5 Years Ago Today…

I married my sweetheart.

This picture is a bit blurry.  I had it on my cellphone so I most likely took a picture of the original picture –hence the grainy-ness.  That is my best friend in the back accompanied by Hubby’s best friend.    That bouquet was a recreation of the one my grandmother had at her own wedding in 1941.  Believe me it weighed a ton!

28 thoughts on “5 Years Ago Today…

  1. Happy 5th anniversary to both of you. 🙂 Zak

  2. You are Gorgeous monsoon,Happy anniversary XOXO (He is so lucky to have you 😉

  3. Happy anniversary! A good milestone. My bouquet was hand-made by a friend and co-worker. She told me she couldn’t guarantee the colors, because she’d be getting the best flowers available that morning. She delivered them before the ceremony, and I dutifully put them in the hotel-room fridge.
    Guess where they still were when I walked down the aisle?
    I felt JUST terrible. But, having no bridesmaids at our very informal seaside wedding, I’m sure nobody (except my friend) noticed.
    At least? The lovely peach-colored rose bouquet made it into ALL the wedding photographs.

    • OH no! Well at least you did have them for the pics so you will always remember them. 🙂

      Last summer my sister got married in Boston. My husband was flying out later than me and I asked him to take my gown in his garment bag. I also specifically asked him to not check this bag. Well guess what? He checked it and they misplaced it. I couldn’t even talk to him for a day. LOL. Luckily it was delivered the next day to our hotel.

  4. You look lovely. The dress is gorgeous, and it looks like you had good weather for the ceremony!

  5. ElizabethFrank123

    Beautiful picture, happy anniversary 🙂

  6. How nice! My wedding day was one of the happiest of my life. Looks like you felt the same way about yours. 🙂

    • Thanks Margy. Actually I think I had happy moments at my wedding. It wasn’t really the happiest day of my life unfortunately but luckily I have a good marriage.

  7. What a beautiful wedding. And you’ve captured it perfectly. Love the dress, love the bouquet
    and you both look so happy!:)

  8. What a beautiful dress! I love the fern-like embroidery. You look veryy happy.

    • Thanks GW. The ferns were actually part of the bouquet. They blend in with the dress a bit because the ribbons they were attached to were the same color as my dress.

  9. Happy belated anniversary, my friend! And many, many more!

  10. Gorgeous photo! I Love love love the bouquet, and I bet it was rather weighty!!!!

    • Thanks MG! It was so very heavy. I was asking my grandmother if hers was that heavy and she couldn’t remember. I’m guessing no because that is one thing I think a bride would remember. I could have taken someone out with that thing. 😉

  11. Belated Happy Anniversary! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    You look so happy and beautiful! I wish I could see your dress better–that must be some awesome embroidery.

  12. geocacherinkerstin

    What a lovely peaceful shot….aweeeee…thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. You two look gorgeous!

    LOL I had to hold the flowers for my friend at her wedding for a moment and I totally understand why people often only have one big flower with some green.
    Hats up for you going for big and bold!
    I think if I should ever marry I might even drop it completely.

    On a totally different note:
    So you aren’t a natural blonde? 😀

    • When I arrived at the florist that day I couldn’t get over how huge the bouquet was. It had to weigh close to 15 or 20 lbs. My hands were shaking after a while. LOL.

      And no, I’m definitely not a natural blonde, ;-). I have dark brown/black hair naturally but have gone gray. It was just too much upkeep so I made the switch.

  14. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Everyone looks so happy. The bouquet is absolutely huge, and so very beautiful. Are those ferns trailing from the bouquet, or are they on your dress??

    Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!

    • Thanks LB! Those are actually roses and ferns that were attached to the bouquet. They probably look like they are attached to the dress because the ribbons they were dangling from were the same color.

      We did have a wonderful anniversary and celebrated at a nice restaurant. Time just goes by so fast.

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