Thank You, Geology Woman!

The seeds arrived today!  I’m looking forward to planting them and blogging about their progress.  I looked up both species online to get a glimpse of what they look like.  Here’s what we’ve got:

Dwarf Banana-Musa acuminate

Velvet Pink Banana Musa
Velvet Pink Banana Musa

26 thoughts on “Thank You, Geology Woman!

  1. Neat! So how long until they frow full size?

  2. Oh, how cool! I can’t wait to hear how they turn out and what variety they are.

  3. geocacherinkerstin

    how beautiful-I like the colour.

  4. Wow, wonderful banana tree! I hear that bananas are going extinct. I really hope this is not true.
    I love banana-ramas!!

  5. They are pretty and I am sure you will see lots of birds.

    Made the meatloaf last night and it was a total Success!!!!!!

  6. So pretty! Can’t wait to watch them grow with you : ).

  7. Love the second one. Beautiful red flower.

  8. And you are very welcome! Next time we come out west you will be receiving visitors – at least meet us in a pub.

  9. I should think you would grow them in pots and put them in the house in fall-winter. (I had a neighbour who grew them back in NC and that is what she did; they were amazing house plants!)

    • Actually I have the perfect pot to do just that! I will be planting them this weekend after I get some point soil. I’ll be blogging their growing progress. 🙂

  10. Banana trees are lovely and attract all sorts of birds. Will you be planting it in the ground?

    • Yes, I hope to. I wasn’t able to get potting soil this past weekend but plan on getting it this weekend. I’ll start them in the house and then replant them outside.

      • Only reason I ask is: their root systems can be quite invasive. I have a good friend who lives in a rental where there are several growing. Every year, the owner has to *dramatically* cut them back to prevent them from disturbing the house foundations. They’re planted only a few feet away, you see. So, even though yours are only dwarfs, I’d just recommend you plant them at least six feet from the edges of your home.

        • Ah! Thanks for the tip. GW recommend that I grow them in pots and then place them outdoors during the nicer weather. I will do just that. 🙂

          • geologywoman

            : ) I was very jealous of the friend who used to grow them. Then she sold her house and was moving away and I hinted very strongly but someone else had spoken up before me. Damnit. LOL

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