Friday, in a nutshell


I for one am happy that it is Friday.  The week did go by pretty fast though which is always a good thing.  Now if we could only get the weekends to pass a little more slowly. 

Low Class

Today I tried to sign up for a Personal Finance class and yet again this class is canceled due to low or zero enrollment.  So now this is 2 for 2.  What is up?  Are people not signing up for classes anymore?  I’d think this would be an important one right now.  Anyways, there are two other classes on the same topic in a different location that start at the end of March.  Surely someone will sign up by then.  Hopefully.  So much for personal enrichment!

Weasel Update

The Weasel goes to the vet tomorrow.  Again I stand in amazement of her recovery.  I think she may even be getting some of her eyesight back.  The other night I could tell that something on the kitchen floor had gotten her attention.  When I went to inspect I discovered that she had caught a beetle and was eating it.  I’m not sure if she saw its movement or maybe she heard it as her other senses may be making up for the lack of eyesight.  Last night I picked her up and moved a shiny piece of jewelry in front of her face.  She seem to follow it.  Gosh, I hope she is at least getting some of it back.  We’ll see what the vet says tomorrow. 

Let’s Make It Rain!

We are expecting rain all weekend.  Hooray!  Outside the sky is clouding up with thicker gray clouds moving in from over the horizon.  In a place that only sees rain about 14 days out of any given year, this is a good thing.  Any desert dweller will tell you the same thing.  Here is what we do in the rain:

  • Walk, never run.
  • Wonder where the heck we placed that umbrella thingy.
  • Cancel any appointments because it is just too treacherous to drive.
  • Sit and listen to the sound of it hitting the Spanish tiles on the roof  –it makes such a wonderful sound.
  • Watch the birds play and the palms sway from the safety of the kitchen window.
  • Thank God for the free car wash because everything outside here is usually coated with a fine layer of dust at all times.
  • Forget where the wiper switch is on the car because they are seldom used.
  • Realize that the wiper blades need to be replaced because the sun has long since destroyed them.  Also recall that the last time it rained (6 months ago) that you said you needed to replace them before it rained again.
  • Grab a good book or magazine and spend the day inside.

An Arizona State of Mind

 We are in the midst of planning a couple of weekend getaways.  One place we’ve never been to together despite its close proximity, is the Grand Canyon.  We found somewhat of an all-inclusive that includes a train ride to the Canyon as well as hotel stay and a few meals.  This will be to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  Friends of ours have wanted to see Monument Valley before they move out-of-state so we have been trying to coordinate plans to go.  This time I will have a much better camera.  Speaking of Monument Valley, I happen to be perusing through the latest issue of Arizona Highways magazine and lo and behold there was an article on no one other than Susie, the 90-year-old Navajo woman I met last summer while visiting.  Apparently she had been in several old westerns and even had her picture used on a snack food bag that came in a southwest flavor.  The article detailed her life.  It was quite amazing.  Here is a shot from last summer:

Running With The Nuns – Take 2

On the fitness front, Athletica and I are running another race in a few weeks called The Nun Run.  We were supposed to do this last year but just never got around to signing up.  I don’t think I would have been in any shape to even think of running this then.  Right now I am 1.5 lbs away from having lost 30 lbs this past year.  Wow.  A whole year may seem slow but this wasn’t so much a diet I’m doing as much as it is a lifestyle change.  

High Yield vs. Low Yield – Who Knew?

We had a minor hiccup at work this week.  The main printer I use seems to be on the blink.  We’ve had it serviced now three times in the past couple of months.  I noticed that we seem to be going through an awful lot of toner the past month or so.  I do massive amounts of printing but it still shouldn’t be running out at the rate is has been.  So yesterday ladies and gentleman, I learned the difference between low yield and high yield toners.  I switched toner suppliers because of the great price they could give us over the old supplier.  Little did I know that we were only receiving less than half of what we were getting thus costing us more in the long run.  So now we are back to using the old supplier.  Unfortunately in my ignorance I thought we had plenty of time with the cartridge that had just been installed.  Not so.  Luckily the old supplier has offered to drop one off at my place of business.  I am at a stand-still without this printer working.

And finally I leave you with a picture of Pee-Wee Herman for no other reason than I like Pee-Wee Herman.  Have a nice weekend all.  😉

24 thoughts on “Friday, in a nutshell

  1. wonderful list! isn’t it funny when you read someone elses list you have a little smile when one or some of those things make you happy too.:)

    I love pee-wee Herman too! pee-wee’s big adventure is one of the funniest movies of all time.

    • Thanks Zoom! Pee-Wee was my favorite. I saw the movie while in Cape Cod when I was 16 years old. I laughed til I cried. I also liked the Saturday morning show ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.’ Samuel L. Jackson played the cowboy.

  2. LOL – I love the list of things you do in the rain. I’m sure you will love the Grand Canyon; I’m glad the weasel is doing so well; LOL about the copier photo – I recently had one of the guys in our office bring me a big plastic piece and say “I think I broke the copier” 🙂

    • Emjay, that is hilarious about the copier!

      I was at the Grand Canyon years ago and wished I had stayed longer. Have you been? The weasel is doing so great. The vet gave her a clean bill of health this weekend so it was wonderful news.

  3. Thanks for giving me a new appreciation of rain : )! I usually whine about it, since we get it here at least once a week and it usually decides to visit during the morning or evening commute. Hope you had a wonderful rainy weekend!

    • Oh good, I’m glad. 🙂 I remember from living in Boston that it would rain at least once or twice a week. We were like the Seattle of the east.

      I did have a great weekend. I hope you did too. Sounds like you had a bit of a thaw.

  4. My son and I took a trek out west and the GC is one of the places we visited. We stayed there 3 days and it was amazing. Sounds like a great trip for you. So glad you are going! Be wary at night of coyotes crossing the road. They get hit by cars, very sad.
    I like the desert state of mind – the opposite here. If we never went anywhere because of rain we would never leave the house! LOL!
    Rain here all weekend too – and cold. Blech. When I read your blog, I can feel the sun shining on my skin. : )

    • It is so amazing up that way. I was there briefly about 8 or 9 years ago so am looking forward to seeing it again. I hear you on looking out for the wild life. Back before I met hubby I was driving up north to meet some friends that were camping. It was pitch black out with no moon. I was driving down this dirt road trying to find them and I literally drove through a giant herd of elk. I drove slow and they parted way to let me care through. It was a pretty neat experience.

      Yes, I suppose you’d be pretty housebound if you made the decision to never leave there when it rained, huh? 😉 Back east was like that too.

      I’m so glad you can feel the sun onyour face when you come here to read. I’m sending more sun-shiny thoughts your way my friend!

  5. I’m glad the Weasel is doing better! 😀
    The vacations should be fun! 😀 😀 And Pe-wee Herman is awesome. XD

    • Thanks Alicia. The vet was impressed with her recovery. I’m hoping to still go to Monument Valley but haven’t heard from the couple we were supposed to go with in almost a week so not sure if its still on or not.

      Pee-wee is awesome. I’ve seen both of his movies. The first one I’ve seen at least 20 times. LOL.

  6. I like your rain advice. Having lived in Southern California all my life, I can relate to a lot of that!
    That’s great to hear about T.W.O.’s buggy snack!

    • I bet you can. 🙂 Looks like you had lots of snow out of this storm.

      T.W.O. went to the vets this weekend and she is doing so well. He doesn’t think she is really seeing much still but she has made great strides.

  7. •Wonder where the heck we placed that umbrella thingy.


  8. Is that your photo of Susie?? It’s a great photo.

    Your last photos of Monument Valley were beautiful. Can’t wait to see more. I’ve always wanted to go there. I wish I would have while I lived out there.

    Your rainy day plans sound wonderful.

    Yay…30 lbs!! Good for you!!!

    • That is my photo of Susie. She had actually used some of the wool from her sheep to tie my hair up in a Navajo bun. I feel like I have history with her now. LOL. Yes, I hope we still go. The couple we were supposed to go with hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

      Maybe you’ll get to take a trip here to see some of the sights. 🙂 (and if you do you have to let me know of course).

  9. Yay for the Weasel and her rapidly progressing recovery!!

    I think the weight loss is awesome. I think it’s much more likely to stick when it’s both a lifestyle change and a gradual loss that more closely mimics how it is usually put on.

    • Thanks LOM. Yes, yay for her! She got a really clean bill of health at the vets on Saturday. She was such a little ham. I was thinking she may need surgery but the vet said if she does it would still be a ways away.

      Good point on the gradual weight loss mimicking gradual weight gain. I never thought of it that way before.

  10. …Also recall that the last time it rained (6 months ago) that you said you needed to replace them before it rained again…
    This made me laugh! It’s good to see that other have the same “problem”

    Regarding classes, I could do for now with one called “how to navigate the Norwegian to the Germany pension system, and how to get the important information from the right person, to the next right person and what can I ignore”
    I think this will cost me a lot more nerves in the weeks and months to come.

    I hope the vet will have good news for you then I wish you too a very nice weekend!

    • That really is the neat thing about blogging, isn’t it? We really see that no matter where we are from, we are all so much alike.

      I hope you are able to get the pension info all straightened out. Better to do it now, I suppose than try once you are retired. Will you have to do it again when you move to England?

      Thanks, I hope so too. I hope the vet will be as amazed as I’ve been on her recovery.

  11. What a beautiful picture of Susie. I hope I am exactly like her at 90 years old. Congrats on getting so far in your fitness goals! It is indeed a lifestyle change that is necessary – I learned that when I quit smoking.

    Best wishes for the trip to the vet – your Weasel looks like a lovely girl.

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