Panda-monium – Part 4


Ugh! Is it Friday yet?

Please let the cleaning lady know she missed a spot.

16 thoughts on “Panda-monium – Part 4

  1. I’ve had pleanty of those weeks. Love the last one. It’s that spot in the corner!!!

  2. I love the last photo!

  3. Awww how I wish I could hug them!
    There is only three words to say about these pictures, CHARMING, CHARMING and CHARMING!

  4. Now I want a nap.

  5. In about half an hour I am going to make it like number one. LOL

  6. geocacherinkerstin

    Panda 4 is also so lovely….but what is with the panda in the last shot….is he ill or sleepng…..i have fun about the last shots from the pandas-I love your Panda shots….so cute…

    • I’m not sure. I can’t tell which side is his head and which side is his butt. LOL. Glad you are enjoying these. I will have one more post today with the pandas.

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