Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday already?  Not that I’m complaining but I haven’t posted about the weekend yet.  It was, as predicted, a rainy weekend.  Hubby got in late Friday night so we went out to dinner.  The place was so incredibly loud that we could barely hear each other.  Saturday I did the normal things; gym, groceries, etc…  I met a homeless man while I was coming out of the grocery store.  He told me he and his family lived behind the store.  I asked him if he was aware of all that is available to him in town.  He said he was a frequent visitor of the local soup kitchen.  He said he was waiting for his disability to come in and then rolled up one of his dirty pant legs to reveal a horrific swelling in one of his legs.  Apparently during brighter days while working he suffered a broken shin bone and it healed up without any treatment leaving him with a limp and severe disfiguration.  Man, you never realize how good you have it.  When I asked him why he and his family were living behind the store he told me that they had looked into a shelter but where he has a daughter that they would all be separated.  He introduced himself to me and shook my hand.  His name is Joe.  Then he joined someone else homeless in the parking lot and they walked away.  I left feeling like there was more I should have done.

The Weasel went to the vets on Saturday afternoon.  We drove through a torrential downpour and passed a motorcycle funeral procession on the way.  The Weasel was so active in the car that I had to really pay attention to the road.  At one point I had to pry her off the steering wheel while reminding her to leave the driving to the one human in the car that has eyesight.  Once there the vet was as amazed as I hoped he’d be regarding her recovery.  Unfortunately she hasn’t gotten her eyesight back and the vet seems to think she probably won’t at this point.  He also said that surgery isn’t needed at this point which is also great news.

We were supposed to go the Quinceanera of a friend of a friend but of course given the weather decided to stay in.  The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful to say the least.  I never did hear back from the friends about the trip to Monument Valley so I’m unsure if we are still going or not.

Monday I went to the gym.  I’m still doing the Latin dance classes there.  This particular class gets packed quickly so it is important that one arrive early.  You can’t enter the gym without checking in at the front desk first with your key card.  Several times now when I’ve arrived there is only one person behind the desk checking people in.  It never fails that someone forgets their key card and the attendant needs to search for them manually in the system.  They rattle off their addresses, phone numbers, first-born, etc…  This was the case Monday night.  Then the phone rings so the attendant stops to take the call.  The line was out the door.  I could see into the class area that people were already filtering in.  Patience was definitely not my virtue that evening.   Now when they know that a class that usually has 80-100 attendees in it is about to start wouldn’t it stand to reason that their front desk area be fully manned?   Seems like a no-brainer to me. 

So I did what any fed-up person would do.  I walked out of the line and headed towards the sacred inner sanctum.  I felt freedom.  I felt joy.  Yay!  Of course I’d check in later.  No sirens were sounding.  No muscle-headed juice heads were assembling for attack. 

Warning!  Warning!  Ornery blond approaching gym!  Intercede with caution!

No, there was none of that.  The smile faded from my face when I heard this:


I knew instantly he was referring to me.  I turned around and now the whole line of people were staring at yours truly.  I figured I was either their new hero for the day or the new wonder byotch in work-out gear. 

“Are you the only one working here?” I asked, trying hard to not sound annoyed.

“Yes,” he replies with a smile.  “I’ll get you checked in in just a second.” 

So I go back to my place in line fully aware of the eyes that are boring holes in my hot pink t-shirted back.  Given that my ‘give a damn’ was vacationing in Fiji without me I took it in stride.  Hubby and I joked about it later on when I got home.  I’m not usually one to make a scene but hey, if it spreads light on the fact that the darn front desk needs to be fully manned during high traffic hours then so be it.  I really hope he told his manager on me.  I really do.

Well, the new dress arrived today.  This is the one I posted about a few weeks ago.  Yay!  I guess I know what I’ll be wearing tomorrow to work.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day!

  1. Glad to hear the lil’ one is doing well.

    As for the gym, when I use to go… The one I went to, you just walked in and scanned in your keycard, signed your name – and that was that. The only time you needed the employees was when you forgot your scan card, or you weren’t a member and needed to pay for the day.

    I miss having a gym on my home from work. It was great stress relief.

  2. I’m glad the weasel is doing so well now. And, good on your for standing up for yourself at the gym – I hope it helps with their system. I’ve been doing more of this type of thing lately but I think, because of my age, it’s probably making me look like a crotchety old woman! LOL.

  3. LOL well done. I would have never had the courage! Hope it helps to make improvements.

    • I had had it with them that day. Its just happened on several occasions now which is ridiculous. I also hope it helps. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one that has felt that way.

  4. Instead of taking so much time to look up people who’ve forgotten their cards they should make them wait while they continue to check in the people who did bring their cards. Perhaps that would motivate those people to remember their cards. I don’t blame you for being frustrated.

    • I’m glad you said that. I thought that, too. It would be good incentive for those without their cards to remember them and then the rest of us could get checked in and on our way. If it continues I may right their corporate headquarters a letter.

  5. The Latin Dance sounds like a lot of fun, despite the frustrations at the front desk. That is really sad about the homeless man. 😥

  6. “My give a damn was in Fiji without me … ” Love that and so have to borrow it : )! Glad The Weasel is doing so well, and I was really touched by your encounter with the homeless man. The struggles people deal with to get through each day are amazing.

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