Something I Treated Myself To

After finding a dress I liked in a catalog back in the Fall and holding onto that catalog for the right time to come, I finally ordered the dress.  I initially envisioned it being paired up with black boots and tights.  I may only now be able to wear it for a month or so before it gets too warm (and then paired up with sandals and no tights  –it’s an Arizona thing) but I’ll be happy to manage just that.

23 thoughts on “Something I Treated Myself To

  1. Gorgeous! I hope someone will take a picture of you wearing it?

  2. Love the dress – and that’s exactly what I do with catalogs too. I “read” them as though they are expensive magazines LOL. I dog-ear the pages of things I like and come back to them time & time again….

  3. geocacherinkerstin

    how pretty-I love this dress-you need some sparkling earrings or so….perhaps in red or black!

  4. It’s been so many years since I’ve had a dress on, I would probably feel naked! lol

    I like this one though. Nice choice!

  5. I’m usually not much of a dress girl but I love, love, love this! And you are gonna rock it : ).

  6. I love it! You need some red sandals or even boots, how cool would that be?

  7. It looks lovely! That’s something I could imagine wearing too. Jersey dress?
    (to not blow my own trumpet but I think those wristlets will be perfect together with that 😀 )

  8. Oooooooo….what kind of fabric?? Is it comfortable?? Very pretty.

  9. it is so beautiful, I really love it, so pretty and elegant.

  10. Ooh, very pretty. Love the patterns. My boyfriend wonders how I can wear a skirt during the winter – I tell him if I layer it, and wear stockings, it’s warmer than shirt / pant outfits by far.

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