22 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. ElizabethFrank123

    This is beautiful, the trees on the school grounds are just beginning to blossom, it makes school more bearable!

  2. Could also be quince or crabapple. I am stumped.

  3. How pretty! It seems a little mystical with the lighting. Almost like an old picture. I love it.

  4. I miss Spring in NC. Frogs chirping and croaking, all sorts of frogs. There’s one whose call is “hey babee – hey babee – hey babee” (which is exactly what he means…come here and shag)

    • LOL!

      I also miss Spring on the east coast. Its like it just bursts onto the scene after winter. Here it is just so gradual and expected. Its still wonderful but its not the same.

      • It is gradual here too – in a way. And in a way, not, because apparently most bulbs do not care whether it is below freezing or not and they will pop up out of the ground and bloom and do not get frost damage. I had to photoshop those photos I took yesterday: they all had this green tinge to them. Then I realised it was from the air! It is so very green out, it is a kind of glow in the air. How splendid.
        I remember when we moved in this house, it was the end of Oct. There were roses on the rose bushes! (scrappy ones, but I have given them a chop and hopefully they will do better this year – need to get some organic rose food, I reckon)

        • That green glow sounds so wonderful. The epitome of spring. Nothing’s glowing here but there seems to be lots of dust in the atmosphere given the brown haze in the sky. LOL. Ah, the desert.

          I bet with a little chopping you will have beautiful roses this year. I love to see roses growing outside.

  5. Very pretty. Are they cherry blossom?

  6. Such a beautiful capture, incredibly gorgeous!
    I love spring flowers and the Fragrance of Spring.

  7. Beautiful – love the colors and mistiness of it!

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