22 thoughts on “Wire & Household Objects – Part 1

  1. Awesome. I love the egg one!

  2. geocacherinkerstin

    Terry have talent…I love people with phantasy and talent….love this shots-thanx for sharing.

  3. I love them! Brilliant! Especially the first one.

  4. I love the both ends burning candle. That is terrific – I might “steal” that idea.

  5. I love them. So witty!!!

  6. I really like these! It is whimsy but yet, not so whimsical that it makes me sick! (If you know what I mean).

    I really enjoyed them and the first was actually my favorite.

  7. elizabethfrank123

    Not gonna lie, the second one is my fave! haha

  8. That is so clever! I love the first one and the last one.

  9. LOL they are hilarious! I love the first one.
    The unless it’s another photo-shopping going on the photographer had to be fast!!

    • Isn’t that funny, yet creative? I’m not sure how it was done but if it wasn’t photo-shopped then he really did have to take the pic real quick or else he’d be left with a pile of wax and wire.

  10. LOL! How creative and clever–and even slightly disturbing. 😛 The last one is my favorite. LOL!

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