14 thoughts on “The Journey Began A Year Ago Today. . .

  1. ElizabethFrank123

    Very well done for all that you have achieved 🙂 keep going! your motivation is inspirational

  2. LOL!!!! That is awesome! I say that all the time! XD I keep looking to Monsoon for motivation! Congrats on losing 34 pounds! That’s amazing!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. SIX sizes smaller!?! Wow! That’s an incredible achievement. Well done 🙂

  4. LOL. I get that totally. Some days all the body wants is carbs and shuuuugar 😀
    If mine want it – it gets it.

    • Its so true, isn’t it? I treat myself from time to time but there are those days when peering into my blueberries and yogurt when I say the same thing as cookie monster here. LOL.

  5. Oh my that’s awesome!!!
    Congratulations, Monsoon.

  6. LOL…..I love this!!

    You’ve made some big changes. You should be very proud.

  7. LOVE it! I often feel that way myself.

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