else eat it later.

    Cold, no fun…No fun at all.

    • Thanks MG! I have to agree with you there on the homemade being so much better than canned. I should really take my crockpot out and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the idea.

      Yes, it was way too cold here. It should hit 80 though by Monday. Yay!

  8. I am glad to hear weasel is getting better everyday!

    I want to congratulate you on quitting soups or other junk food, that’s wonderful! It’s hard breaking the cycle, but it can be achieved.

    Greek yogurt is seriously delicious. I eat it every day for breakfast or a protein boost. I just add bananas and berries. OMG, I can’t describe the deliciousness.

    • Thanks Zoom. She pulled all of the plastic bags out of the pantry closet yesterday which I was happy to see her do. She loves the crinkle sound they make and its been a very long time since she’s done that.

      I feel so much better with this new eating plan. OMGosh, Greek yogurt is like a mouth full of creamy wonderfulness. Its awesome.

  9. elizabethfrank123

    Lovely to hear how the weasely one is getting on and so good to hear that she still has the same love of life! haha
    The experimenting with your diet is cool, I’m so fussy when it comes to food!

  10. Our weasely ones are such astounding creatures, aren’t they? I’m so looking forward to the end of our cold snap. It is freezing here now, but the weekend forecast says “50’s.” Woot!

    • They really are. I could take a lesson or two I think. Glad you’re going to have a bit of a warm up. Hope it will help melt some of the snow you’ve gotten lately. You’ve had quite the winter there (and here I am complaining over a little bit of ice).

  11. I need to cook for myself, too. That’s great that you’re eating healthy. 🙂 I need to follow your lead, but peanut butter sandwiches seem to be my thing lately. XD

    • OH, I love peanut butter sandwiches! OR just peanut butter in general. Its a great source of protein and healthy fats. I just switched over to the natural kind that is basically only peanuts and salt. Almond butter is really yummy, too if you ever need to switch it up. Its supposed to be better for you than peanut butter.

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention the Weaselly One!!! She is AMAZING!! I think she really enjoys life.

  13. Oh.. I’m just sooo HAPPY to see the weezzie!!!!!
    she’s still with us :-)!!! Regarding your friend.. stuff happens, as Tony just said to me.. and material things are the lest.. Although I do know how you feel.. been there-done that..As you know- she wants to spend the time with you and she’s in the position to help.. great that she has a good heart! (like attracts like)and I’m sure she knows you will reciprocate when and if you can. Have a good evening, CC

    • CC! Hi! So nice to see you here. Yes, my little weasely one is doing so much better, thank goodness!

      My friend did go and get her massage this past weekend. I was really happy that she went through with it without my being there. I probably worried too much about it but it all worked out in the end.

  14. I have so much more energy when it’s warmer. I do not like getting out in the cold either.

    Hang in there, it’ll be way hot before you know it.

    • I think the cold just makes us want to hibernate. I really can’t complain. Cold weather will never last for long here while most parts of the country have it so bad weather-wise.

  15. So glad to hear that T.W.O. still is full of vinegar! Congrats on making better meals for yourself. It’s hard to cook for one person.

    • Thanks Kim. It truly is amazing how far she’s come in one month. She has a check up in another week so I’m sure the vet will be happy, too.

      It is hard to cook for one person but I’m thoroughly am enjoying the challenge of it. I feel better too.

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