Just A Quick Update

Spring has finally arrived here and temps have been hovering around a glorious 80 degrees.  I’ve still been working on my fitness goals and am now officially down 32 lbs.  There is a 5k race this weekend and I’ve signed up for it.  Luckily it is early so the heat should not be an issue.  I will be curious to see how I do timewise compared to the last race back in November.  Friday evening I purchased a new pair of running shoes (finally!).  My old ones have got to be more than a decade old.  I honestly can’t remember when I purchased them.  It had to be in Boston (I think).  The new ones are Asics which I haven’t worn before.  They were like running on two clouds.  My body felt so different and I wasn’t nearly as sore.  Running in my old ones was probably much like running in bare feet.  And to think I was blaming my soreness of old age!  My Mom, the athlete of the family, said that you should replace your shoes every six months.  Oh. (or should I say d’oh?)

Since my co-worker was laid off last November, the job of answering the phone has fallen on  me.  While it hasn’t been too bad managing the other tasks that I’ve taken on, the phone is just one of those things I can do without.  We run an ad on TV so while most of the calls are either clients or potential clients, there’s been a fair share of nut jobs that call.  When they can’t get their way and get something mailed to them which is something we’ve never done, they immediately assume that we must be a scam and make no bones about telling me so.  A lady called today and of course asked for the mailing.  I explained we had a website and she responds that doesn’t have compter.  I then explained that she was more than welcome to come down and visit us and she said she doesn’t have a car.  So therefore where we don’t do any mailings we must be a scam.  *sigh*  Then she hangs up.  I try not to take it personally when one of these idiots calls but man, don’t waste my time or yours if you already have it your head that we are a scam.  I for one would certainly not be here if that were the case.  Seriously, get a life. 

Next Friday I’ m  taking a half day at work and having my hair done as a treat.  Woo-hoo!  Since making the appointment late last week I swear I’ve been counting down the days.  Its going to be such a treat.  😀  8 days to go!

My best friend lives on the gulf side of Florida.  I haven’t seen her since her wedding over three years ago.  My Aunt has a beach house on the Atlantic side just south of St. Augustine.  I stayed there years ago and have a tattoo on my ankle as a reminder of that trip.  I asked my Mom over the weekend if she thought my Aunt might let us possibly use it for a long weekend.  She seem to think that she would be fine with it.  I emailed my best friend and asked her if she would be up for a girl’s weekend this Fall.  Of course she said yes.  It’s a six-hour drive from where she is at to my Aunt’s place but getting there is usually half the fun.  We’re thinking late September.  Man, that will be so much fun!

Hubby wanted to try a buffet restaurant over this past weekend.  I wasn’t sure what they would have there or how it would be.  I haven’t had the best luck with buffets.  This particular restaurant was the exception though.  I was quite impressed.  They had a huge salad bar and with lots of healthy selections and also various food stations featuring steamed veggies and broiled chicken.  There was of course generous amounts of fried foods, and other things that taste great but aren’t particular great for you.  Even the dessert bar had sugar-free options which was quite impressive.  It was called The Golden Corral.  I had never been there and I know we didn’t have them back east.  All in all it was really good and I think I’d go back.  It was clean, too.  Always a plus.

17 thoughts on “Just A Quick Update

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss – you have really done well. (now you just have to stay away from yummy buffets LOL 🙂 )

    • Thanks Emjay! Yes, I will be avoiding all-you-can-eat buffets at all costs if I’m tempted to eat something bad. 😉 Especially the Chinese food buffets. They are the worst.

  2. Golden Coral? They are everywhere! MD, WV, VA I know have ’em! Yea, I fell in love with the soft fresh rolls and honey butter spread. YUM.

    It’s a fairly pop. place to eat after work on the weekends, seeing how they only do breakfast here on weekends. All I can eat meat for one price. Awesomeness…

    Now I’m hungry.. And I want hot fresh rolls with that yummy spread..

  3. Sounds like you have all sorts of goodness and adventures going on in your life and I LOVE “hearing” you sound so happy : ). I’m also in awe of you with the races – I’m a walking fool but that’s something I’ve never worked up the oomph to do but I really admire those who do! Oh, and we have a Golden Corral here too – about 10 miles or so from where we live. I do like them, but haven’t been in forever. I’ve learned that I can make healthy choices by avoiding places that have “bad” options, but am horrible at selecting the “good” choices when the bad ones are staring me in the face : ). Happy Sunday!

    • Hi! Things have had a way of working themselves out, thats for sure. 🙂 I also never thought I’d be racing either. I did the first 5k back in October just to see if I could. After that I started getting competitive with myself to see if I could beat my own time. Its become addictive.

      It does take a great deal of effort to avoid the bad stuff, doesn’t it? Although I’ve gotten a bit better I still struggle with it because it’s so darn tempting! 🙂

  4. Glad you enjoyed the buffet – I don’t always like that style but some are great. Hysterical about the woman with no car….there’s just no saving some people. Did she think you were going to go pick her up?

    • Yes, I hear you there. Most buffets I’ve gone to around here are terrible.

      I’m not sure what that woman thought I was going to do. Nothing I said was good enough for her. We get a few ‘live ones’ from time to time.

  5. We have Golden Corrals here. I tend not to eat at any Buffets because it is too hard for me to chose. but I think in general the quality depends on the local owner! Yours sounds like a good owner.

    Your Mom is right, Runners should be replaced about every 300 miles. I usually end up doing it about every 3-4 months.

    And Yaaay! Another Vacay Planned to Florida! We love visitors! (Espeically not snowbirds…sorry they crowd us a bit.)

    • It must be. The place was packed, too.

      Yes, I’m finding that it still pays to listen to Mom. 😉 I’ll have to keep track of the miles I’m putting on them.

      Well, I’m not sure where in Florida you are but you are certainly welcome to join us! Or at least meet us for a drink or something. My friend is also a novice runner like me and we both have a few 5ks under our belts now (I think she may have done more). Maybe we could even meet for a run (and then a drink). 🙂

  6. Congratulations! You’re doing great with your weight loss. Keep up the good work.
    My doctor wants me to lose weight, but my weight is stuck! I am 5’6. I went from
    160 to 175. The call of the fridge is ridiculously strong… Lol 🙂 However, I am committed to walking plus additional activity in order to move closer toward my weight loss goal. Good luck with your 5k and remember finish strong! You go girl! 😉

    You’re right. No computer, no car… get a life! Holy crap that’s funny.

    I hope you have a good time in Florida with your friend and family.

    I love buffets. The only all you can eat buffet I remember liking and will still always go to is on Valentino’s on the green (this big mansion was the onetime residence of Rudolph Valentino!) I liked the chill, modern atmosphere of this place and the food of course.

    • Thanks Zoom! I’m hoping to arrive at a proper BMI by this summer. We’ll see. One thing that has helped me and I’ve written about before is a website called sparkpeople.com. I found this to be very helpful in my efforts. When signing up it asks you the normal questions; age, m/f, healthy issues, etc… Then it customizes your calories and if you enter your exercise it will also adjust your calories accordingly. One thing I have is high cholesterol. I was thinking I was doing so good but in actuality I was eating way too much of it. This tracks it for me. Best of all, its all free.

      Yeah, I get a few calls like that sometimes. LOL. A few weeks ago a lady called, heard my voice and said she had the wrong number. I said no problem and hung up. Two seconds later she called back and wanted to know why I hung up on her. I said, you’re kidding, right?

      Florida should be fun and will give me something to look forward to. Can’t wait!

      Valentino’s sounds like a cool place. I picture velvet curtains and dark carved woodworking. In Boston we had a restaurant that had all these international foods stations set up (I think it was called Movenpick something), and you were given a ‘passport’ that someone at the counter would stamp once you visited that station. You didn’t pay until the end when you presented your passport. It was such a neat place. Sadly it went out of business a few years back.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! That must feel amazing.
    If it’s any consolation, I threw away trainers a couple of years ago that I bought at about age 15 LOL

    • Thanks Irony. Its happened so gradually that I don’t feel all that different really. I do notice that I have more stamina when working out now so that’s good. I was thinking that I will have to pick up a 30 lbs weight to gain some perspective. 😉

      Well, I don’t feel so bad now for having the same pair of trainers for so long then! LOL. However, I noticed that I still have a pair of shoes I bought when I was 18. Not sure why I haven’t parted with them yet. They are totally ’80s style. Maybe someday I’ll donate them to a museum or something.

  8. Golden Corral, how funny, because as I read “buffet” I remembered Golden Corral. When I worked for the EPA, we used to go there for lunch once a month and waddle back to work after stuffing our faces for an hour, eating all fried foods and desserts, of course, since we were young and gluttonous.
    And you had me at 80 degrees F – sigh! The high here today is 52 and that is mild.
    And congrats on losing 32 lbs, holy cow, that is a lot. And also running the race, kudos to you.

    • It was a struggle to keep from stuffing my own face. LOL. What a great place. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m guessing these restaurants were more common in the south.

      Yes, the weather has finally changed over. I hope it doesn’t get too hot too quick though. We sometimes go from 70 to 105 within a day.

      Thanks for the kudos too! 🙂

  9. Oh! I love golden corral! 😀 I’ve had the same running shoes for about 4 years. Pathetic! But I don’t use them too often… XD I still need to buy a new pair.

    • It was surprisingly good! I guess my mother and father in law eat there quite a bit. They are big fans of buffets. I’ve passed it before but I had never tried it until this last weekend.

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