22 thoughts on “The Tenderness of Motherhood In The Animal Kingdom

  1. Thanks for a great Friday afternoon laugh! The office is almost empty – I’m always the last to leave on a Friday as I close the office so I need a laugh when I see most people gone by 4pm and I have an hour to go!

  2. geocacherinkerstin

    what a wonderful and cute collection of shots 🙂

  3. Darling, darling, and… Oh wow. See? This is why I don’t have children. Because that would be me. I’d be about to fling the kid into the trees there! 🙂 Kid? What kid?

  4. Oh, LOL! Maybe we should turn that mother upside down – see how she likes it!

  5. I like ‘Riverbank’ and ‘India’ the most. Because it looks like they are showing off their little ones with great pride. Especially the first. LOL
    Regarding the last one – I dare to claim that this is actually a life size doll. The fingers of the “baby” are so symmetrically spread on both hands – it would surprise me if that is a real child.

  6. LOL!! XD I hope she’s not really holding that kid that way!!! (Please be photoshoped!) Oh dear! Well, that’s going to be one tough kid. XD

  7. Really awesome motherhood pictures – except for the last one! seriously, this lady must have been out of her mind. She can’t hold a baby like that! :()

  8. Some people should not breed…and those are the ones who usually have at least 3.

  9. OMGosh….what a perfect set up!!! I was all oooooooos and ahhhhhhhhs and then OMGOSH….she cannot be holding that baby that way!!! The baby doesn’t look hurt, so it’s very funny.

    • I know, huh? I was wondering if that was a doll she was holding or a real child. She seems very nonchalant about it. And the child (if it is a child) seems to be okay with it, too.

  10. OOOF! @ the last one. The rest are monstrously squee-able, though!!

    Mind you, I have seen other animals treat their young somewhat like that human animal in the last shot! 😛

    • LOL. Yes, I had received this as an email and was quite surprised to see that last pick.

      The animals though I thought were just so adorable! The otter baby looks just like a baby ferret.

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