18 thoughts on “Its The End Of The World As We Know It. . .

  1. Saturday…let me see, Saturday…what did I do? Nothing earth shattering. I guess that explains it!

  2. We went to a dinner party on Saturday night. When the manservant asked me what time we should leave home to get there I replied “6.15pm by then we should know if the dinner was still on”. LOL.

    I heard of a scam today where people (proclaimed agnostics) set up a website promising to look after animals of any Christians whipped away on Saturday. And, people signed and paid up!!

    • LOL about the dinner plans. My sister was away for a girls weekend and she told my Mom that she might not have to worry about the hangover that would surely ensue! 😉

      My husband mentioned that scam as well. That is too funny. I’ll have to remember that the next time someone claims the end is near.

  3. Screening back on all the post being made why I was busying myself else wise I surely have missed out on that rapture/end of world thing.
    I even wasn’t sure how to interpret a comment that was made. Because when I looked up ‘rapture’ in the dictionary it said: enthusiasm, ecstasy etc. And therefore I was scratching my head wondering. Now of course I understand lol.
    If that actually would have happened I’d be blissfully dead and wouldn’t know why. 😛

    • Irony, you are so funny. LOL. I passed a billboard sign on my way to work today that was proclaiming our demise this past Saturday. It even went so far to say that the Bible ‘guaranteed’ it. Wow, do they look dumb now.

      • Hmm reading back I am impressed that you understood what I was talking about. I had to re-read my own sentence right now about 3 times, to understand what I was talking about. Not easy if a ‘while’ turns into ‘why’ and the lack of commas surely isn’t helpful either.
        Yes they look pretty stupid. But there still seems to be the one or other moron who continues to claim that the end is near. Some people never learn.

  4. geocacherinkerstin

    what a cool answer about your question to the hubby….I like this kind of humor 🙂

  5. I am a Christian, myself, and I do NOT believe that the world will come to an end, tomorrow, as predicted. >:-)

    “But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”
    Matthew 24:36

    • It seems like it shouldjust be so cut and dry; men do not have the means or the power to know the last day of the earth. Why do they think they can figure that out?

  6. It’s all very strange, isn’t it??!!

    • It is! I hope the guy making the predictions will just go away now. What a scam. My friend’s little kids had heard about this one the news and were terrified. Poor things.

  7. too funny!

    I find this prediction a bit odd. I am a Christian. I really believe in all the stuff that Christians are supposed to believe in. Like, you know, the teachings of Christ, to love one another, and accept one another, turn the other cheek etc. and one thing I really believe in is that my actions speak louder than my words. (Which is why I dont think you’ll find any posts promoting Christianity on my blog perse.)
    Thing is that I don’t think I really understand why God allows certain things to happen and others not to, so I don’t really see how any of us mere humans could predict the rapture in such a way…..crazy.
    but on the bright side, if I head up to heaven…I sure won’t need hip surgery!

    • It is really odd. I don’t think any human being can really decipher that out of the Bible. We aren’t supposed to know as far as I know. I am also a Christian and like you, believe the same. Yeah, I will also have a lot of questions one day on why things happen and all (9/11, The Holocaust, etc…). None of us are capable of predicting the end.

      And you sure wouldn’t need that hip surgery would you! LOL. Funny thing is that I was supposed to take Smokey tomorrow to the vets for her final distemper shot and I had to laugh to myself when thinking that at least she’ll be covered if the world does end! 😉 I’ve since had to reschedule to next weekend.

      There was an article on CNN about these poor teenagers whose parents were going to fairs and stuff telling of the end of the world. The mother had told the 16 year old daughter to clean her room. She said, why bother if the worlds going to end. I thought that was a pricless response. I guess what we’ll know what the girl will be doing on Sunday. LOL.

      • I think she will have a lot of work to do in her room lol

        • I think so too! LOL. I hope her parents will now start saving for her college education. They gave all their money away thinking they wouldn’t need to save. I almost feel sorry for them. I definitely feel sorry for the kids. How embarrassing.

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