Panda-monium – Part 3

Oh, you mean THAT bamboo stick? Never saw it. Really.

I'm telling Mom! Mommm!

Do you think you could pass me a napkin?

Dang paparazzi are at it again today. How's this for a money shot?

11 thoughts on “Panda-monium – Part 3

  1. OMGosh…that first one. It wasn’t me!!!

  2. They have to be some of the cutest looking animals in creation! Totally gorgeous.

  3. Oh, those eyes. You really have to wonder how they evolved a mask like that. So so so adorable.

  4. geocacherinkerstin

    I have no favorite- all panda shots are good and sweet-this animal are very impressing. have a nice sunday!

  5. I love that first one! LOL!!! So cute! I love pandas.

  6. LOL the first one is exceptional! That guilty look – so genuin 😆
    I just want to crawl into the pictures and hug them.

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