My Other Half…

While I’ve gotten away from posting personal pics lately I found this one of my husband yesterday while reviewing some pictures I had saved on my computer.   I like that it really captures the essence of who he is.  In less than two months we will celebrate 5 years of marriage.

He loves his dogs and as you can tell, they love him.  The little white one is of course our Abby and the other two belong to hubby’s parents.

26 thoughts on “My Other Half…

  1. What a handsome man you have!

  2. Great shot. And I agree with the other comments. You got you a fine lookin’ fellow! (Actually my first thought was “damn! he’s hot!”) You can tell Abby is closer to him than the others. And I fully understand the not really posting a bunch of personal pictures – other than my lil’ ones. Take care.

  3. geocacherinkerstin

    awee the shot is cute-I love dogs-the white one is very very cute.

  4. Happy 5th – he looks like a strappin’ guy, nice muscles!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I guess he does have nice muscles. All I know is that the man can consume the calories of a man twice his size and not gain a single pound. I should be so lucky. 😉

  5. What a great picture! He’s very handsome. And those dogs clearly worship him!

    • Thanks Kim. 🙂 The dogs just love him. Our Abby is more excited to see him when he comes in than she is to see me. I’m not always feeling the love from Abby when he’s around.

  6. I love this picture : )! One of the most important things to me was how a guy I was dating felt about animals. That was one of the many reasons that Lee was the one that stuck : ).

    • It definitely would be a deal maker or breaker for me too. Hubby’s Dad told me that when he was 13 that hubby asked him for a horse that hadn’t been broken in yet. Although his Dad was unsure about it he got him this wild horse. He was shocked to come home to find hubby laying on top of the horse within a day. I think he has a sixth sense with animals. It sounds like Lee does, too.

  7. Very De Niro-ish.

    • The Spanish De Niro. 😉

      • Yep! Although Italian and Spanish, not too far off. They don’t call it Latino for nuttin’. Which means dark and handsome.
        And my brother, who is part Native American (as am I) looks very De Niro.
        Funny, at work the women remark on my “exotic” facial features…when I tell them why I look unique they get perplexed. It’s like that never occurred to any one over here.

        • There is a man that owns a pizza place that we sometimes go to. He is right off the boat from Italy and he looks like he could be my husband’s twin brother. LOL.

          Yes, I suppose over there they wouldn’t quite guess that. They probably don’t see many Native Americans. Do you remember Iam Asbury of the group from the 90’s The Cult? He is Native American if I remember correctly.

  8. Damn, woman. He’s hot!

    • ROFLMAO! You crack me up. I’m just scrolling through the comments and then burst out laughing when I came to this one. When I first met him that was the first thing I said too! I didn’t give him my number right away because I thought he’d have a million women chasing him. Turns out I was right however the only one he chased after was me. Lucky me. 🙂

      • : D
        Recently a new friend asked me how Masha and I met. I usually leave out the part where I was very unhappily married, hiding in a foreign country, and that we met on vox when I explain. I say I was over here on holiday. (how did you meet? where? then ensues and I have to say, in the airport!)But when we met in person, om…it only took one look (we were just supposed to have a beer in a pub and maybe then part ways). I never stayed in that hotel room I booked. (hussy)

  9. I understand the need of keeping private pictures to a limit, but I am with Elizabeth on this one – nice to be able to put a face to the man.
    Very congenially looking man 😉
    Happy anniversary!!

  10. Monsoon, what a sweet post to your lovely husband! doggies clearly loves to be next to their master and Abby just looks so happy don’cha think?? 🙂
    It’s so adorable to see the link between dog and human.
    It was nice to meet your Husband.

    • Abby just loves her daddy. She is just beside herself in excitement when he gets home. I don’t get nearly that warm of a welcome from her. Glad you got to meet my guy. 🙂

  11. elizabethfrank123

    This is a great picture 🙂 I can finally put a face to the name!

    • I liked this one too. I think it was taken around this past Thanksgiving. We sat at that table in the background. So now you can see who I’m talking about when I mention the hubby. 😉

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