Yet Another Update

So I’m going to start by saying that this has been the longest week in history. It feels like it should be the weekend already.  There’s nothing particularly boring or anything like that going on but time seems to be moving much slower this week.

I happen to be perusing Facebook when I saw that my cousin had posted that she was visiting our grandmother in the hospital.  I messaged her and luckily she responded right away.  Our Grandmother, who turned 90 in December (bless her), had been sick with a cold and had gotten herself dehydrated.  She fainted Tuesday evening.  I looked up the number to the hospital and spoke to her for a few minutes.  She seem to be in pretty good spirits and was ready to go home.  It sounds like she will be going to a rehab facility for a few days before coming home.  I told her not to worry and that she’d be home and back at it before she knew it.  The words seem familiar to me, like I had said them before.  I remember saying that to my other Grandmother back in 1994 a week before she passed.  Not a great memory as I was in complete denial to the fact that she was terminally ill.  Anyways, this Grandmother that is currently in the hospital is a tough lady.  I have a feeling she will pull through.  It stinks living so far away sometimes.  She is in Connecticut.

The weather here has gotten unseasonably cool.  I don’t know if I’m really digging this but come this summer I’ll be begging for these temps I’m sure.  For the past week I’ve been completely dragging butt.  I’m not sure if it has to do with allergies or the fact that I have hypothyroidism.  Maybe both.  For some reason I thought I was out of medication and was saving up to go to the doctors (no health insurance).  This requires a trip to the doctors for a prescription to get blood drawn at the lab, then a trip to the lab and another trip to the doctors to analyze the test results.  As it turns out I had three tablets left and one 90 day refill prescription left.  Unfortunately I went a few too many days thinking I didn’t have medicine and have thrown myself out of whack.  It will take a week or so to feel normal again.  I’m just tired and achy.  Yeah, should’ve planned this much better, I know.

Last Friday I went and had my hair done professionally.  I actually took the afternoon off from work to go and it was such a treat.  The stylist straightened my hair with a flat-iron and I’m trying to keep it this way for a while.  We’ll see.  Its been a lot of work so far and being pretty low maintenance most of the time, it has taken some getting used to.

On the fitness front, I’m still keeping up with the schedule despite being so dang tired.  I think tonight I might try step aerobics.  Its been a long time but it’s time to change it up.  That’s if I feel like dragging my weary butt there.  Well, 33 lbs gone.  Its slowing down now which is to be expected.  Only 6 lbs to go before I have a normal BMI.

Right now I’m thinking about leaving the volunteer group that I’ve belonged to this past year and a half.  There’s just been this nagging lately that I can’t shake or justify.  Back over the holidays I had created a database for all the folks we have served.  What I noticed is that some of these people had been helped since 2004.  There are others who have had their utility payments made for them every year also since the earlier part of the last decade.  At this point are we really helping these people?  Are we keeping them from making better decisions that would positively affect their lives if we are constantly providing assistance that most work for?  Back in the Fall we had placed some rules together that stated that we would only help out once with utilities and that people needed to show proof of where they lived by providing an ID.  Now it seems to be somewhat of a free for all.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are definitely people out there that so need the help.  What is disappointing is at times we are not able to help those that have fallen into a temporary hard time or may have found themselves without a home due to job loss, illness, etc… because the funds and food at the pantry are going to the regulars.  I’m not sure how I feel anymore.  It’s hard to ask for donations to the organization at this point because we seem to be supporting people who either a.) don’t want to work, or b.) would rather not think how to better their situation when you’ve got the good ol’ church supporting you for years on end. 

I’ve never witnessed so much lying too by the regulars.  There was a  day before Christmas when hubby and I went in to help with the phones.    Whoever was in before us never updated the messages so I ended up recalling the same people to see if they could come by to get their turkey food box.  Out of 5 people who came by that day, 4 of them had already ended up being helped the day before although they claimed this was the first time they had been by.  This was before the database was created and we were working from cards.  They didn’t recognize my voice on the phone so took full advantage.  What were they going to do with two turkeys anyways?  That incident has been whats gotten my mind working.  I’ve brought this up several times to the group and no one seems to be that concerned.  At this point I feel like we are doing more harm than good.  There’s got to be something else I can commit to that will make a better impact.  I’m going to keep my eyes open.

26 thoughts on “Yet Another Update

  1. All my best wishes go out to your Grandma in hope of a speedy recovery.

    Of course people abuse the system. I know that there are people who lie, cheat and manipulate the system. I just think it’s really unfair for people who truly need it. However there are those who are just plain cheaters and they will always cheat. Do these services make our society lazy?

    Don’t get discouraged, and think positive all the time.

    People dealing with the onset of
    hypothyroidism have a difficult time handling cold environments. Stay as warm as possible! I hope you feel better.

    • Thanks Zoom. She is a tough lady -always has been so I’m sure she’s going to be okay this time. Poor thing.

      Yes, its been hard not to get discouraged however I was in doing some data entry this weekend and noticed that there were some first time people that were being helped. While I don’t like to hear of anyone suffering, it felt good to see some people who genuinely needed help get it.

      And I am cold all the time! I wasn’t sure if it was from the weight loss or the thyroid. It may be a bit of both. Luckily I live in a hot environment so it should serve me well this summer. 🙂

  2. I’m here to say hello and i hope your grandmother feels better very soon ,,

    • Rima! Hello! I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been by your blog a couple of times but I’m afraid I can’t read Arabic. I hope you are well. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and checking in.

  3. Fatigue’s a real killer. Get plenty of rest. Sometimes, ongoing, chronic fatigue is a presenting symptom of an auto-immune disorder. If it gets really bad you might want to see a doctor.

    Feel better and get some sleep first!

    • Thanks Margy. I think hypothyroidism is an auto-immune disorder. Its been so long since the diagnosis was made but I’m pretty sure it is.

      Luckily I’ve been back on the meds for over a week and little by little I’m feeling back to normal.

  4. It sounds like you should back out of that charity because they are making you jaded – I left one once for the same reason. Try the animal shelter, or walking the elderly’s dogs, or giving someone elderly a ride to the library/bank/supermarket. Those would be mroe rewarding, I would think.
    Congrats on only having 6 pounds to go! That’s not much at all!

    • Yeah, I’m getting that way but I do understand that not everyone that needs help is a freeloader. I think that I’m going to try something else. I know there is website you can go to to find volunteer opportunities in your area. I just have to find it.

      And thanks for the congrats! For some reason those 6 lbs feel like a hundred. LOL. 😉

      • A famous beauty once replied when asked how she managed to always look 10 years younger than her real age without having work done, that her secret was to weigh ten pounds more than her doctor thought she should.

  5. Woot for losing 33 pounds so far!!!! 😀 😀 😀 That’s amazing! I hope that you’ll get your energy back. :/
    Gah, I think welfare is doing about the same thing for people: enabling them. But you never know their situation. But many of them don’t bother to find jobs. Gah. A charity is meant to help, but not enable and help unappreciative and lazy people.

    • Thanks Alicia! Its taken about a year. I think I started last year on April 5th.

      I’ve just seen too much at this point at the charity. Its really sad.

      • DO not let it dishearten you – just get outta there. And you might want to send a letter to a charity watchdog anonymously.

    • You will not believe it – over here you can apply for and get) a new CAR if you are on benefits. WTF!!!!!!!!! And not to get to a job or anything. (not that you need a car to get to work in the UK unless you live in the highlands, public transport is very good) ALso if you are a druggie or drunk you can get a regular check from the government to live off of so you can continue that stupid lifestyle. And even more ridiculous things.
      Out of control. Many people abuse these things, as you can imagine, there is a lot of fraud.

  6. I understand completely why you are reconsidering your volunteer work. Often times it seems to me that it’s always the same type of person abusing this kind of help. The one who would actually need it are often to proud or modest to utilize these opportunities.
    I hope your system works and your other helpers open their eyes and am drawing the conclusion from what you’ve learned so far.

    • People have even gone so far as to disguise their voice to get services. Its really crazy. We had three people from the same address come in at Thanksgiving and get turkeys. Now having 2 is overkill, but 3? WTH? And the worst part of all….we let it happen again and again.

      Some of the volunteers have been there for a very long time so I’m not sure if they are just comfortable or what. Its very odd.

  7. Best wishes for your Grandmother’s recovery.

    It sounds like your reluctance about the volunteer group is well deserved. More people should be asking the kind of questions you are.

  8. I hope your grandmother feels better. Sucks to find out like that.
    Enjoy that cool weather even if you have to force yourself!
    It could be very freeing to give up the volunteer work, especially if you have doubts about the organization. There are plenty of ways to help people, particularly on an individual basis. Help the people you see who need help, right then and there. (Suggestion- Keep a stash of bottled water, clean socks, protein bars, and blankets in your trunk and dole them out to homeless people as you see them.)

    • Thanks Kim. Yeah, unfortunately finding out on FB may have been the only way I would have known. My family is just weird like that. Yes, I will force myself to enjoy the cool weather. I know its not going to last much longer so I should take advantage. I’m wearing a sweater today and also sandals.

      Love you ideas! I am going to implement them. So many times I see a guy by the freeway in the middle of summer on a 100+ degree day. While I probably wouldn’t hand out money, the water idea would be great.

      Awhile back a homeless approached me while I pumped gas. All he wanted was some strawberry milk. How could I resist that? You would have thought I handed him a million bucks. Imagine just haveing strawberry milk to make you happy.

  9. I hope your grandmother has a speedy recovery. Yes, it is very difficult when distance separates us from sick family – but so much better than the “old” days when communications were not as efficient – I can’t imagine not having Skype and text messaging now when most of my childhood was spent with a trunk line where the operator closed at 9pm! 🙂

    • Thanks Emjay. I know I don’t need to tell you how hard it is being away from family. Wow, my relatives in Canada has something similar as well in regards to the trunk line. They lived in a very remote part of Nova Scotia. It is amazing these days how far we have come. I think of that even by blogging. We have so many friends from all over the world now. Kids growing up these days won’t know that we ever went without.

  10. Many blessings to your Grandma – she sounds like a strong woman! Hope she feels better straight away.

    You’re smart to re-evaluate the volunteer job if you’re feeling uneasy about it. I don’t think every charity is necessarily useful even if they were at one time in the past. It’s sad but many people will jump to take advantage of an easy situation if they can. It’s too bad that you can’t run the place, it sounds like you have the head for it.

    • Thanks Emmy. I hope so. She is still way too active to be cooped up in a hospital or rehab center.

      Yeah, I’ve been feeling this way for awhile. I’m sure at one time they probably did run things properly but now I think things have been this way for so long that everyone is just comfortable with it. And thanks for compliment on running the place. I think I would have a lot of enemies if I did run the place. LOL.

  11. ElizabethFrank123

    You’re right, you should keep your medication better organised! Silly 😛
    About the volunteer group, it does sound a lot like a free for all. However, I guess you can’t make everything fair, although I think that system could do with a bit of tweaking to make sure it runs a little better. Like you say, just keep your eyes open for new opportunities 🙂

    • Gah! I know. And I am suffering the consequences now. Blah.

      Its interesting about that volunteer group. I had felt this way for awhile but have stuck it out to be sure that my feelings were justified. At first I thought maybe I wasn’t being compassionate enough but as time has gone on I can see clearly that isn’t the case.

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