In Praise of Thursday, Weasels and Red Velvet Cupcakes

So last Thursday was a really good day.  I got up to start my morning meditation when all of a sudden I could feel Monsoon’s little spirit in the room with me.  Abby could sense her too.  Later on in the morning while putting on my makeup I thought I felt what felt like a little nose pressed up against my ankle.  All day long I felt a tremendous amount of peace.  On the way to work I had received a call from Marshall Ferret Farms in New York.  I was doing some research on them to see if their reputation had improved since the mid-90s.  I found a Wikipedia site that stated that kits that were sold to Petco’s and were not sold by a certain date were then sold back to Marshalls and euthanized.  Yeah, I was in shock.  I immediately wrote to Marshall Farms and Thursday morning I received a phone call from a woman named Cindy who stated that there “was no way on God’s green earth that would ever happen.”  That was a relief and it just goes to prove that you can’t believe everything you read online.

Bettina’s seeds arrived in the mail on Thursday, too.  I’m looking forward to planting them this weekend.  That was a nice surprise (and thanks again, B!).  My Mom also surprised me with a ticket to Ohio to visit my sister and her family.  We had all planned on meeting there for a long weekend.  It will be so nice to get away.

Friday night we finally picked up the kitchen table that has been on lay-away for months.  Hubby and I brought it into the house, which was no easy task!  The thing had to weigh over 100 lbs (I think).  It’s solid walnut.  It took a few hours to put together but its nice to go into the kitchen and see that instead of the outdoor set we had been using for a while. 

Saturday evening we had friends over for homemade tacos and sangria which meant Saturday we spent all day cleaning.  Every single room in the house, plus the yard, got a scrub down.  We should really have friends over more often.  😉  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Yesterday hubby and I made flautas out of the leftover taco fixings.  We of course had red velvet cupcakes for dessert.

I felt like a kid who had eaten too much cake after eating only one.  They are topped with the creamiest of cream cheese frosting and then coated with red sugar crystals that turned my finger tips red.  They were quite divine!  A few of these went home with friends to be given to their kiddos.  We still have a few in the fridge that I’ll be bringing in for my boss’s kids. 

Something has definitely been up with Abby.  I really didn’t know how she would react to losing her buddy, Monsoon.  In all honesty I didn’t really think much about it.  It’s hit me though the past couple of days that she is mourning.  She’s been carrying that rawhide bone around for almost 2 weeks now.  I woke up really late at night late last week because she had barked.  It wasn’t the normal bark I hear from her.  As a dog owner, and I’m sure most could attest to this, you learn what your dog wants by her bark.  She has a separate bark for when someone is outside.  She has a bark for when she wants to be let out, etc…  This wasn’t like that.  I opened my eyes and she was pacing around the furniture, the bone in her mouth.  Definitely not like her.  I saw her looking for Monsoon last night and it broke my heart.  Today when I left for work she was trying desperately to leave the house with me.  I grabbed her by the collar and she pulled so hard to get away from me that I thought she may even try to snap at me.  Very odd.

On a lighter note, I’ve been in touch with a ferret shelter in the Tucson area.  I’m meeting with a lady from the shelter and she is going to present 2 little ones to me named Smokey and Gloria.  I’m going to see which one picks me out.  It will be hard to not take them both but I know if I did then the three of us would all be staying in the shelter.  I convinced hubby that this was the right thing to do.  He’s not happy about it.  I believe his final words were, ‘fine, do what you want.’  I think he’ll come around.  Saturday morning I’ll drive down.  It will be so nice to have a little one around the house again.  I hope it will make Abby happy, too.  I’m still mourning Monsoon but it’s getting better.  Sometimes a memory will come to me and I’ll find myself in tears again.  I don’t think the new little one will replace her but it will be so wonderful to have another little creature around to enjoy.

This morning I got the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  I didn’t feel any relief.  Truth be told, I didn’t really feel anything but indifference.  In some ways I suppose it could be closure for that horrible day if I felt something.  I did pray on it during my morning meditation.  Not for forgiveness which is what would be the right thing to do some would say, but more that God’s will be done.  The end. 

A friend of my step-dad’s was killed last week in Afghanistan.  This was a 34 year old man from Massachusetts who had a wife and two kids.  My step-dad has known this man his whole life.  He was in the air force.  He was shot point-blank in the head by an Afghan man.  The Taliban claimed responsibility although the shooters brother denied any involvement.  I read about it later on CNN. 

The who-hates-who and who-has-done-who-wrong is just getting plain old.  It doesn’t matter where we live or what our beliefs are.  We can all be a bit kinder to everyone that crosses our path.  No excuses.

28 thoughts on “In Praise of Thursday, Weasels and Red Velvet Cupcakes

  1. I’m glad you have gone ahead with a new “baby” – I’m sure eventually your husband will come around a little.

    It was very weird to be living in DC after 9/11 – feelings were very raw and I just really, really wanted to go home (to Australia). A relative of the manservant’s was killed in New York. I don’t believe we should openly celebrate the death of anyone though.

    • Thanks Emjay. She has been a joy to have around. My husband seems to be adjusting –thank goodness!

      I bet it was very strange to be in DC after that. My Dad was working there as well at the time. I don’t blame you at all for just wanted to go home. That must’ve been very difficult. I’m sorry to hear about the manservant’s relative. My parents lost people they knew as well, mainly in the planes that left Boston. Very sad times. I also don’t think we should openly celebrate the death of anyone either. Somehow that doesn’t seem right at all.

  2. I am glad to hear that hubby caved in a little at least. I just hope he really comes around and love the new one just as much as I am sure you will.

    Have been hungry for a while now, but seeing those cupcakes made me realize how much. So I better run and get some before my hands turn all shaky 🙂

    • I think he has. I didn’t push the issue and have let him come around on his own.

      Hope you found something good to eat. What do you think of British food?

      • *grinning* bland and tasteless. The bread needs toasting to be eat-able.
        Will look for other types of food and stay with mum’s plain fare (when I can cook myself again).

        • I was in England for a whole month as a teenager. I definitely remember the food being very bland. I loved the chocolate though! Can’t go wrong with Cadbury. 😉

  3. And kudos for contacting the shelter. More of us need to have this kind of gumption!

    • I’m so happy I did. I adopted Smokey, a 4 year old female whose owner not longer had the time or money for her. Such a shame. Well, she’ll be my baby for the rest of her life though and she’ll never have another home but with me. 🙂

  4. The more I read your blog entries, the more I think we are a like in many ways. And the parallels in some things in our lives to, like where we are now emotionally.
    I too was quite bland in my response about Osama Bin Laden. I am so tired of it. And there are plenty more to take Bin Laden’s place in the I-hate-America contest.(which sucks – I am so sick of these wars – and I am old enough to be, I guess)
    Red velvet cupcakes sound divine! Yummy yum yum!
    Your husband does not understand your need for another furry one. Men do not share our nurturing desire on the level we have it. But they do seem to get on the bus after the new critters come home and do something cute – especially if they tend to take to the man and follow HIM around (like our Shale, who is firmly established as a permanent member of the household now; she chewed up the end of one of my precious kirim rugs, little blighter, and Masha was worried that I was upset, LOL).
    That is very lovely actually with the dog, she is a special girl. And I know animals do pine for a missed one. I think you are doing the right thing. Sure, the dog would get past it, but why should she be lonely? I think single animals do need a friend if we work or are away often.
    Nothing like having friends over for a scrubdown! We joke too when we do it that we should do it more often, otherwise it’s easy to ignore the small patch of algae growing under the dish drainer (we use a dishwasher and the dish drainer is just for my rubber gloves to sit on apparently).

    • It’s funny that you say that B. I have also thought that as well after reading your blog entries, too. Guess there are no accidents, huh?

      Yeah, I’m so done with the wars and the who-hates-who, etc… It sounds like, from what I hear on the news, that people everywhere around the world are demanding democracy. I pray that they get it. So many places have been repressed for too long.

      I did get the new baby this weekend. 😀 Abby is thrilled and hubby is coming around (thankfully!). I will be posting soon about it.

      And nothing like having company over for incentive to clean the house! I realized after the party that we had left a fruit fly trap in hubby’s bathroom. It is basically a mason jar filled with apple cider vinegar and water at the bottom and a funnel at the top. I can only imagine what our guests thought that liquid was! LOL. Oops.

  5. Over the years I’ve heard so many bad things about Marshall Farms. The biggest complaint most people have is that they donate ferrets to use in medical research. I personally think that most of the so-called search for cures is a con to make a lot of money for drug companies and research scientists! I totally disagree with the testing on animals! Don’t believe everything you read – or hear!

    Abby is grieving the loss of her lifetime buddy. She needs extra love from you, and maybe a new adopted fur sibling to help her recover from the loss. Give it time.

    -I know if I did then the three of us would all be staying in the shelter- I’m sorry I have to laugh at this! 🙂 …that is so funny! Let your heart pick out the lovely ferret on Saturday, Monsoon. Good luck!
    OBL dead? How can we really be sure he is dead? So many times over the years there’s always been a story that Osama was dead. 😎

    My brother is a war vet of Desert storm and Somalia. I thank God every day, he survived the war. God Bless them all and to everyone who has served – thank you for our freedom.

    • Yeah, they’ve had a bad reputation for some time between their breeding practices and the animals that are sold to labs, etc… However, I was impressed that the lady in customer service called right away rather than sending an email back.

      Abby has been a bit better. Occasionally I’ll see her looking for her pal but not as much as she was. I hope the new ferret and she get along.

      Who knows if OBL is really dead? Where there are no pics and they said he was buried at sea, he could be held somewhere where he is being questioned. That would seem more likely to me but still I wonder.

      That’s neat that your brother is a war vet. My husband was in the Navy and in Desert Storm, too. I’m also grateful that he is still here othewise we would’ve never met. 🙂 Yes, and God Bless them all.

  6. I am so glad you are getting another little one – and I know that Monsoon is, too. I can’t wait to see the first pics : )!

  7. All kinds of stuff going on in yer head right now! How do you keep track sometimes? lol

  8. Poor hubby. He’ll come around. Tell him, “At least we didn’t have to pay thousands for an operation…”

  9. Well said about the attacks. You’ll appreciate this – I was working for a security company (boss sent himself home after the news hit, made me stay and work) and I was listening to the whole thing on the radio. End of the day in rush hour traffic, back roads, people were driving *slow*. Letting others go ahead of them, amazing politeness for this area. I wish it was like that every day.

    That meal sounds yummy. Red velvet is one of my favorties!

    • Thanks Emmy. My gosh, thats terrible that he made you stay at work! I do remember how kind people were to each other during those days. It really places things into perspective. I wish things had’ve stayed that way too.

      The food was really good. My husband is an amazing cook. I brought the rest of the cupcakes,except one, in for my boss’s kids. I hid the last one in the back of the fridge for a treat this weekend. Hopefully hubby won’t find it before I do.

  10. Congratulations for the kitchen table finally ‎:D )

    • Thanks Rima! You should have seen us trying to get it into the house, lol! It was so heavy. I think it took us 30 minutes to move it a very short distance through the garage and into the kitchen. My husband said we better not move anywhere because the table will just have to stay. 😉

  11. I totally agree with the old is old is very old news to me too.

    When I left my ex-husband years ago I had to leave my two bulldogs behind. It broke my heart. For years and years afterwards, even though I’d moved several times, I kept expecting them to be there waiting for me on the other side of the door when I got home. It was the strangest thing. Just as I was getting ready to come in the door I’d think they were going to be there all excited to see me. Then I’d feel so disappointed when I realized they weren’t going to be. It was a delayed, and long lasting grief.

    Good luck with you new little one!!!

    • Oh LB, I know how hard that is! I’m so sorry. I had a boyfriend in my 20s that I lived with. He and I had a Scottish terrier that I adored. When we broke up he took the dog. I was more devastated over that than losing him. It is so hard to come home and have it be quiet. I’m experiencing that right now without having Monsoon around. 😦

      I hope since then that you have some new little buddies around that have helped to fill that hole. {{{hugs}}}

  12. I think you should get them both – it really won’t put you any worse in the hubby’s books in the long run, and you can justify it as them keeping each other fit and entertained and needing less human attention (as if they’d get less just because of that!). I’m glad you are getting shelter ferrets, I felt guilty about getting mine from pet stores – I’ve never done that before – but I had such problems with my local shelter I gave up in the end.

    I’m hoping it helps to mend Abby’s broken doggy heart as well. 😦

    • I don’t know, LOM. I may be pushing my luck if I do. 😉 It was very tempting to go over to the petstore which is a mile away from me and get one of those cute little babies. Three of mine did come from petstores and Monsoon came from a breeder that has now gone out of business. I had posted to the Ferret Mailing List (have you heard of that?)that I was looking for a reputable breeder and I heard back from the shelter. Tucson is about 2 hours from here but I can’t wait. I’m so excited for the new little one.

      I’m hoping it really will mend Abby’s heart. Mine too.

  13. HUbby will come around. I find couples are funny about pets. My mom claimed to dislike out family dog for years, and when he got mouth cancer, she would sit down every night and spoon feed him, so go figure….

    My Dad then dislike my Mom’s cats, but then became really really attached to one of them….go figure.

    Sounds like some nice healing is happening.

    • I had a grandmother like that too. She claimed to not like the dog when she moved in with us but the dog suddenly started hanging out by her door because of all of the treats she was giving him. They have a way of working their way into many a stubborn heart I find.

      Its getting there. Each day it gets better but I’m looking forward to having no tears in a single day and also am looking forward to making some new memories with the new baby who I’ll pick up this weekend.

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