22 thoughts on “Look What Arrived From Norway Today!

  1. They’re really beautiful. I like the solid white. Very pretty!!

    You would not believe our very weird weather. Just a week ago we had our coldest day this winter. It was several degrees below zero. Today it got up to 74 degrees. I didn’t get to enjoy it. I was stuck inside a work all day, but still, it feels good knowing it got that warm. BTW…it’s not even normal to get that warm in Feb.

  2. Those are sooo pretty and adorable!
    Wristlets are so convenient to bring along wherever you go. Super cute!

  3. Oh they are so pretty! There’s a storm coming in soon, you’ll be getting it.

  4. geocacherinkerstin

    Hooray-finally the wristlet by you…hooray! There are very very pretty 🙂

  5. I am curious – what are they?

    • Hi Piglet, they are called wristlets. They are like gloves but without the fingers. Irony On High Heels makes them. Several of us on here have bought them from her. 🙂

  6. How lovely! And not taking four weeks, something to be said. I think the problem with mailing from UK is both sides of the pond.

    • She really did a nice job on them. They are so pretty and delicate looking. Do you think maybe the time shipping had taken could have been due to all the storms here? I know everything pretty much shuts down when in transit.

  7. Yoohooo! And it didn’t take 4 weeks either! Well if there shouldn’t be many cold spells in the nearer future – I am sure we can count on next year 😛

    Had to laugh of the very strategic positioning of the card 😀

    • Its supposed to get chilly towards the end of the week so I may have an opportunity then. If not then next year. 🙂

      LOL at the strategic positioning! I actually realized after taking the pic that my business card was in plain view with my real name and address on it. I had to crop the pic before posting. 😉

  8. Those are the ones with the awesome buttons!! I’m so jealous!

  9. Ooh, pretty! Par avion – love the butterfly stamp too.

  10. I love the ones Irony did for me.. I wouldn’t be able to trust myself with white/ivory though! 🙂

    • Yes, I’m going to have to be very careful with them, especially when drinking coffee. We have such a short winter here so they won’t have too much of an opportunity to get too dirty luckily. 🙂

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