Creature Comforts

 Yesterday while leaving work, I spotted these two canoodling by the man-made pond outside my building.  I had to move slowly to get the shot and was feeling a little like the ducky paparazzi.  Luckily I didn’t disturb them.

There is a turtle that likes to hang out in the larger side of the pond.  A few evenings I have spotted him hanging out by the surface.  He has remained camera-shy as each time I try to get a pic of him, he ducks down and swims away.

What is the equivalent of placing a tom boy in a dress?  That would be Abby getting an actual bath.  She is not happy unless she is dirty.  Hubby bathed her and brushed her to get out all her loose fur because she can shed like nobody’s business!  We could probably construct another dog from all the hair she loses. 

Bath time is usually followed up by 12 hours of sulking to make sure we notice her disdain.  She absolutely loves to be dirty!  We have red decomposed granite in the back yard which turns her fur pink.  While hiking someone will usually ask me if it is natural for her to be ‘peach’ colored, or if I did that on purpose like she was some punk rocker’s dog.  I usually have to explain why she looks that way.  Her fur is a gorgeous white but we don’t see it very often.  All the ‘Oh, how pretty you look’ comments don’t seem to matter.  She is not happy unless she is dirty.

 Here is Smokey trying out her new dryer hose.  Dryer hoses are lots of fun when you are a ferret!  They make a really cool sound when one is running through it.  Just ask Smokey.  Here she is adjusting to her new digs.  Her face is a bit of a blur.  She doesn’t sit still much. 

Yesterday she and I were in the middle of a game of chase when Abby decided to join in.  Abby of course had to be the leader of the pack and ran ahead.  I was in the middle offering up encouragement to all playing, and the Smokester was heading up the back chattering away the entire time.  Abby at one point decided to stop quick which pretty much sent me sailing over her.  Luckily I didn’t get hurt.  Smokey caught up to me and instead of pouncing on me she just stood in front of me looking up at my face as if to say ‘I know I’m supposed to do something here.  I’m just not quite sure what!’  Then the chase began all over again. 

Just a typical night in the Monsoon residence.

24 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. My comment isn’t here! Grrrr

    I said how lovely with the weez, you got her a forever home and she brings the spirit of your lost one.

    I do love Abbi’s face being bathed! LOL! Beautiful eyes.

    • WP must be acting up again.

      Smokey has been so much fun. I’m really seeing her personality come out as she has gotten used to her new digs.

      Yes, Abby is looking pretty pathetic and pitiful. She does have beautiful eyes. It almost looks like she is wearing eyeliner.

  2. LOL! Poor puppy. 😛 Did she just run off again and roll in the dirt? LOL!

  3. geocacherinkerstin

    what a nice story….and poor Abby-she look in the bath very unhappy-but I think this is normal-all dogs are unhappy in a bath….but also Abby look very cute and Smokey also….

    • I have only known a few dogs that actually like water. Abby of course is not one of them. 😉 They are both very cute, thank goodness, otherwise they would be in a lot of trouble.

  4. Poor Abby. She looks so forlorn!
    Your game of chase sounds adorable. I’m glad to hear everyone’s getting along.

  5. The chase sounds so hilarious!!!

  6. Awwww Abby…I bet you got some cookies and extra love after that! 🙂

    My Dog gets so hyper after a bath, and the energy lasts for hours. We can’t let him out in the backyard to use up his energy while he’s wet because he’d just be one big dirt ball within seconds. It took me about 3 hours to wash, rinse and dry him.

    Lol 🙂 this is so great. They get along with each other and play together. Good Abby get yumyums! Congrats on your new ferret, and I hope the tree of you make wonderful memories together.

    • We try to give her extra attention after her bath because she looks so pretty, but she’ll have nothing to do with us. She won’t even look at us. It’s really funny.

      Yes, I’m so glad that Smokes and the Abinator get along so well! Monsoon was a bit territorial where she was there first but Smokey and Abby seem to have hit it off right away. I’m looking forward to many fond memories. We might be bringing them camping this weekend but that is still up in the air.

    • BTW Zoom, I didn’t realize you were so flexible! 😉

  7. LOL that sounds like a Helluva lot of fun. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself while “sailing” 😛

  8. Lots of Happiness in the Monsoon house!
    Teulu will swim endlessly, but taking a bath is a foreign idea for him. I really should get him to a groomer.

    • Yes, its been nice. 🙂

      Animals are so funny. When I first moved to AZ I had three ferrets. As it was such a long drive out here I decided to give them a bath. Now the 3 of them would come running if they heard the water running because they thought they would get a drink. I shut the bathroom door to the new apartment and when I turned around to start bath time, the 3 of them had snuck out under the door. 😉

  9. Weez is the same way when I bathe him. Hours of pathos follow in which he studiously ignores me while making sure to always place himself in my line of sight as he tries to groom his affronted little self dry again.

    I love the story of the chase. lol! I have many many blurry weezel photos for the same reason – those little bastards are just too damn fast.

    • LOL. Its so funny how they know how to stress their disdain to us to make sure they’re getting their point across. Too smart for their own good.

      They’re quick, thats for sure! I finally got a shot of Smokey last night that isn’t blurry. Of course its because I’m holding her with one hand and have the camera aimed with the other. I can’t believe she didn’t move her head.

  10. That’s a great story about Abby’s fur! Smokey really is a little blur of motion isn’t she! 🙂

    • It’s an endless battle in our household. 😉 Smokey never stops moving unless she is sleeping. She’s a tough one to photograph, that’s for sure!

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