Things On Friday. . .

Indecent Exposure

Last weekend I decided to take the gift card that Hubby had given me for Christmas down to the local nail shop to get a pedicure.  This nail shop had expanded to now include massage, facials, permanent makeup, etc…  There was a wait for a pedicure so I decided to get a massage as they were half price.  A male therapist lead me down a hallway into a small dimly lit room.  At first I was wondering what it was that I had gotten myself into.  A nightlight plugged into the outlet was the only light.  The therapist also didn’t speak much English.  He held up a terry cloth wrap which looked more like a towel with velcro that fastens under the arms.  He gave me instructions on what to do with it but where I couldn’t completely understand him I thought for a split second that he wanted me to change behind it while he held it up.   He left the room and I stripped down to my undies, and then fastened the wrap around myself.  The massage itself was good and he was professional.  Although at one point while I lay supine, he had lifted my arms up to stretch them when, how shall I say this?  The Twins popped out from under the wrap.  I didn’t notice this right away but apparently he did.  Just as I looked up in horror, he also was laying a towel across my chest.  Oh my, was it good for you?

More Backyard Antics

 The cat is back to terrorize Abby.  This time kitty no longer sits on the fence and taunts Abby.  She had gotten so brazen as to slink into the backyard and sit while Abby watches warily from a distance.

Hubby finally had to pick the cat up and place her back in the neighbor’s yard.  She and Abby were engaged in the longest staring contest in history.  Abby didn’t act all tough until Hubby picked kitty up. 

Abby is the recipient of a new doggie door.  We installed it last weekend and within a few days Abby got the hang of it.  The flap is a few inches off the ground so there are no worries that the Weasely One will sneak out through out.  Not that she could see it anyway, bless her.

Early this week I was awoken by what sounded like a knock.  I was actually dreaming that Hubby and me were in a hotel near the ocean and someone was knocking on the door.  Upon opening my eyes I heard a cat screech and knock something over in the yard.  Most likely a rake.  My heart was pounding in my chest.  I sat very still and listened.  There was nothing else.  At night we keep the flap of the doggie door closed.  I was unsure if what I heard was Abby trying to get out or the cat trying to get in.  Hubby is convinced that Abby wouldn’t let a cat come through, however, if the cat can come into the yard without Abby raising cain then I’m not convinced myself that a cat wouldn’t enter the house while I’m at work.  Time will tell.  Luckily the Weasel stays locked in the bedroom.

Have a nice weekend.

14 thoughts on “Things On Friday. . .

  1. ElizabethFrank123

    Still laughing at the massage bit :’)

  2. LOLOLO @ the twins popping out – I’m trying to “surf” the web surreptitiously and have just drawn attention to myself laughing! He probably just thought “oh, *another* one” seen one; seen them all.

    • Don’t get caught! 😉 Years ago someone sent me some kind of email that told you to stare really close at the screen. Being naive I did and then some scary face popped up and I screamed so loud that half the office showed up at my cube. LOL. I was busted!

      Yeah, I’m sure he’s seen them before but man, was that embarrassing! 😀

  3. Wow, yeah I had a massage once and I did not enjoy it at all even though it was a woman. I think it’s all a bit too intimate. I loved the facial and haircut they gave me, though!

    • My husband is like that too Emmy. I have suggested in the past that we get a couples massage and he has never wanted one. Just not his thing either. Facials are wonderful! Having your hair cut at a salon is such a treat too. So relaxing.

  4. Ah, people’s cats coming into our gardens and wreaking havoc. Our neighbour’s cat decided my lettuce seedlings were a great place to take a poop the other night. This on top of the stalking the rabbits and now smashing down all my hyacinths where it sits next to the rabbit run. Very annoying, this cat.
    I suggest a sprinkler and the hose placed that you can reach the tap and not get yourself wet, for yours. For ours, we have placed netting over the raised veg bed and I am putting bamboo stakes in the flowers.
    The twins came out – well, he handled it well. I have had massages and it is a bit daunting at first to strip with this stranger then putting his or her hands on you, but after you should feel great for four days or so.

    • Good idea on handling the cats. It sounds like you’ve come up with some great ideas to deter them. My concern is that they might decide to come in through the new doggie door. I hope that never happens.

      Yeah, the guy did handle it well. The massage was really good. I could tell he had some knowledge of accupuncture points. I was very relaxed when leaving there.

  5. Considering, that I’m a woman, I would prefer to have a female massage therapist. I will choose a woman because I just couldn’t see myself be touched by a man therapist. I know nothing’s wrong with it, but I am super shy!! Anyhow, every time I’ve gone to get one done professionally, it hurts… a lot. Maybe I’m just really tense and I don’t realize how good it should feel? 🙂

    🙂 LOl 🙂 The record for the longest stare was won by a woman in Japan who did not blink for 24 hrs. I think abby and kittie are ready to break a new record.

    • I wonder why it hurts so much? Maybe you are getting someone with a very firm hand and need a lighter touch.

      They may very well have set that record! I will be needing to set a camera up in the backyard to find out. 😉

  6. LOL I am sure he has seen his share of girl-sets. If he’s a professional this really doesn’t matter.
    It’s like the obgyn. They see lady parts so often they don’t think about it any more.

    Sorry to got to say this: but having seen the size of the cat my guess is, would those to end up doing more than staring contest, ….

    • Oh, I’m sure he has. 😉 I used to be a massage therapist and I got flashed a few times. I suppose its just like being a doctor after awhile though when you see certain parts all the time.

      Abby has been ambushed by more than one cat (and one ferret) so my guess is that the cat could probably do some damage if it wanted to.

  7. Ahahahaaa @ The Twins. Sounds like he handled it pretty professionally, though.

    I love the photo of the staring contest. I wonder how long they would have gone on for in the end?

    • LOL! Yes, he did handle it well, luckily for me.

      I wondered that too. I wish I had a camera for the yard. I left for work one day and the same thing was going on in the backyard. Not sure who got bored first or how long they stayed that way.

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