There’s A New Kid In Town

Introducing Smokey!

Saturday morning I went to meet the lady from the shelter down in Tucson.  I completely procrastinated getting ready because it meant that I needed to clean out Monsoon’s old carrier, a task I wasn’t sure I was ready to complete.  I did it, however, and felt better after that was done.  I also had a dream a few nights before that I was following the new ferret around while she explored and all of a sudden Monsoon appeared.  She was looking up at me as if to say, ‘you are replacing me so soon?’  I guess I’ve been feeling a bit guilty.

Where it was a hot day I packed a cooler full of water and also an ice pack to keep in a pillow case in the carrier for the newby.  Around 8am I said goodbye to hubby and he asked where I was going.  “You know where I”m going,” I said, and left it at that.  He said no more.  I debated which way to take to get to the freeway and decided to cut through the Indian Reservation.  The last time I went that way was with Monsoon when we went camping back in January.  It was such a happy time and I immediately teared up at the memory.  Once I passed a few miles of ranch homes on the rez (as we call it here), the desert opened up for miles and miles.  There’s something so peaceful and soothing about it.  I placed an upbeat CD in the player and felt much better about the adventure ahead.

The shelter lady arrived shortly after I did.  She had a bumper sticker that read ‘Husband and ferret missing.  Reward for ferret.’  My type of lady!  She took Smokey from her carrier and held her out to me.  What can I say?  I was smitten.  She relaxed into my arms as if she belonged there.  She slept all the way back to Phoenix and perked up once we got into the house.  Abby also seems to be in love with her and followed her around while she explored.  That was a relief.  Monsoon could get a bit aggressive with Abby but Smokey just seem to take her curiosity in stride. 

Hubby called and asked if I had arrived home with a ‘guest’.  Yes, I said, and Abby is in love with her.  I took a nap thereafter and hubby had arrived home.  I heard him enter the room and woke up a bit.  Smokey was sleeping in her cage.  With one eye open I watched hubby bend over to inspect Smokey.  I knew he’d come around.  I shut my eyes again before he noticed.

Smokey has been an absolute joy.  She walks around pushing little jingle ball toys around the house.  She makes happy noises and loves scritches under her chin.  I guess her former owner could no longer keep her.  She and several others were surrendered to the shelter.  She is 4 years old.  I was hoping to get more pics of her but it is a bit difficult to get her to stand still for a while.  🙂  She is always on the move.

While I’m still a bit sad about Monsoon (this is the first day I’ve worn something other than water-proof mascara in a month) having Smokey definitely fills the emptiness at home.  I love hearing her play and she simply just makes me smile.   I’m so looking forward to some happy times.   And I’m sure there will be more pictures to come (if I can get her to stay still long enough!)

22 thoughts on “There’s A New Kid In Town

  1. Yay! Welcome to your new world, Smokey! You just got yourself the best momma ever : ).

  2. LOL your husband and Masha can tell varmint tales when they share a pint when we come to the SW. Surely they will be talking about them like they are their children.

  3. Well done, getting a rescue, and finding a place in your heart for the little girl! I know she is so fortunate to be with you. What a happy start to the summer.

    • Thanks GW, I think I made the right decision. It was very tempting to just head on over to the pet store which is only a mile away, versus heading down to Tucson which is 1.5 hours away to the shelter. I really did make the right choice. 🙂 Its going to be a great summer.

  4. Welcome home Smokey!!! 😀

  5. Congrats on your new kid! 😉 Smokey because she is gray?
    Her getting along with Abby just shows that also animals have so many different characters. I think it’s wonderful. Means she might even get along beautifully with hubby (keeping fingers crossed!!)

    • Hi Irony, and thanks! I’m not sure why she was named Smokey. My husband was wondering that too. I had thought of changing her name to something else but she is 4 years old already. She responds to her name so I don’t know how she would take to being called something else.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed too! She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the dog or hubby. Hopefully hubby will continue to be accepting of her. She is such a gentle little spirit.

  6. Oh, I’m so happy for you all! Hubby, included.

  7. Smokey is one lucky ferret. Congratulations on the new family member – she sounds like a joy. I’m looking forward to updates!

  8. Congratulations!!!

    Don’t feel guilty. Somebody needed you and you needed her. A perfect fit!!

  9. OMG… that’s great! I am so happy for you, Monsoon. Smokey is so cute. Hope all works out with your new Ferret.

    The bumper sticker cracks me up. So funny! 😉

    • Isn’t she a doll? She has such a sweet little personality, too.

      It cracked me up too. I’ll have to see if I can get one of those. I saw a t-shirt online recently that said ‘Crazy Ferret Lady’. I thought that to be very appropriate attire for me. 😉

  10. She’s a fast one! 🙂 LOL @ the bumper sticker – that’s great.

    • She sure is! Monsoon had really slowed down in her old age so I’ve had to get used to another little whipper-snapper around. 😉

      That bumper sticker was really funny. I thought that was perfect.

  11. So Wonderful that Smokey was able to come into your life at the perfect time, and that your Hubby is coming round to her!!!

    • She’s been lots of fun and she did come right at the right time, too. It is relief that hubby has changed his tune. I haven’t pushed anything on him and have kind of let him warm up to the idea that we have another little creature in the house.

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