Tales From The Weekend & More Weasel Health Stuff

 We celebrated our anniversary Friday evening at a fondue restaurant where all the courses, except for one, are meant to be dipped into a pot of melting wonderfulness.  We had a reservation for a little private nook that divided us from the rest of the restaurant by a black velvet curtain.  The waiter would announce himself by saying ‘knock knock’ before parting the curtains.

The picture to the left is a little something complimentary they dropped by the table.  All in all it was a wonderful evening.

We woke up Saturday morning to rain and much cooler temperatures.  I had run out to the grocery store and much to my surprise, the Estrella Mountains had snow on the very top.  It was hard to believe that only a week ago the temps had hit 100 degrees.  Now snow?   It didn’t last long and was melted by the end of the day. 

I’m starting to grow concerned with The Weasely One again.  The vet did say that the prednisone she is currently taking would eventually wear off.  I think that is starting to happen.  Last weekend I had given her a bath where it was such a nice day.  When it came time to give her the regularly schedule dose of meds, I couldn’t find her.  She wasn’t in her normal sleep spots.  I found her eventually in the corner of Hubby’s tv room.  She was staring into space.  When I went to pick her up her little body was all stiff as if she had been frightened.  Was she traumatized from the bath?  She’s had quite a few in her lifetime without this ever happening.  I gave her a small amount of corn syrup which seem to bring her to.  Then I gave her some of her favorite food (Hill’s Prescription Science Diet) and she had been fine.

So this morning I went to find her and she was sleeping in a throw rug beside the wash machine in the laundry room. 

She seemed a bit out of it.  Her eyes had those ‘lights are on but no one’s home’ look.  Again I gave her a bit of corn syrup and she came to.  Then she had something to eat.

I called the vets to make an appointment for her.  She will go in tomorrow night.  I really didn’t expect the medicine to stop working this soon.  I thought we had at least a few more months.  Surgery will most likely be the next step.  I talked to Hubby this afternoon and he is not keen on the idea.  I don’t think he realizes it yet but he doesn’t have a choice.  This is my baby. 

Anyways, we’ll see what the vet says tomorrow night.  I feel a bit sad but am trying to remain hopeful.  She has a strong will to live and although she is an older pet, she has had a strong little body.

The picture above was taken a few years ago.  We must’ve been getting ready for a camping trip when she wandered into my suit case for a nap.

11 thoughts on “Tales From The Weekend & More Weasel Health Stuff

  1. Ohhhh, what a pretty complimentary plate! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time.

    Monsoon , so sorry to hear this, what a nightmare for you and Weasely. Do hope she will recover soon!!

  2. I’m so glad to hear you had a wonderful anniversary, but am so sorry to hear the Weasely One is having so much trouble.

    From what you describe it sounds like she is having bouts of extremely low blood sugar. She seems to come out of it when you give her the corn syrup and food.

    Take care. Thinking good thoughts for all of you.

  3. She will be in my thoughts. ~fingers crossed~

  4. Hello..Whatever you must do to help your living child of life do it..I know if I do not do what I can..I live with it as the loved one is gone from me..nothing can replace a life..just letting you know we understand..one of the most telling things anyone told me..when it was a matter of time was..’having been through it so many times’ (your own experience is what to rely on)..not complete because each time is different being the ‘now of the moment and feeling’..but it helps..We just celebrated our 27th anniversary together..and married 24 years on the 30 Jun ..(86 marriage makes it 25 years..have to look at the dated pics)..funny and wierd..remember the day..not the year..I am glad and happy we are together..have been together and have melded our energy and love into a postive force..well..heaviness is my gift and as with most gifts..my curse..I know you will deal..I send my best energy for the little guy..Happy Anniversary..Peace Tony

    • Thanks Tony. I am in agreement. When we take in a pet we are responsible for their care. Everything else can be placed on hold. I don’t think I could live with myself if I did not do everything within my power to make sure that if something could be done to heal her that I go ahead and do it.

      Wow, 27 years! That is quite an accomplishment. And I thought being with my husband for 7 years was big. LOL. I think that is wonderful. Do you have something special planned for your 25th? Please tell CC I said hello.

      Thanks for the best energy for my little one, too.

  5. Bless. I do hope she gets better, and I know she is your baby. Your husband will just have to realise that too. As much help as Masha is with the buns, if he had it his way there would not be nine rabbits living here. (I use my own money for everything bunny though)
    Fondue – yummy! Choc dipped strawberries, so delightful. Happy Anniversary!

    • Thanks B. I hope so too. We’ll see what the vet says today. I’m trying to not get upset yet but whenever she has had health stuff going on my heart just breaks. I suppose no one wants to see their pets suffer. And yes, my husband will have to realize it. He’ll get there.

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes. It was a great night.

  6. I’m so sorry Monsoon. It’s so hard to be faced with all of this. I’m glad she has you and vice versa, and I’m sure both of you will suck all of the joyous weazelly juice out of whatever time you have left together.

    Your anniversary dinner sounds absolutely divine. 🙂

    • Thanks LOM. I’m trying to brace myself for whatever comes. I will say that I’m grateful that I’ve had the past couple of months to really fully enjoy her while she was feeling good. I really hope there is some time left. We’ll see what the vet says this afternoon.

      The anniversary dinner was really scrumtious. Lots of cheese and chocolate (not together of course). Two of my favorite foods.

  7. ****Sigh. I can honestly say although I don’t know just what you’re going through, I also sort of do. I’m sorry to hear your little one is having some bad days. Although it could be the medicine’s side effects as well. I hope all goes well. Many blessings to your little one’s health.

    Happy Anniversary. It sounds like a lovely evening! I love when restaurants make the day extra special.

    • I was actually thinking of you when this started last weekend. I guess the best we can do is keep them comfortable and loved as well as we can. Thanks for the well wishes.

      Yes, the anniversary celebration was wonderful. Getting the chocolate covered strawberries was a nice surprise.

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