Bake Quest #5 for March

Well, I’m a day late but here goes:

For the month of March here are our contenders:

  • Homemade bread of any variety (sourdough, banana …you get the idea)


Check out my  neighbor’s site for some great recipes: Click here.  Then go to the Bread Tab at the top.

  • Quinoa/Amaranth

For an interesting history on amaranth and also a yummy recipe, click here.   Zoom is always creating wonderful things with obscure ingredients.


  • Sweet Potatoes

The rules are to make a recipe using one of the ingredients above or to provide your own take on one of the items listed.  We choose from three separate ingredients or items due to allergies, items not in season or unavailable in certain areas, etc…

When posting your recipe, include any helpful hints you may have found, like for instance, say a recipe says that it yields a certain amount but you found that it produced more or less, etc…  Also, give credit to the recipe provider.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your great aunt’s recipe or it came from a cook book.   If you’ve stumbled across this page and would like to participate, please leave a comment and I’ll add you to the blog roll.

Please feel free to bookmark this posting.  Once you’ve posted your recipe for the month if you would like, include a link back to this page.  That way everyone participating can check out your creation.  Have fun!

18 thoughts on “Bake Quest #5 for March

  1. […] This would be my second entry for Monsoon’s March Bake Quest… […]

  2. geocacherinkerstin

    you are good in this things-never I can made a bread by myself…never….

  3. I am so glad you post on cooking, but not only that subject. It is part of life, to eat. LOL, sounds dumb…what I mean, is we all have to eat…sigh..ok, start again:
    Baking has been a dying art. Cooking in general! At least, in the generation of people who are not in their late 30s. All my mates in the USA are that age except for one lady who is older than me and does cook and bake.
    Being able to cook does not = slave to man/children. For my generation and the ones before it, it kinda had that tone to it. I understand about women who broke away from domestic skills were saying, Yo – we work and we can pay for someone else to make it/you want dinner, you make it. As well as, not having children (none of my friends back in NC did but for one and she has a nanny and eats in restaurants).
    I have always enjoyed cooking. Funnily enough, my mother did not cook (nor work). She simply did not like doing it and was quite pampered and spoiled. This did not mean that we were, not by a long shot. I will not go into that. I will say there was rarely any food in the house. and me being a contrary cow, I went the opposite direction from the people in my childhood…so I learned to cook (in addition to many other directions of my life).
    Cooking can be such a joy, and anything created is an art. I missed baking the things I had perfected, over the past year having the wheat problem. But this has worked out in the long run, because I still bake wheat things for people at work and my husband (and neighbours, LOL), and I am learning to make gluten free things for myself.

    • Cooking has almost turned into art in a way, hasn’t it? I think actually more deeply than that, that it is a way that one shows love to either themselves or to the ones they are cooking for.

      I had relied on my husband to cook before he started working crazy hours. Even before we were married I would have cheese & crackers, or a bowl of cereal for dinner. After the start of the New Year I started cooking for myself. I thought I would really dread it but I actually really like it. I look forward to my own meals at night. Of course these are simple things that I can throw together easily but it is a homemade meal nonetheless.

      This week has been turkey blts with avocado served with green bean almondine and a side of baked sweet potato fries.

      Its really fun to see what everyone comes up with for recipes. Everyone seems to be getting more creative with time, too.

  4. Dear God! I love sweet potatoes… and I can’t wait to try amaranth!;)

  5. The bread looks so yummy.

  6. Nice, I’ve always wanted to try working with amaranth! I hope we can get to the market more now that the snow is melting!

  7. I’ve got a great recipe for Irish Soda Bread. I’ll post that later. For now, though, here’s my entry for sweet potatoes:

  8. […] is my first entry for Monsoon’s March Bake Quest. This was quite easy and super yummy. I got the recipe from my mom, who made it for a pot luck, and […]

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