For Kerstin


These are the blooms of the prickly pear cactus in my front yard. 


16 thoughts on “For Kerstin

  1. Nice pics! We get white flowers and red fruit on prickly pears in S. Arizona– I’m going to see about getting a harvesting permit and making some jam this summer. Fruit harvest is in August/Sept! Not too far away!

    Nice blog, by the way. =)

    ~Jadewik, The Witching Hour

    • Thanks Jadewik! I see that you and I are practically neighbors in the real sense. :)I am familiar with the prickly pears you are talking about. Last month I did a race through Sabino Canyon and a few of the cactus were in bloom there. They were the ones you were talking about. I love prickly pear ice tea. I bet the jam is divine.

      I am really enjoying your blog too! I found it when doing a search on the San Carlos Hotel last week.

  2. How beautiful. I didn’t think they bloomed this time of year.

  3. Just beautiful! I love that shade of lemon yellow.

  4. How gorgeous! I love flowering cactus – it’s a bit of beauty amongst the evil spikes 🙂

  5. Prickly pear is so very pretty.

  6. geocacherinkerstin

    Wow how beautiful and lovely ….thank you for this post I´m impressed 🙂 you have this cactus in the front yard-cool-that is here in my country not impossible…love your country 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh, that is absolutely gorgeous! I love prickly pear cactus, even though a lot of people around my place bad-mouth them and call them pests. I think cacti are very beautiful!!

    • Isn’t that nice? It only blooms once a year. If my husband had his way we’d get rid of this but I love the desert landscape. We both unfortunately have bumped into it when getting out of our cars. Its not a very forgiving plant. The spines are really tiny and very hard to get out once they make contact with your skin or clothing.

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